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    The Problem With Nico Mannion?

    As you can see, tonight being no exception, Nico Mannion has wilted under pressure and performed extremely poorly against pretty much every quality opponent he has faced in college. Tonight he is getting dominated by Remy Martin. My son knows a number of kids who went to Pinnacle with Mannion...
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    Peralta Extended

    According to Bob Nightengale as just reported on Doug and Wolf: 3 Years, $22 million. Brilliant deal by Hazen.
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    In light of increasing comments regarding Booker's happiness...

    My two votes are for Other (as I think James Jones needs to be fired before any other moves are made, since I do not trust him to do anything further that will not harm the franchise even more) and then trading for a power forward to pair with Ayton at center.
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    Pac 12 Basketball Predictions

    Post your predictions (record and place) here. I'll start. 10-8, 5th Place, On the NCAA Tournament Bubble
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    How long until Booker demands a trade?

    I am going with during the season.
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    How the Roster is Likely Shaping Up (Warning, Not for the Faint of Heart)

    Point Guard - Tyler Johnson / Okobo / Melton Shooting Guard - Booker / Bridges Small Forward - Oubre / Jackson Center - Ayton / Dedmon Power Forward - Saric / Clarke With 2 more active spots for cheap veterans or undrafted free agents. Sorry, but that roster is worse than last year's roster...
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    Tom Thibodeau, Anyone?

    He is now available and would provide just the discipline and structure the Suns need. Demote Igor to assistant coach, which is where he belongs. Thoughts?
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    Poll - Igor Kokoskov's Future With the Suns

    I posted earlier that I think he will be gone after 25 games with a 4-21 record. Based on what I've seen, I am sticking with that. The only change in my opinion is that I now believe he deserves that fate, whereas earlier I felt bad for him that the roster holes at point guard and power...