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  1. Shaggy

    Wanted to welcome Shane as our newest Super Mod

    @Shane. Thanks for wanting to help Shane!
  2. Shaggy

    Question about the first time outs.

    Just rewatching the game tonight and I didnt understand why the refs didnt allow Murray to start the play but still allowed the clock to stick down? I know they stand in front of the QB or center to let the other team sub in but it doesnt make sense to me how they can do that and the play clock...
  3. Shaggy

    Found this to be hilarious !

    I came across this site that had a list of QBs that someone had photoshopped them into women. There are quick a few spot on ones and some funny ones as well. The 2 funniest and spot on for me are the first to images below. The website is one of those click through pages, where you have...
  4. Shaggy

    New Aztec concept Jerseys

    Well, what do you all think of their new concept jerseys? The jury is still out for me, but I'm more on the side of like then dislike.
  5. Shaggy

    Will be updating ASFN forum software.

    There is a new version of the forum software ASFN is running on. The new version will be installed in the next few days. There will be some differences with it and will be some new learning curves with it as well. The theme(look) needs to be updated as well. It will still have the same look...
  6. Shaggy

    Need help with figuring out some signatures.

    Just got a signed cardinals penet and don't know who signed it. Can any of you decipher them? There 5 signatures and this is on a newer penet due to the newer cardinals logo. That's all I know. Good thing each sig has a number with it to, so that could help.
  7. Shaggy

    Here's my take..

    So they came off one of the most exciting endings of a game this year. They had national fame for the last 4 days. They sucked it all in. They were also on a short week. Riding high in the win and thinking and hearing they are an elite team. Bet they didn't practice hard. This was...
  8. Shaggy

    More happening?

    Thought I heard the Suns were not done with acquisitions. They going after free agents now or still thinking of trades? Any news out there?
  9. Shaggy

    A trade was just sent my way...

    He sends me Ceedee Lamb WR Josh Jacobs RB Juju Smith-Schuster WR I send him DeAndre Hopkins WR Now of course I'm a homer and like having Hopkins. I would also have to drop 2 more of my players to fit the other 2 in. What do you all think?
  10. Shaggy

    An Arizona XFL team.

    Would you guys be up for one and support it? Did any of you go and watch the Hotshots?
  11. Shaggy

    Max Williams

    Missed the being of the game due to Halloween and watching it now. The first drive Max was a monster. Got his only one catch and just blowed over the defense to get extra yards for the first. Then makes an awesome block to help Drake get the TD. They need to keep him around awhile. One of...
  12. Shaggy

    So do you think Cards will lose in a blow out?

    So how many of you think the Cards will lose to the Ravens in a blow out? I don't think that will be happening? The Ravens started their season playing a team that was already tanking before the season even started. I believe anyone could have blown out the Dolphins. So I feel this will be a...
  13. Shaggy

    Game #106-Arizona Diamondbacks (53-52) @ Miami Marlins (39-63). 7/28/2019

    Ronin didn't post up a game thread so I figured I would. Stinks I cant watch this now on fox AZ. Score is tied 1 to 1.
  14. Shaggy

    Orphan X Series

    Have any of you read the series? 4 books in all with maybe 2 smaller ones in between(which I haven't read). Like a Jason Bourne type story but much more hardcore. Loved it.
  15. Shaggy

    Boys and Girls Club..

    I have been supporting my local Boys and Girls club for years now, advertising ASFN on soccer jerseys and a few other things. They just built a new Rec center and ASFN now has aplaque(with other sponsors) near their main entrance. Its been cool seeing the logo and URL all over the place. I...
  16. Shaggy

    Fitz's interview picking on PP about being traded.

    Try to find the interview where Fitz was being interviewed in the locker room while PP was talking in the back ground. Then Larry says something in the range of, "What's that, you wanting to be traded" "that's what I thought you said".... and the reporters got a laugh out of it. I'm looking...
  17. Shaggy

    I can't wait......

    For the draft to be here and gone. The Murray talk everywhere is getting old. Love how its causing alot of activity on here, but I'm tired of hearing it on 98.7 every second. 9 more days, just 9 more days!
  18. Shaggy

    The Dirt

    Just saw this on Netflix. Really liked it. Liked how they did a scene showing what Tommy did each day/night when on tour. I don't think I could survive one night the way he lived during tour!
  19. Shaggy

    Way OT: Other types of forums...

    Been always wanting to ask this. Would any of you be interested in signing up to any of my other forums, mostly auto forums, or just not interested. Here is the type of forums I own. Automotive Dodge Ram Dodge Challenger Dodge Charger Dodge Viper Car and Truck Dodge SRTs Chevy Tahoe Chevy...
  20. Shaggy

    I don't get this rebuild.

    The Dbacks where in the playoffs last year, and had a good run this year. Why are they deciding on calling it quits the next few years and going rebuild? They could have maybe added a few more players and still be in contention next year. I know they needed to upgrade their farm league, but...
  21. Shaggy

    Things to be excited about..

    Yeah, this year stinks and we all know that. Seeing this team could possibly lose out the rest of the season, the cards could get the number 1 or 2 draft in the 2019 draft. We were all excited for theb1st round pick for the Suns and I know I'll be again excited for the 1st or 2nd rd pick the...
  22. Shaggy

    So are we on the train of thought....

    That this team sucks due to coaching or due to not having good players? To me, we have one of top CB, pass rusher, WR, RB, and punter. Do we have this many holes to have this team 2 and whatever or....does this team stink due to just coaching? I'm on the bandwagon that its coaching.
  23. Shaggy


    How Benwikere is cut and B Williams is still on the team. I figured he would have been cut even before Taylor was. Is he that good on ST to keep his job? I think Benwikere shouldn't have been cut because of 2 bad plays, but what do I know.
  24. Shaggy

    Happy Thanksgiving ASFN!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a HappyThanksgiving and to enjoy your time with your family/friends! Thanks for being a member on ASFN and making this forum a fun place to be and post! Again, enjoy your time this 4 day weekend and be safe out there!
  25. Shaggy


    I am going to say that he will be here for next season if.... 1. Rosen progresses before the end of this season. 2. Offense overall progresses before the end of this season.

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