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  1. LVG

    The Official Camping / Backpacking / Bikecamping / Kayaking Gear Thread

    My backpacking gear list: Gregory Baltoro 65L (I also have an REI frameless 45L that I use on shorter trips) Marmot Trestles 15F Long Bag (depending on weather - you can go with lighter summer bags, a bag liner, or even a light sheet - but I probably should switch to a quilt system) Trekology...
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    Smokey the Bear turns 75

    Just in case you didn't know.
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    LVG's Golden Knights Thread

    It has killed me to not post a Golden Knights thread in this forum all year. But with my Knights playing in the Cup, I figured it was time to take the plunge.** I'll contain Knights stuff to this thread, other than when we're playing the desert dogs. Knights / Capitals for the Cup. Who woulda...
  4. LVG

    Kayaking & Camping Down the Colorado

    I've been toying with the idea of kayaking down and camping along the Colorado. Put in at Willow Beach and take 3-4 days to reach Laughlin. I have a little kayak with enough capacity to hold all my gear (tent, sleeping bag, food, fuel). Just paddle until I'm tired, then pitch a tent along a...
  5. LVG

    Anyone Kayak?

    Just curious if anyone kayaks on this board. I've been looking to pick up a new hobby now that my time is freeing up, and I love the water. Looking to pick someone's brain about training, equipment, and places to go in the SW. Mostly flat water to begging, maybe some whitewater when I progress.
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    I was recently introduced to the world of loose leaf tea and have come to enjoy trying new teas and mixing favorite types together. A mug of tea now has a place on my desk. Just curiously, anyone else have an interest in tea?
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    MacBook Air

    My HP died not too long ago and (for a variety of reasons) I went out and got a MacBook Air. I haven't used a Mac since the SE days, and was wondering what apps were required / neat to have. I already have office 365. Any other suggestions?
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    Apples - We've Been Eating Them All Wrong
  9. LVG

    You must read this...

    I'm looking for books that expand my horizon, that challenge my worldview. Any ideas?
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    JP Morgan Loses 2 Billion in 6 Weeks,0,4625412.story The CNBC story here: A few thoughts. If this doesn't demonstrate that the derivatives market (a closed and opaque market) presents a real and present threat to the nation's...
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the board!
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    EU Economic News

    Some news from the EU front: Deutche Bank's profits plummet 35%: Spain's bond costs double from a year ago: The Netherland's government fell due...
  13. LVG

    Higher Ed Advice

    I need some advice regarding higher ed (university). Anyone on the board work or used to work at a college or university in a teaching capacity (GA or Prof)? If so, please PM me. Thanks.
  14. LVG

    IDAK Test

    Anyone ever taken an IDAK test? Just curious, someone I knew recommended it for me.
  15. LVG

    The Hindenburg Omen

    FYI. Thoughts? More at the link.
  16. LVG

    Russains Ban Wheat Exports More at link.
  17. LVG

    Construction Market - PHX Area

    To the fellow contractors on this board - what's the construction market looking like in the greater PHX area? Multifamily / Commercial, or heavy civil works (if you're familiar with the public works side).
  18. LVG

    Fix Bet 2

    To fix the over / under on the BAL / NE bet.
  19. LVG

    Bal @ Ne Bet Correction

    Will I fix this bet?
  20. LVG

    BAL Ravens @ NE Patriots

    10 AM on CBS BAL Ravens @ NE Patriots (-3.5) Over / Under @ 42.5
  21. LVG

    PHI Eagles @ DAL Cowboys

    5:00 PM PST on NBC PHI Eagles @ DAL Cowboys (-3.5) Over / Under @ 44.5
  22. LVG

    NY Jets @ CIN Bengals (Corrected)

    Vbookie bet for the NY Jets @ CIN Bengals. 1.30 PM PST on NBC NY Jets @ CIN Bengals (-2.5) Over / Under @ 33.5
  23. LVG

    NY Jets @ CIN Bengals

    Crap. Forgot to check the stupid button. Mods delete.
  24. LVG

    11/22/09 Late Games

    The late games for 11/22/09: New York Jets @ New England Patriots (-10.5) NYJ @ NE Over 44.5 NYJ @ NE Under 44.5 Cincinnati Bengals (-9.5) @ Oakland Raiders CIN @ OAK Over 35.5 CIN @ OAK Under 35.5 San Diego Chargers (-2.5) @ Denver Broncos SD @ DEN Over 44.5...
  25. LVG

    11/22/09 Early Games

    The early games for 11/22/09: Cleveland Browns @ Detroit Lions (-3.5) O/U @ 38.5 Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-8.5) O/U @ 42.5 Pittsburgh Steelers (-9.5) @ Kansas City Chiefs O/U @ 40.5 Indianapolis Colts (-1.5) @ Baltimore Ravens O/U @ 44.5 Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants...