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  1. MrYeahbut

    Activation Blizzard Lawsuit

    I'm not a gamer but I came across this article about harassment in the workplace.
  2. MrYeahbut

    Netflix - - Babylon Berlin

    I couldn't find a thread on this. My wife and I are really enjoying it. Who I woulda thunk that I would like a series set in Germany in 1929, I'm not into period pieces unless it's a good western. It's in subtitles which will be bothersome to some viewers but heck I need subtitles when it's in...
  3. MrYeahbut

    Christmas Swag

    I know it's a couple of days before Christmas but I'm closing my shop tomorrow and Wed so my office mgr brought me this today. A Cardinal Tiki god!!! lol... Another ridiculous item to add to my collection!! .
  4. MrYeahbut

    The coming death of Rock n Roll

    I grew up with these artists. I saw most of them live at one time or another. We planned our lives around their concerts. They meant so much to us. They gave us a dream to live for, which didn't last, of course, but at the time they spoke for us. We rebelled against the war, the 'plastic' man in...
  5. MrYeahbut

    Dehli Crime (Netflix)

    I'm 3 episodes into this and I think it's well done. Very gritty and the crime is gruesome... gang rape.
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    RIP Dr John

    . Dr. John, the Grammy winner whose eclectic music captured the various cultural influences of his home town, New Orleans, died Thursday from a heart attack. He was 77. Born Malcolm John Rebennack Jr., he grew up playing the piano, before switching to the guitar; in 1960, he was shot in the...
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    OT: MLB Agreement with Cuban Players Canceled

    Mods, I posted this thread here because it's about Baseball, if it belongs in P&R, please move it.
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    Meat Allergy- Tick bite

    Someone had mentioned this to me when I made comments about losing my taste for meat. It's much more serious than I had imagined for people who have contracted this...
  9. MrYeahbut

    RIP: Albert Finney (1936-2019)

    A lesser known but one of my all time favorite films 'Under the Volcano'. I also enjoyed him as Poirot in the 1974 version of 'Murder on the Orient Express' RIP Mr Finney
  10. MrYeahbut

    British Crime Series

    My wife and I love these. We've watched a ton of them. If anyone here watches them and you know of one that I've missed in the following list, please let me know. The Fall Happy Valley Luther River Marcella Broadchurch Hinterland Shetland Hollander Top of the Lake- Set in New Zealand Trapped-...
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    Official "I can't keep up with technology" thread

    This article is so true for me. I'm not computer illiterate but all this new tech is mind boggling. You techies will laugh at this but back in the dark ages when computers were the size of an Oldsmobile, I was a computer programmer .. RPG II/Cobol/Fortran... lol...we wrote everything from...
  12. MrYeahbut

    OT incredible trick play

    I've never seen anything like this... Fake field goal with kicker nubbing the ball to runner to score TD
  13. MrYeahbut

    OT- Snyder sliming his way to a new Stadium
  14. MrYeahbut

    OT: Rams - Chiefs game moved to LA

    Poor field conditions....
  15. MrYeahbut

    Font size in thread titles

    Anyone else having this problem? Random thread titles in larger font. Started a few days ago. .
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    Netflix production studio

    Netflix is coming to Albq. A really big deal for New Mexico.... That is unless they get enough tax incentives to where the taxpayers get hosed. So far, sounds like a good deal for both.
  17. MrYeahbut

    "White People Food"

    Minorities have challenges for eating healthy food because of education and stigmas.....
  18. MrYeahbut

    It's Football

    Well, it's football but not really football, but the preseason starts tonight. Bears/Ravens, I don't care, I'll watch anyway. Let's get it on! Go Cards
  19. MrYeahbut

    Great article on Mel Brooks

    Great article on the mad genius.
  20. MrYeahbut

    OT: Revis Retiring For sure PP is the best corner in the league now... lol
  21. MrYeahbut

    Gif files

    Can one of you show me how to post a .gif file, please? When I quote a post to see how they're done, it still shows the gif, not how it's embedded in a post. I figured out how to do twitter, youtube, etc. One that I have downloaded on my phone or hard drive or like one from here...
  22. MrYeahbut

    OT: Bowl games

    I watch bowl games because I'm a junkie, but for the life of me I don't understand the economics. Can't be on ticket sales because there's no one in the stands except for the major games. There's just so many of them it's crazy. Is it just the sponsors paying for advertising? I've never heard...
  23. MrYeahbut

    Not sure I can describe this...

    EDIT: After typing this I realized it's long.and rambling so read at your own risk... lol Some 10 years or so ago, I quit smoking cigarettes. I used to really like fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. Turkey too, especially a day or two old as a sandwich with mayo, lettuce and pico. I...
  24. MrYeahbut

    RIP Fats Domino

    Fats was one of the first musicians I ever saw live. I was in high school in Tuba City, Arizona in the early '60s and he played at the community center there. He sang "Along the Navajo Trail" and the crowd went wild. As a piece of trivia that may interest only me... Chubby Checker took his...
  25. MrYeahbut

    OT- JJ Watt

    Taken off on cart. Doesn't look good. Great player, a shame.