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  1. SirStefan32

    How Good is the Trio of Booker, Warren, and Ayton?

    I was curious about the highest-scoring trios in the NBA, and figured there has to be a stat guru here who knows an easy way to get this info. Top three scorers combined from each team is what I am looking for. Anyone know an easy way to find that info?
  2. SirStefan32


    It is no secret that the Suns are not a good team. I figured it would be a good idea to look for improvements. Last few games, the Suns passed my eye-test, so I decided to look at some stats for the last five games. Looking at the last five games the Suns look pretty decent. Turnovers: 13.6...
  3. SirStefan32

    Hawk @ Suns

    Good game so far! I am liking the twin tower setup (Len and Chandler). They rebound, and they are both passing the ball and facilitating really well. Goodwin doing a decent job running the offense.
  4. SirStefan32

    Suns Pursuing Josh Smith?

    I ran across this on my daily hoopshype visit: The Suns are pursuing Josh Smith, according to multiple league sources. Phoenix will try to acquire Smith before the deadline or, if that fails, through a sign-and-trade deal next offseason...
  5. SirStefan32

    Give Amare MAX or let him walk>

    Let's say that sign and trade option fails. Do you sign Amare to a six-year, $130M deal or do you let him walk?
  6. SirStefan32

    Linksys routers and torrents

    Hey guys, Has anybody had any problems with Linksys router dropping connection while downloading torrents? Just got a call from a friend, and eversince she started downloading torrents, her Linksys has to be power-cycled at least twice a day. Nothing else changed- same modem, same...
  7. SirStefan32

    Editing in XP recovery console

    I was looking for editing command in XP recovery console. I remember edlin command from 2000, but I couldn't find it in XP. I looked at all commands and couldn't find anything that looks like it. Am I missing something obvious or is there no way to edit boot.ini from the XP console? :bang:
  8. SirStefan32

    ****** Madness

    Has anybody seen this? I watched it last weekend, and I must say it was the funniest thing I have seen in years. It began as a movie way back in 1936... then it became a stage musical... In April 2005, ****** MADNESS returns to its roots and airs as a movie musical for premium...
  9. SirStefan32

    RIP Michael Piller

    11.01.2005 Michael Piller Succumbs to Cancer, Age 57 Michael Piller, best known to television viewers around the world as the executive producer/co-creator of more than 500 hours of Star Trek, lost his long battle with an aggressive form of head & neck cancer on Tuesday, November 1, 2005 at...
  10. SirStefan32


    Anyone watched it? I decided to give it a try, since I am a fan of David Boreanaz, and to mu surprise it was actually a pretty good show. Officially my #1 show on tuesdays now! Stefan
  11. SirStefan32

    HeavyB3... Deep Space Nine question

    There was an episode in which Worf complains to Odo about Chief O'Brien visiting him. One of them says that Worf should try being less hospitable, and people would leave him alone. Which episode was that? Thanks, Stefan
  12. SirStefan32

    3DD, Stain, AND Breaking Benjamin

    Three Doors Down with Stain and Breaking Benjamin coming to Hershey this summer!!!! :cheers: :bday: :thewave: :thewave: :fans: :band:
  13. SirStefan32

    Hey Sean... good news x 2.

    ?TRU CALLING? RETURNS WITH TWO-HOUR SEASON PREMIERE THURSDAY, MARCH 31, ON FOX Eliza Dushku and Jason Priestley Star What would you do if you could relive a day? If you're Tru Davies (Eliza Dushku), you'd save lives. In the season one finale, Tru and Jack (Jason Priestley) found themselves...
  14. SirStefan32

    Happy Birthday LakeShowMan!!!

    Happy B-day LakeShowMan. :bday: :cheers: :thewave:
  15. SirStefan32

    Sixers- Suns game thread.

    Should be a fun game to watch/ listen to. Suns better win this game. :O Suns by 15.:thumbup:
  16. SirStefan32

    SirStefan32 giveth and will taketh NOT away- post padding continued

    Since Sweed D screwed us all- here's an opportunity for everyone to continue post- padding.
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    Happy Birthday :thumbup: :cheers:
  18. SirStefan32

    swd1974- Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday:thumbup:
  19. SirStefan32

    The small talk is wearing thin The small talk is wearing thin Norm Frauenheim The Arizona Republic Oct. 27, 2003 12:00 AM Suns coach Frank Johnson is sick of small talk. Barring a deal for the ever-elusive big man, Johnson can't change the dimensions of...
  20. SirStefan32

    Shaq finally in shape

    Working out the rage Defiant Shaq in midst of offseason regimen By Howard Beck Staff Writer Sometimes Shaquille O'Neal delivers his messages with bluntness and bluster. Sometimes he opts for a more subtle, symbolic approach. On this bright summer day in the Valley, O'Neal has brought...
  21. SirStefan32

    The Case for Israel

    Just picked up a really good book by Alan Dershowitz, Harward Law School professor. This book is so good that I haven't been able to stop reading it. I'd highly reccomend this book to anybody interested in middle east politics. Stefan
  22. SirStefan32

    Kings sign Peeler

    Kings sign veteran guard Peeler Bee Sports Staff Published 11:37 a.m. PDT Friday, August 15, 2003 The Sacramento Kings signed veteran guard Anthony Peeler to a one-year contract with a second-year option, The Bee has learned. Peeler had spent the last six season with the Minnesota...
  23. SirStefan32

    Check out the new member

    Arizona Sports Fans Network Members: 894, Threads: 9,747, Posts: 115,770 Welcome to our newest member, notakiddfan2 :rolleyes: how many times?
  24. SirStefan32

    Winners and losers

    This year's winners, losers of free agency -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Marc Stein Another two weeks have passed. Nearly every marquee free agent is off the market. A couple of big trades popped, too. It's time...
  25. SirStefan32

    Wolves add the final piece to their quest for the championship

    Just heard on the radio that the wolves have acquired yet another great free agent: The three time NBA champion... Mark Madsen :D