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    Questions and Week 1 Answers

    the general outside take on the Cardinals chances was that the team had potential, but many questions that needed to be answered. so after one game: Can Kyler take the next step? yes, but against a below average defense. Can they play disciplined football? incomplete. Q1 was a...
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    2021 NFL: Week to Week Volatility

    The NFL has always been a week to week league, but this season more than ever. Positive Covid cases for players, even vaccinated ones, are going to create some crazy week to week changes in how teams match up. it feels like right up to Saturday -- every team is a covid test result away from...
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    Greg Cosell scouting on K1 Cosell is really, really good and watches / evaluates a ton of film.
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    PFT on Kliff

    Is Kliff Kingsbury on the hot seat in Arizona? - ProFootballTalk ( hardly a surprise here, given half the board wanted him gone after 2 seasons but... the fun fact that amazes me: the Cards in the last 100 years haven't kept a coach longer than 6 seasons. that's hard to do...
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    Cardinal UDFAs.....**crickets**

    anyone know the deal here? usually the list of signed UDFAs is out the week after the draft---
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    Draft Week Cardinal Rumors

    Just figured a dedicated thread to the most current rumors specific to the Cardinals: a couple themes have emerged consistently from the media: 1. The trade up scenario to get an offensive playmaker. Schrager was the first, but there have been others- see this from Dave Pasch: 2...
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    Injury data points

    Injuries: they matter. Ask a 49er fan. Football outsiders tracks this stuff, and this year added a "games lost to Covid" as well. 2020 Adjusted Games Lost: Part I | Football Outsiders looking at the NFC West-- Rams had a largely injury free year for them last year: they ranked 5th...
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    PFF on historic draft value

    this isnt kind to Keim: Riske: A new look at historical draft success for all 32 NFL teams | NFL News, Rankings and Statistics | PFF if there is one thing that he could take solace in: "Apart from the ups and downs in draft success for GMs, the overall point is that the teams' rankings can...
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    PFF on the Cards roster

    I was curious how many players on the Cardinals roster were “playoff level”. I used PFF rankings by position --admittedly subjective and PFF grades aren’t everything – but I defined it as top 14 at their position (or top 28 if there are two at the position – like CB-- in the starting 11 )...
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    The optimistic case for the 2021 Cardinals

    Maybe a contrarian take, but there are legitimate reasons to be optimistic for the Cardinals 2021 season. This is not saying that the Cards don’t have challenges to fix – they do. But, on balance, the NFC teams ahead of the Cards have more challenging issues to fix. 1. The NFC is...
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    Athletic's Top 50 Free Agents

    paywall, so you know, the usual caveats about why im not posting the whole thing: 2021 NFL Free Agency Rankings: Top 50, from Dak on down – The Athletic First: the Cardinals on the list: 17. Hassan Reddick 45. Patrick Peterson no Golden, no Drake, etc on Reddick, interesting that at 17...
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    Is KK the right coach? Per the Athletic

    I know its a pay-site, so not every one can click through to read. I thought it was pretty balanced in that it presents pros and cons. Is Kliff Kingsbury the right coach for the Cardinals? – The Athletic the TL;DR version is: KK has done some good things after he took over a "dumpster...
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    the one overlooked stat that explains everything:

    The stat line for Kenyan Drake over the last six games (team / carries / yards / avg): SF 18/45 2.5 PHI 10/26 2.6 NYG 23/80 3.5 LAR 10/49 4.9 NE 22/78 3.5 SEA 11/29 2.6 first 8 games of this season, KD had 135/612 4.5 while there are better defenses over the last six...
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    a little OT: For St. Louis era Cardinal fans.....

    St. Louis Football Cardinals (@BigRed_STL) / Twitter and you are on twitter: this is an awesome follow with lots of video from that era. Enjoy
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    Kenny Stills

    cut by the Texans today lots of buyer beware here: reputation for being high maintenance has a quad injury -- and no idea if and when he will be healthy but: a vet with decent size at 6-1, 200 lbs
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    First -- that catch he made on a dead run was something: Second -- he is faster than we give him credit for last year he had a game like this vs TB, but didnt really follow it up. Lets hope its different this year
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    Weekly Schadenfreude

    a variety of podcasts from KNBR, the ones from 9-14 are interesting. I always find observations from other teams to be interesting consistent theme: Kyler Murray is the real deal and will be a problem for the 49ers for the foreseeable future. Tim Ryan called...
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    Starters. Game 1 2019 vs Today

    sorry if the formatting is funky, but -- Starters vs the Lions in 2019 vs today. I bolded where I believe the position was upgraded, either through better personnel or that the player isn't a rookie anymore 2019 //// 2020 WR1 Fitz...
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    Round 6 wildcard

    Andy Lee isnt getting any younger....... 176. Braden Mann, PT, Texas A&M (5-11, 198) The top specialist prospect on this draft board, Mann put his name on the NFL radar as a junior, setting the NCAA record for the highest punting average in a game (60.8 yards at Alabama). He won the Ray Guy...
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    2020 Draft: Can you beat Steve Keim?

    Here is the deal: when the Cards are on the clock and before they pick: say who you would pick. Participate for as many rounds as you want. IF you would prefer to trade down: say you want to trade down no lower than ____, but would take ___ if I cant. at the end of the draft, we can...
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    K1 in the Players Tribune

    I thought this was really good
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    the Cards will tell you what they will do.....

    im a subscriber to the Chris Sanders assertion that the Cards org will tell their fans what they plan to do in the draft. This is especially true when what they will do doesnt equal fan expectations. I think this is the Cards org prepping the fans via the flagship radio station...
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    Rams trading Brandin Cooks to the Texans

    for pick #57
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    Things that make me say "hmmmmm"

    so for the last week, Ron Wolfley -- smash-mouth, old school, blood sport Ron Wolfley has been advocating strongly for the Cards #8 pick to be used on ………………………….. Henry Ruggs, WR Alabama not to go conspiracy theory, but I believe the Cards telegraph to their fans if there will be a pick...
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    that ILB position and the draft

    lets assume the Isiah Simmons is gone at #8. draft options for a ILB are: I suppose Keim could trade down to a spot where the next tier of ILB makes sense. That would be: Kenneth Murray of Oklahoma Patrick Queen of LSU similar players in that both are 6'1"-ish 230 lbs, super athletic...