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  1. daves

    33 agents answer questions about GMs

    The Athletic has an article today in which NFL agents anonymously answered questions about GMs and offseason moves. Perhaps Surprisingly, Keim's name didn't come up, but there were a few questions & answers that might interest Cards fans: ...dave
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    Tidbit about Mahomes getting drafted ahead of the Cards' pick

    In an Athletic story on what the Saints need to do to rebuild going forward, Michael Lombardi buried this interesting tidbit: To the speculation regarding whether Keim wanted Watson or Mahomes, apparently we can now add intrigue regarding the Chiefs big trade-up, how they knew the Saints were...
  3. daves

    Cardinals top-10 D?!?

    I think most of us here, myself included, perceive the Cardinals D to be improved over last year, but still below average... middle of the pack at best. The points and yardage rankings are a bit better than i would've guessed, 13th for both. But i was surprised to read (in this article in the...
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    What Prince Amukamara has been up to....

    Well, at least he's been staying busy doing something postitive! Why Arizona Cardinals' Prince Amukamara made more than 300 deliveries working for DoorDash ...dave
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    Murray's shoulder injury

    Today in The Athletic, Virginia Zakas of Inside Injuries writes on Murray's injury: ...dave
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    Cards @ Seahawks 2020 Game Night Thread

    Weird not to see the thread! Guess i'll start one now. Great first play, terrible first drive on defense, and two terrible drives on O. Let's GOOOOOOO!!! ...dave
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    Fitz as a mentor

    From time to time the topic comes up of whether Larry Fitzgerald is a good mentor who can improve young or immature WRs on the team. Here are a few quotes from an article a few days ago that addressing this issue: Fitz Tutors Smoke And Dre, And Friday Before The Bills ...dave
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    National Analysts Break Down The Cardinals

    Not sure whether someone linked this article yet, but it was chock full of interesting observations and analytics. Here are a few that stood out to me: ...dave
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    Tidbit on Cardinals passing defense

    A couple nights ago Bill Barnwell was on one of the NFL or ESPN shows and was asked about the upcoming Cards - Seahawks game. He mentioned that the Cardinals have been exceptionally good vs. deep passes. Not sure exactly how that's defined). They've allowed only 6 completions on 33 attempts with...
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    Tidbit about Todd Bowles & the Cards

    From the Athletic's great piece on Bowles today: ...dave
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    NFL Execs Unfiltered: Who are the NFL’s top cornerbacks?

    That's the title of this article in the Athletic. Here's an excerpt: ...dave
  12. daves

    The Athletic's 2020 Season Predictions

    Their panel of 46 writers and editors made a bunch of predictions for the season. Here are the ones that relate to the Cardinals: ...dave
  13. daves

    The Athletic ranks team continuity

    Since this has been a topic here lately.... ...dave
  14. daves

    The Athletic ranks NFL offenses for 2020 ...dave
  15. daves

    OT: Jets trade Jamal Adams to Seahawks

    ... for safety Bradley McDougald, first-round and third-round pick in 2021, and a 2022 first-round pick: ...dave
  16. daves

    Top NFL player earnings from royalties and marketing

    The Athletic has yet another interesting piece describing how Peyton Manning remains atop the list, four years after retiring. They listed the players who earned over $1M...
  17. daves

    Fascinating tidbits about the Cardinals' courtship of Peyton Manning in 2012 Another really interesting read on The Athletic, with lots of great quotes. I'll excerpt Cardinals-related pieces of the overall story. Turns out the Cards didn't play the...
  18. daves

    The Athletic ranks NFL stadia They had 31 NFL writers rank the NFL’s five best and five worst stadiums (including three that hosted their final NFL games last season, and not including the two new ones opening...
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    The non-QB rookie about whom Jay Glazer is most excited is....

    From Jay Glazer's mailbag in the Athletic: ...dave
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    Doubled words when using swype on Swiftkey keyboard

    Hi, ever since i got my new Galaxy S10e with Android 10, when i post from my phone (using Chrome, Swiftkey keyboard, and swype text entry method) i get doubled words. Most, but not all, of the words i type get entered twice. It usuallyusually lookslooks somethingsomething likelike thisthis...
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    NFL links are being redirected (for many/most but not all)

    Strange - they (usually!) work for me, and this one does. ...dave
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    The best players to wear every jersey number in NFL history

    Since we still have weeks to go before the draft and nothing to do before then but rehash the same arguments about what the Cardinals should or will do... thought i'd post some Cardinal-related excerpts from this piece that ran in the Athletic this week. They only considered those who played in...
  23. daves

    Post Free Agency Power Rankings

    Exceprted from the Athletic: For the rest, get a subscription to the Athletic (highly recommended)! ...dave
  24. daves

    Latest (4/2) Cards mock by Scott Bordow

    Excerpts from the Athletic. I'm sure @BritCard and @Solar7 will approve! To see the writeups for the other picks, get an Athletic subscription (highly recommended)! ...dave
  25. daves

    Cardinals Add DL Trevon Coley, Bring Back D.J. Foster

    I was just wondering about adding Foster for depth. The Cards were thin, with just one "DJ" on the team! ...dbs