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  1. devilalum

    All Star Weekend 2020

    Book in the 3 point contest and the game!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. devilalum

    Best Duo Under 25?

    I like our duo best and they are definitely the most similar to Kobe/Shaq. Every time I see these comparisons I am shocked by the fact that Booker is still so young. I guess that's what happens when a player plays for 4 REALLY long seasons.
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    DLo Tweets

    Don't want to create false enthusiasm again but I guess there was a whole lot of suspicious tweeting going on yesterday.
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    Backup Team

    Ok, I need a backup team. I’ve been a die hard Suns fan for literally 50 years but I am frustrated. The Suns will always be my team but I’ve decided I need a backup team. I want to follow a team that is actually entertaining and somewhat competent. A team the might have a chance to improve and...
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    Doctor Sleep

    Really, nobody posted this yet?
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    May The Fourth Be With You

  7. devilalum

    Sixers @ Suns 1-2-19

    Vegas has been watching the Suns and they agree that our guys are looking better. Even odds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Suns @ Knickerbockers 12-17-18

    For the first time all season I'm excited to see the Suns next game!
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    ASU Basketball 2018/2019

    Devils won their first game last night. They have some talented new players. Dort looks like the real deal. Lots of games against ranked opponents in the next couple of weeks. Should be good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sometimes # 2 is # 1

    Just watching T2. It is so much better than T1 or 3. Which number 2 movie is best. T2 Godfather 2 Star Wars V Something else. Sent from the International Space Station using Tapatalk
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    Sun Devil Basketball 17-18

    I️ know it’s just one game but the Devils completely destroyed the SDSU team last night in the second half. Before the game they were talking about how a forward from the Aztec team is an NBA prospect. ASUs bigs abused him severely. For the first time in a long time I’m encouraged. Sent...
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    Did the Suns release Goodwin?

    Nm from phone
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    I've seen this pick a hundred times. I didn't know this guy played QB for UCLA. from phone
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    Sling TV

    Just got the new Sling TV package for $20. The only reason I've paid for Dish the last 2 years is to get Fox Sports. Now its included in the Sling TV package I view through my Roku. It also includes THE alternate Fox Sports AZ channel. It also includes AMC, FX, etc. You can add movie channels...
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    Why Budinger? sent from a fone
  16. devilalum

    TJ Warren Broken Foot

    Are you kidding me. This is un believable. Out for the rest if the season. sent from a fone
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    Suns @ Wolves 1/17

    Interesting game today. The Wolves are loaded with the kind of young talent many here want for the Suns but their record is even worse. That tank road sometimes has no end.
  18. devilalum

    Pels @ Suns 12/18

    Interesting that the biggest Suns game thread of the season was the one in which they got destroyed. Morris is saying all the right things, I'm expecting them all to break into a chorus of Kumbuya. Its a lot harder this year to stay awake during these 8:30 games than ever before. Is...
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    Suns vs Twolves 12/13

    With Chandler back the Suns are looking really good today.
  20. devilalum

    Rockets Interested in Morris?
  21. devilalum

    Suns @ OKC 11/8

    Thank god the Morri circus is finally closed for a while. IMO the Suns will show up and play well tonight but its gonna be hard to win in OKC.
  22. devilalum

    Sun vs The Sac

    Projected Starters Kings Suns Rajon Rondo Eric Bledsoe Ben McLemore Brandon Knight Rudy Gay P.J. Tucker Willie Cauley-Stein Markieff Morris Kosta Koufos Tyson Chandler
  23. devilalum

    Playoffs Broken!

    This has gone on long enough. 10 years ago Stern said there was no need for concern that the situation would balance itself out but here we are and it is still ridiculous that 4-6 horrible eastern conference teams get into the playoffs every year and 2-3 good western teams get left out. Here...
  24. devilalum

    2014/2015 Suns Roster OK, why are the Suns trying to sign Zoltan when they already have 9 guards on the roster? And why is Okafor listed? Guess the players that will be on the opening day roster. How many can you have these days??? Bledsoe - QO Goran Zoltan Thomas Kieff Marcus...
  25. devilalum

    Goldy's &%$#* is back. Giants in Town for 3

    What are the odds that Goldschmidt homers tomorrow?