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  1. CardsFan88

    Marvin Lewis? PFT speculates, ASFN hyperventilates Don't forget Hue Jackson once was a ASU coach in Plummers early years there. I'm pretty sure this board would explode in anger if this ends up being true. It could be plausible if we can't get anyone else. Very...
  2. CardsFan88

    Kerwynn Williams will sign with Chiefs Well there goes Kerywnn. Good luck to him. More opportunity for TJ Logan to step up this year.
  3. CardsFan88

    OT: Johnny Be Badziel...

    Looks like Johnny and friends rented an L.A. area place, threw parties, trashed the place, and left with magic mushrooms and cocaine lines still on the table! See the pictures here...
  4. CardsFan88

    Nvidia launches GTX 970 and 980... more cushion for the pushing...

    Nvidia has just released their new line of graphics cards, the GTX 970 (msrp $329) and GTX 980 (msrp $549), a couple of days ago. This is their first full fledged GPU leveraging the new Maxwell architecture, the successor to Kepler. It's still based off the 28nm process node, but the 20nm...
  5. CardsFan88

    OT - NFL Player Poll: Need to double my salary to play there

    Guess who ISN'T on this list! Armpit no longer! (Granted only 82 players answered, but still...) I bet that fiasco with Saffold agreeing to a contract for way more then...
  6. CardsFan88

    OT: Justin Blackmon suspended 4 games Wow, what a moron. Fitz stay on Floyd. Show him he really "don't want it"....not this.
  7. CardsFan88

    ASFN Pick 'em Leagues

    Another year dawns on us. With that, like last year, here is the pick 'em leagues using Yahoo like we had for a couple of years. We have one that is straight up League ID: 49205 Pass: cardinals We have one that uses the...
  8. CardsFan88

    Per NFL Network, Tim Hightower released

    Wow. Didn't expect that. Would pick him up, but we already have a logjam. Looking for web source, but it was on NFL network.
  9. CardsFan88

    Kendall Marshall reactions/grades from media

    Decided to look around for some draft grades, analysis, stats and see what people were saying, etc. Then take that info (tonight's) and put it all on one page for easier viewing and to aid people's later speculative analysis. Here is a bio 5...
  10. CardsFan88

    Anyone interested in Colt McCoy?

    This morning on Mike and Mike they said after drafting Weeden the Browns are shopping McCoy. Here is also a link to a fox sports article Who knows what they want, but...
  11. CardsFan88

    Interesting tidbit from ESPN NFC West Blog

    Hadn't noticed this but while on the surface our schedule looks very appealing, there was one MAJOR (imo) drawback that slipped through the cracks. I haven't seen anything on this. Yep, we have FIVE...
  12. CardsFan88

    ESPN Pre-draft Power Rankings

    Well ESPN just put out it's pre-draft Power Rankings. Of course these don't really matter, but I always like to see what others are thinking just for the hell of it. They also have a few words about the Cards and you guessed it Kolb. They have us at #21 They actually have it split into two...
  13. CardsFan88

    Cardsfan88 ASFN Survival Football (split from pick 'em)

    I can set one up. Never set one up, but should be fairly simple. Yep, took about 60 seconds. Group ID# 6358 pass: cardinals 1 week and you're out Unless people want me to change it to two to keep it going a while longer.
  14. CardsFan88

    Unofficial Yahoo Pick 'em 2011 edition

    Seeing how no one has gotten around to it yet, and lord knows I just re-registered my fantasy football leagues, I just wanted to recreate a pick 'em league for ASFN like last couple of years. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  15. CardsFan88

    OT: NFL RedZone

    As you might or might not of noticed during the first two weeks of the NFL, there was a channel (phx cox 698 sd, 699 hd) called NFL Redzone. In it they basically show the scoring drives (live and taped) of the ongoing games in a constantly redzone extravaganza. It appears it's part of the...
  16. CardsFan88

    Yahoo Pick 'em 2009

    Every year we have a pick 'em league or two, I haven't seen it on here (but I could of missed it lol) so I created the group. No confidence points No spread Picks due 5 minutes before each game It's yahoo so of course it's free. ASFN 2009 Pick 'em Group ID# 33292 Pass: superbowl...
  17. CardsFan88

    It's about who wants it MORE

    I've been rattling in my brain how things are going to go, or should go. I keep coming to the realization that anything can happen in this game. It literally could be 42-13 cards, 42-13 steelers, or anything in between. Our defense can stop their offense. We can stop their run, we can...
  18. CardsFan88

    2008 Fight Song - added pics and gifs

    2008 Fight Song - added pics and gifs (youtube video) Well after listening to that fight song last night. I decided to pull a few gifs/pics off here and the web and use WMM to make a video out of it. (Don't use wmm, it sucks, doesn't work). So I downloaded Sony Vegas trial and remade it, and...
  19. CardsFan88

    At the bottom of espn news screen breaking news Amare activated by suns

    Title says it all Woo Hoo!
  20. CardsFan88

    OT My friends dad is a Vikings fan (picture)

    My friends dad is a Vikings fan, in light of the recent Allegations, I decided to use ms paint to make an image depicting it to print off and show him. I'm thinking of framing it, and putting it on 1 of his walls in his home, or maybe just taping it to one of them when he's not looking :) (We...
  21. CardsFan88

    Anyone ever watch g4tv?

    I got the sports and information tier from cox digital cable and in this tier that has The NFL network (why I bought it)...i found this gem of a channel. It's ALL about video games. I mean I'm 27, so most people around my age or younger has a chance to love this channel. They do video...
  22. CardsFan88

    Major claps for ABC 15 phoenix

    ABC-15's HDTV equipment is undergoing maintenance and won't be available until june 30th. WTF Ummm, thats just great that they pull the plug on the hd in the middle of the freaking NBA finals. (not during the game itself) I can't believe this. :mad: Couldn't they wait another week...
  23. CardsFan88

    Time to jump onboard

    Hurry while there is still room :O Oh yeah, Anquan will pick you up if you need a ride :)
  24. CardsFan88

    *Bonehead* move by Paul Pierce

    :biglaugh: 12.7 seconds left, gets fouled, and pushes the guy to the ground. He gets ejected, reggie miller hits the tying freethrow, indiana gets to pick the shooter for the free throws, and perkins or something bricks both freethrows.... So instead of possibly being up by 3 after the...
  25. CardsFan88

    Is it me, or is there the possibility of a few teams passing?

    What if this outlandish scenario happened? I have this feeling that a number of teams might decide to pass on their pick and let others jump ahead. It seems no one wants to really pay ANY player top money this year. Not many want to trade up, so if you can't trade down, do you pass? Of...

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