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  1. Rab

    Just saw JKidd eating with Gentry and Kidd's Agent

    Was at lunch at work, and saw Kidd with Gentry and Kidd's agent (or so I was told) eating together in Scottsdale. That brought up a few questions. 1. Can coaches talk to players yet? I know they can't watch them practice. 2. What is Kidd's contract situation? Have there been any rumblings of...
  2. Rab

    Pargo to Russia

    Scratch him off your list boys and girls. At this point is Dragic or bust IMO.
  3. Rab

    Tony Clark back with the DBacks

    Good News!
  4. Rab

    620 KTAR breaking news

    Just heard from Dave Byrnes that Thunder Dan has locked down an assistant coaching postition. Weird.
  5. Rab

    Knicks might be offering DA $6 mill
  6. Rab

    Your favorite 5 players (no Suns) '08

    Who would be your top 5 favorite players if you couldn't include anyone from the Suns? Kevin Garnett Brandon Roy Caron Butler Joe Johnson Ray Allen
  7. Rab

    Lue being waived by the Kings I know the Suns had interest in Lue as did members of this board, but with Giricek coming on, I doubt they grab him as well. Do you think they should?
  8. Rab

    PJ may sign with the C's
  9. Rab

    Shaq's first practice Sounds like it went well, but may take some time for him to get back into shape.
  10. Rab

    Marion apprecitation thread

    I've had my issues with Shawn over the years, mostly having to do with his attitude, but I'll always like the guy, and I wish him the best in Miami and for the rest of his career. Deep down I wanted him to be a Sun for life, and retire here, but it doesn't work that way anymore. I hope to see...
  11. Rab

    Stern on Bickley & MJ

    Anyone else catch this interview this morning? Bick did an excellent job of asking the question a lot of us want better explanation for in a non-threatening or bitter way. - Why did Stern go by the letter of the law in punishing the Suns during Horrygate, but then go on a few months later and...
  12. Rab

    Amare: "I've got to learn how to play all out for 48 minutes.."

    I thought this was an interesting comment from Amare. He hasn't learned that he needs to play hard for 48 minutes, and this is his what....6th year in the NBA? I think a lot of the Amare bashing that has been going on is a bit dumb. I love Amare, and I'm not one for trading him, but this is...
  13. Rab

    My friend just recieved a text stating Boris

    is on the trading block, and that he's been fighting with teammates, and the coaching staff. He just called and told me. Anyone else get this alert? *Edit: See post #15*
  14. Rab

    Amare's knee hurting....again

    He sat out most of practice yesterday, but says he expects to play tonight. Not sure how good of an idea that is.
  15. Rab

    The Suns flying under the radar

    It would seem as if the Suns have lost a share of the national media attention to the Boston Celtics. You don't hear about the Suns being talked about as much nationally, and some have teams such as the Rockets and Jazz ranked higher than them. I don't think the expectations for them are as high...
  16. Rab

    Tom Leander is hard to listen to.

    He gets on my nerves more and more every year. I understand he has a job to pimp the Suns and their players as the local play by play announcer, but EJ had to put him in his place a lot tonight. He was driving me nuts with how he was getting after the Magic crowd for booing Grant Hill. Why was...
  17. Rab

    Amare to play tonight
  18. Rab

    Nash on Stern

    Wow. [/SIZE]
  19. Rab

    Interesting quotes from Kobe on Suns

    From article on azcentral. I don't really remember Kobe giving it up that much to the Suns. Sounds like someone wants to play in PHX. :lol: I'm just kidding. It's a pretty good article though. It's nice to read what other...
  20. Rab

    Suns Mix

    This gave me the chills. Thought I'd share.
  21. Rab

    Ely to sign with Hornets There. Now people can officially stop talking about him coming to the Suns.
  22. Rab

    OFFICIAL Brandon Webb Appreciation Thread

    Wow, what can you say about Brandon Webb. He's now 2nd all time in consecutive scoreless innings pitched!! I've never seen anything like it. I was 5 when Orel got to 59 in a row, but he is just killing opposing batter right now. Keep it up Webby!!!
  23. Rab

    Foyle Released Another big man on the market. I don't want him on the Suns, but he would be a nice big man for Amare to practice dunking on. "I gave my body up to science." Adonal Foyle after Amare dunked on him...
  24. Rab

    D'Antoni on Gambo & Ash

    Did anyone else listen to this last week? I haven't been on much the last few days, and I didn't see a topic. If there is a topic, I apologize in advance and mods please delete this thread. Basically, I wasn't thrilled with his comments. I get a little sense of arrogance from him that I used...
  25. Rab

    Reggie Miller next up for Boston?