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    NFL Channel

    A couple of Card's games on today. Bills game on now and Seattle later today. The lack of execution detail and penalties is disturbing.
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    Warner breakdown of Kyler Murray

    check this out . .
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    I just can't listen to his drivel anymore. Kyler wore an Oakland A's hat to the Sun's game..."How disrespectful". D. Watson walks on water. "The Cards Must trade Murray to the Texans...they Owe it to the fan base." Poor Larry subjected to "ignore status" by the young self absorbed quarterback...
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    Check this Kyler clip

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    Hopkins !!

    What a Huge difference he makes. Physical and crafty . . . sneaky good when loose. This is going to be Good !
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    OL Combine on NFL Channel

    Yeah . . . underwear olympics, but . . Wills has far superior control of his body in motion. Alotta beef, big guys trying to keep all that weight in balance over them feet. Again . . Wills, quick concise feet. On the snap the ball and shuffle to the right punching the pad Mike Devlin is...
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    Lions open for bids to trade down

    Hmm . . does this just flip flop Miami and not affect us or does a team come up from behind us to take Tua and push another Blue Chipper our way??
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    Wills vs Wirfs

    Check out this comparison
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    Drake in fold.

    Now that he is official, one more piece placed . . I have to say Keim is painting a masterpiece. Now onto the draft. He's pullin' Aces so far.
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    So . . who's playing center for the Cardinals??

    Keim has plugged virtually every position. Is he waiting for Shipley to get desperate or do they think Cole can do the job - that would be ideal. He's bigger, stronger? younger. Now that I think of it, only one backup QB under contract.
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    Salary Cap jumps $10 Million

    $198.2 . . Does that help ease the pain for the Cards signing a Kenyon Drake? - or was that number already figured into their cap limit??
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    US Prime

    Wow, after watching wide receivers going through the gauntlet I knew . . Cee Dee was the clear choice to make this offense hum. Then I watched the Big Uglies. Damn! These is some road gradin' . . mountain sized men that can move! Wirfs, Wills . . Wow! D line and Line backers up next. This...
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    Super Bowl ring for Suggs

    This feels like seeing your ex-wife's vacation pics from Hawaii with the lawyer she used in the divorce.
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    Right Knee Concerns for Hump ?

    Offensive tackle D.J. Humphries The Cardinals left tackle ended the season -- his option year -- without a contract extension. For a franchise that hadn't had much luck at left tackle and had its quarterback of the future on the roster, that's quite telling. Humphries, who has dealt with...
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    Back on the juice today ? His Best game this season.
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    Keim Time

    I sure hope he has the number to Uber in his phone . . he's gonna need it.
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    Not For Long. Cardinals Release WR Kevin White

    Cards have released White.
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    David Johnson

    I hope this guy is smart enough to get this offense . . .
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    Expected Contracts for the top picks

    PICK NAME TEAM '18 CAP NUMBER SIGNING BONUS FOUR-YEAR TOTAL 1 Baker Mayfield Browns $5,942,360 $21,849,440 $32,682,980 2 Saquon Barkley Giants $5,671, 773 $20,767,092 $31,194,752 3 Sam Darnold Jets $5,499,581 $20,078,324 $30,247,696 4 Denzel Ward Browns $5,302,792...
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    The Long Game

    Maybe Keim, is quietly submarining this season. Stock up on key rookie role players, and lose Big this year. No need to trade away our future. Just rebuild and set up for the top picks in all the rounds next year. New coach - honeymoon safety for a year and . . .Boom.
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    Floyd...Glad we didn't sign him

    He looked like a one last night. Fitz and him together........nah. :bang:
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    Second rounder for Palmer

    Sounds like the price Bengals want for Carson Palmer. Hmm...he's always had good receivers and a pretty good defence. Brutally tough division. He's way better than what we've got. Can we do better?
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    New Contract??

    Jurecki reporting : Dockett, Rosenhaus, Wiz and Graves to sit down tomorrow in Tempe for a meeting. I hope this goes well...ya know... The Cardinals usually insult the player with a lowball offer. With a guy like Dockett; emotion driven, this could go the wrong way in a hurry. (remember...
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    Jets Offensive Line

    What a great line! Mangold, Fanaca...That's how you run the ball!
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    OMG $$$

    I can afford to re-sign Dansby And give Q a bump!:cool: