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    Detroit Lions are hilarious

    I believed the same thing about carol... he has done much better than I expected..maybe cause it was his second go. One of those things where it has to be successful quickly...I guess. Can say I am getting tired of the head coach churn... see if Kingsbury can learn...I mean who thought Tomlin...
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    Wild Card Tie-Breaker Scenarios

    If I understand correctly...if we win next week we are in...correct? Bears/packers no longer matters.
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    P2 would move to safety

    he didn't want to turn up field on the one int he did get - drove me crazy...but I get it...He avoids contact. That is fine - keep the likes of diggs to the stats given up last night and we cool.
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    My Wife

    All ways hope my brothers. I'm an electrical engineer and will be the first to say there is no magic at work. But at life there is always things that defy logic. Keep your head up stay hopeful and happy. And try anything.... anything that you believe in.. and sometimes magic happens. Just...
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    Still sweating

    Can someone look at the tape and see if bills had the box stacked when we had two incomplete on 1st and second down when up by 3... with like 3:30 left in the fourth quarter. I was going nuts... but hoping I missed something. After the bills score... told my wife and son 34 seconds.. two...
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    How do you deal with a Card's Loss?

    I drink like a fish.. but wait...I do that for a win a well...;) Def don't watch all the talking heads on YouTube after a loss though. I also trick myself into believing things like..if the books win and we lose that's best case for the bills over looking us next week. If bills lost and we...
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    Seahawks or 49ers this weekend

    Nines win. They are obviously inferior due to injuries. Miners are a really good team regardless of injuries...but take the miners when they play head to head.. no brainer
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    Who Remembers

    I was not even a twinkle. Plummer wild card game was best for me. Worst was dec 25th at asu stadium 35 to 0 at half Dallas. I was at stadium... don't remember much after half. Bought a sweater at team shop cause I was freezing. Don't remember leaving. All I wanted for Xmas was a card win
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    Remembering Bill Gramatica

    Wasn't a big kick either - 1st quarter - 0 to 0. yeah - he kicked off after it - then left the game. Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Detail ARI NYG EPB EPA 1st Quarter 1 15:00 NYG 30 Owen Pochman kicks off 63 yards, returned by MarTay Jenkins for 18 yards (tackle by Thabiti Davis). MarTay...
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    Remembering Bill Gramatica

    i thought grammatica did the following kickoff - then - made his injury known - I thought he was too embarrassed to admit he hurt it just after the field goal celebration...been a long time though - my memory may be off.
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    Best Deep Ball Throwers in the NFL

    Rough room. I went back and looked...was it Blake that was saposed to have a "beautiful deep ball"?
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    Best Deep Ball Throwers in the NFL

    Jeff Blake was better
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    New CBA

    Make the pro bowl winner get the 9 home games.
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    Niners at Cardinals gameday thread 10-31-19

    Hopefully that is a learning experience. You ice kicks.. not plays. You want to see the offensive formation ... fine call the timeout before the snap... fine. Don't call the timeout late... they aren't going to run the same play post timeout anyway. Uhg. That just reeks of kk not trusting the...
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    Reality Check Time

    their (9ers) starting QB is back...likely helping as well
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    David Johnson

    I was pissed that he didn't get in - and he knows he should have turned it north instead of racing to the pilon; I don't think we will see it again...Watch his presser.
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    VJ press conference

    Vance is not a leader of men. He is someone that makes every once feel safe... gimmie bowles... gimmie a defense that says you aren't going to run on us. Vance will be one and done if he doesn't make his people play for him. I really wanted bowls back. I really wanted a defense that would...
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    Carson Palmer and the ring of honor.

    Yes - he was QB for the best season of cardinals history. I agree. I am trying to remember which combination of "big" games it was for us (big for him in some cases like Cinci) that I decided we would never win the super bowl with him at QB. He just did not have the ability to play well in big...
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    Carson Palmer and the ring of honor.

    not sure what the motivation is at this point. Do they really think they need a ceremony every year - Do they get more proceeds from those games...?
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    Carson Palmer and the ring of honor.

    let me preface this with my dog (about 3 years old is named Palmer). He doesn't belong in our ROH - I believe it to be an insult to those that are there (that I watched anyway). I am unfamilari with everyone in our ROH - but to those that are there I think it is justified. Carson was an above...
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    Why I Like Josh Rosen

    No way - Lienhart would have been in a body bag 2-3 games in....he wasn't durable. One thing I like is Rosen was taking beating after beating and didn't go down (miss games) - that is a great sign.