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  1. Ouchie-Z-Clown


    With the talk of golden state maybe sending 7, 14 and the rookie center for Siakam it got me thinking. would you send Bridges, cam Johnson, stix, and two first rounders for Siakam? He’s only 25. He’s bigger than our wings - legit PF. A big three of book, Ayton, and Siakam is very good for a...
  2. Ouchie-Z-Clown


    I’m ready to play tonight!
  3. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Jupiter’s Legacy

    About three episodes in . . . so far I’m entertained. Not blown away though. Unfamiliar with the comic upon which it’s based. Like the cast so far. Doesn’t compare to The Boys.
  4. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Shadow and Bone (Netflix)

    Surprised no one has posted about this on Netflix. Pretty entertaining thus far.
  5. Ouchie-Z-Clown


    Though I’m not a fan of his personally, Tomlinson on NFL Network thought the cards trading for Kareem hunt was doable. Thoughts? Anyone with any idea what draft capital would be needed for such a move?
  6. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Paul: All-Star; no Book

    Paul named as All-Star reserve. Book snubbed.
  7. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Another stellar draft by bluto

    ESPN ranked rookie classes. Less than impressive. But nothing we didn’t already know. 20. Arizona Cardinals Why they're ranked here: Outside of first-round pick Isaiah Simmons, Arizona got virtually nothing out of its rookie class. Only two of the team's rookies played more than 50 snaps...
  8. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Chicago Jax

    Surprised no thread. 10-10
  9. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    HBO Max

    Bc I have direct tv I get this. So far pretty entertained by Doom Patrol. It took me by surprise. And I’m really intrigued after an episode of raised by wolves.
  10. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Two minute drill failure a steaming pile of kk

    All year long our two minute drill has been horrid. It always starts with a screen that gains minimal yards and runs 15-30 seconds off the clock. And here again today. So awful. No growth.
  11. Ouchie-Z-Clown


    As a Georgetown alum I follow the Hoyas closely. I just saw that Akinjo is visiting zona. I don’t know how to feel about this. Bummed akinjo leaving gtown but not heartbroken...
  12. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    See (AppleTV+)

    Anyone watch this? I watched first episode. Interesting. Kinda difficult to buy they’re all blind. I would think the world, outta necessity, would be a much slower pace in virtually all things.
  13. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    KK sucks azz too

    He’s not learning. He’s getting worse at game management.
  14. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    PP sucks azz

    All hat no cattle. Sucks without his steroids.
  15. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Pigs (because goats are already being used)

    Swearinger is horrible. Has been all year. He’s become useless. Kirk can’t deop that perfectly thrown bomb. My confidence in his being anything more than a third banana is shrinking. Sherfield is showing why he is who he is. When the lights came on he shrunk. Finally has a chance at a big...
  16. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    5 white guys and Cam

    that’s the name of our offseason. Interestingly enough, individually I understand and like each addition. But in the aggregate we’ve added 5 white guys and the least athletic black guy in the draft. PG Rubio - like him as a pass first, defensive pg. brings stability. SG/PG Jerome - good...
  17. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Listening to NBA Radio

    bagging on suns moves last night. Bagging on suns if they are banking on landing dlo bc he’s restricted and could be matched - don’t know how facts fall out and change expectations. Kyrie could go elsewhere, nets decide to retain him, nets get better deal from someone else like Orlando...
  18. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Jaxson Hayes

    so this was a name thrown out in a foursome by Gambo in which the suns seem interested. We haven’t talked about him at all at this point. Long, athletic. Anyone watch him at all this year? Thoughts?
  19. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Harry - who at 33?

    harry - some talent definitely left. Thinking greedy, Byron Murphy, Ford, AJ Brown, Rock Ya, irv, deebo Your thoughts and why? Thx!
  20. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Game of Zones

    if someone else has already talked about I apologize for being repetitive. If you haven’t watched all the Game of Zones videos on Bleacher Report you’re missing out. I think they’re brilliant.
  21. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Concerning projections of Bosa

    This article kinda speaks to my concerns about Bosa. It’s the lack of explosiveness that concerns me. I suppose the underselling of Joey gives some outside promise. But this read concerns...
  22. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

    on Netflix. Just binged entire season while sick. Loved it.
  23. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    Shamorie Ponds

    watching my hoyas against St. John’s today. This Ponds kid looks really good. He’s not big, 6’1 175lbs but the commentators are comparing him to Nick Van exel. Maybe someone we should start paying attention to . . . 21.6pts, 4.7 assists, 5 rebounds. His 3% is down this season (was 38% last...
  24. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    A mentor for JJ (and maybe Bridges & Oubre)

    I had visions of Pippen dancing through my head when we drafted JJ. Pop had Pippen meet with Kahwi back in the day. Wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea for us to request the same. And can...
  25. Ouchie-Z-Clown

    NBA is making rules almost meaningless - traveling

    i mean, this isn’t basketball. This is just stupid. And directly in front of the ref too. Man someone needs to shame that ref. If this is where the nba is going just change the damn rules already. Ridiculous...

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