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  1. JeffGollin

    Official "Air Raid" Tune

    I was surfing my MP3 collection and came across an instrumental by tenor saxophonist, King Curtis. Title: "Air Raid." (Tune is pretty good if you ignore the "fake boogie woogie" intro). believe it's on an out-of-print album jointly issued with fellow tenor-man, Lee Allen).
  2. JeffGollin

    New Official Site Design

    After several weeks of trying to navigate the clunky official Cardinal website, I was pleasantly surprised to come across the Cardinal site's completely redesigned Home Page. Hopefully the rest of the site's content will be equally as cool, but at the very least, it's a good first step...
  3. JeffGollin

    SD - Cards Preseason Game onTV

    Subject to change (as always) but DirecTV sked grid suggests several viewing options: Sat 8/11 at 10 pm EDT - Ch 397 (ABC west coast feed) Sun 8/12 at 1:00 am - Ch 212 (NFL Network) Sun 8/12 at 8:00 pm - Ch 686 (FOXSports AZ) Since the air-times are pretty well spread out, I'll probably...
  4. JeffGollin

    The Man Who Wasn't There...

    Hiding in plain sight (clearly the forgotten QB - seldom in the conversation anymore) is: Mason Rudolph. Is he a viable option for us at #15 (or maybe a few spots higher via a small trade)? Thoughts?
  5. JeffGollin

    ESPN: It's Wilks

    ESPN on NFL Today cites multiple sources confirming that the former Panther DC will be the new Cardinal HC.
  6. JeffGollin

    Media Shows Respect...

    From today's Asbury Park (NJ) Press: (John Rowe, Staff Writer): "Owners attending the NFL meeting were...Bill Birdwell of the Cardinals..."
  7. JeffGollin

    Red - White?

    Anyone go? Anything (anyone) make an impression?
  8. JeffGollin

    Corner Comparisons

    I must confess to not watching a lot of footage on various players, but I did get to see brief clips on Rudy Ford and Brandon Williams. Williams seemed to be slower-twitched, a bit stiff and somewhat thick in the thighs. Ford looked quicker and more agile. I have no idea how much any of this...
  9. JeffGollin

    Are We Revving Up Our Engines?

    For the first time in ages, I can't think of any players we gotta have among the list of undrafted free agents. We're heading down the 7th round home stretch. Are there any UDFA's we should be interested in signing?
  10. JeffGollin

    Gainesville, FL or Ga?

    it turns out that Deshaun Watson grew up in Gainesville, GA. Could it be that Steve Keim's recent trip to Gainesville was to visit Watson's family in Georgia and not to check out Gator players in Gainesville, FL?
  11. JeffGollin

    Cards to Play Rams in London

    Just caught the announcement out of the corner of my eye on NFLN that we'll play the Rams in London next season.
  12. JeffGollin

    X & O Questions

    1. On that first TD pass, who blew the coverage? 2. Jax did a lot of bringing its safeties from deep on the field up to the LOS just prior to the snap. Was CP checking out of the play? If not, why not? 3. Why did we stay away from A -Gap blitzing and stunting?
  13. JeffGollin

    BRS Will be Down for a Few Days

    The annual Gollin hard drive crash will put the Big Red Sheet (BRS) at out of commission (i.e. site is still up nothing new will be posted) for most or part of the week while I get hardware, software etc. squared away. (I hate when that happens).
  14. JeffGollin

    Practice Squad Completed.

    Sam McGuffie WR Rice, Anthony McCloud DT FSU and Kenny Demens LB Michigan fill out the PS. McGuffie is a versatile slot receiver wh runs in "the 4.3 range." McCloud is a 305-310 lb run stuffing NT who is very strong but little else - don't expect him to rush the passer (other than bull-rushing...
  15. JeffGollin

    Practice Squad

    According to KFFL, Kenny Rowe has been re-signed to the Practice Squad (only one so far - as of 8:30 am Labor Day).
  16. JeffGollin

    Demens and McCann Cut

    To make room for Sowell and(yes!) Ta'amu. Source: The Jurecki Twitter thingy. Note - Ta'amu said to weigh 348. That's a lot of sand in the proverbial trousers.
  17. JeffGollin

    Reggie Walker a Charger?

    Jurecki Twitter says McCoy and Wiz snapped him up.
  18. JeffGollin

    Cardinals Unfiltered

    Did the coaching staff always have all those contraptions designed to encourage RB's and linemen to stay low? Or is this a wrinkle brought in by the new coaching staff?
  19. JeffGollin

    Gill Leaves Practice Early - Jurecki Tweet

    Anyone know what happened to Gill? MJ says he couldn't finish practice and left early.
  20. JeffGollin

    We Just Signed (???) Nick Edwards

    The NFLN crawl says we signed Edwards. The team roster says he's a 6-3 200 lb wide receiver from Eastern Washington. What do we know about him?
  21. JeffGollin

    Charlie Trippi Feature Piece in USA Today

    Nicely written article on Trippi opening on Page 1 of today's USA Today sports section with the remainder occupying a large chunk of page 8C. Charlie Trippi was my first favorite Cardinal back in the mid 1940's. He scored 2 TD's on long runs (as did Elmer Angsmann) in the 28 - 21 Championship...
  22. JeffGollin

    Jurecki ReTweet - Sanders Suspended...

    According to a Mike Jurecki retweet of a Howard Balzer report, S James Sanders will miss the first 4 games due to a substance abuse violation. Can anyone corroborate this from another source?
  23. JeffGollin

    The BRS Cardinal Mock - 12 Days & Counting...

    Here goes - I'm using the CBSports player-ranking chart as of 4/14/2013 as my Board (to keep me honest) and it sucks (I had to make a few hard decisions and do not feel the draft will actually fall that way - I think Jordan will be gone by #7 and we'll have more offensive linemen than just...
  24. JeffGollin

    ESPN Controversy - Geno's Intangibles

    ESPN's Mike & Mike Show this morning brought to light a negative report on Geno Smith's work ethic, relationship with teammates etc. etc. It was pretty damaging, and Golic cautioned that "if you're going to put this stuff out there for people to see, you'd better have talked to a lot of people...
  25. JeffGollin

    Tyrann Mathieu Visiting?

    KFFL update as today cites Somers as reporting that Mathieu will be paying the Cards a visit. Without getting into the teeth of a "character vs. talent" debate, it does seem that there has been a policy shift under Keim - the Cards are bringing in guys with a bit of baggage for interviews...