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  1. blindseyed

    NFL Network Inside Training Camp

    I sure hope we can see more Cowboys footage, oh and the Packers, that would be really fun
  2. blindseyed

    2021 Training Camp Thread

    Rookies July 22 Vets July 27th Ronin, you're good at posting the tweets so it's all you lol I'm planning on hitting at least 1 practice
  3. blindseyed

    Training Camp opening July 27th

    Not official but pretty official lol
  4. blindseyed

    Larry Fitz sold his Phoenix home

    Let the speculations begin lol
  5. blindseyed

    Do you think we beat the Jets?

    Base this solely on emotionally reaction to this last Honestly, the team that just played today I don't think can be the Jets
  6. blindseyed

    NFL set to release full 17 week schedule
  7. blindseyed

    Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    NFL Network, ESPN, ABC 8PM est - 5PM AZ time I just put official to sound important lol I actually just thought it would be fun to all be in here for not just our pick but to guess other picks and discuss em
  8. blindseyed

    DeAndre Hopkins Presser

  9. blindseyed

    ESPN changing MNF crew?

    Report: ESPN considering moving Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Fowler to Monday Night Football
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    NFL RedZone Re-plays airing

    In case anyone was interested (I am) the NFL RedZone is re-airing week 1 today, not sure of they'll keep this going all week but it's fun to watch for something to do lol Just check your normal RedZone channel if you got it last year
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    Free Agency Signings

    Can we put the signings from around the NFL here? I can't look thru all posts lol
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    Could we have another NO#1 QB be traded?

    I saw a clip on NFL Network posing the question (not quoting here) what if the Redskins picked a QB like Tua with their 2nd pick and traded Haskins ala the Murray/Rosen scenario last year? I know its not an exact match being the Skins have the 2nd pick, but what if that really happened, how...
  13. blindseyed

    Kyler Murray was "talked into playing" Sunday by the Cardinals.
  14. blindseyed

    Bowl Games..who do we watch?

    I'm curious to find out what players everyone will be watching as potential picks for the Cards during all these upcoming bowl games
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    Once and for all do we fire Keim poll

    OK vote on it, what do YOU want to see happen
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    Official Training Camp Thread

    Rookies show up this Wed the 17th, Veterans next Wed the 24th. Not too early to start the thread, it's that time of year again, share pics and whatever you have. I do think having a week with the rookies is good on a way to get them adapted, on the other hand the NFL season is a lot longer...
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    Delay of game in Arizona Cardinals training camp annoucement
  18. blindseyed

    Arizona's fatal flaw - article
  19. blindseyed

    2010 GB vs Cardinals Playoff game on now

    10am NFL Network, just to get a football fix , such a great game
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    Report: Cardinals may cut Robert Nkemdiche

    This is from aa Whiners site so take it for what it's worth
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    Ben McAdoo to Cards?
  22. blindseyed

    Bowles question

    I see alot of people saying Bowles as our DC, I'm not against this by any means but what makes everyone think he would even come back here? Or is it just wishful thinking haha
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    Fire McCoy?

    When can this happen....?
  24. blindseyed

    Calling out Ronin...

    For being awesome with all the camp updates and Cardinals tweets. I, for one, really appreciate it!! As I'm sure other's do too