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  1. RugbyMuffin

    Everything RV

    I got there in the morning and it was snow covered and cloudy. Then the sun rose and the clouds blew away, and .......
  2. RugbyMuffin

    Everything RV

    I am still putting together my trip journal.....I got notes and what not but I am getting it organized. When I am done I will throw it your way. To answer your question and throw out some tips: 1. Best sight seeing place was Crater Lake, OR. It really was not close either, that place is...
  3. RugbyMuffin

    Adding a Little O-Line Help

    It is there life, they were given the option, and they took it because that is what they felt was best for them. I do not think any explanation is owed. After seeing the absolute joke college football was this year, it looks like the young man made the right decision because there would have...
  4. RugbyMuffin

    Everything RV

    Just saw this thread. Yes, I rented an RV through Cruise America. I was on the road from September 19th, 2020, to November 14th, 2020. It was great! I had zero RV experience before I went. From Chicago? I got lots of places I can recommend you go. The...
  5. RugbyMuffin

    Who Don’t You Want

    I do not want a player that will be bad in the NFL. I prefer a player that will be good in the NFL. preferably the best ever to play but I will settle for a first ballot Hall of Famer. :D I will take my leave now and my ridiculousness with me.
  6. RugbyMuffin

    Kyler on Pat Mcafee show

    If he wins, it doesn't matter. There are plenty of NFL QB's who could be filed under "Prick". You are entitled to your opinion. I do not see it. Got no problem with Murray's personality.
  7. RugbyMuffin

    Kyler on Pat Mcafee show

    "Top Organizations" every team in the NFC West. I see no issue using this term and agree with his assessment using this term. Thought that interview was great, and Kyler Murray sounds like he has his head on right and knows what needs to be done to succeed. If the Niners are not...
  8. RugbyMuffin

    Kyler on Pat Mcafee show

    Well at least he is seeing what we are seeing.
  9. RugbyMuffin

    Kyler on Pat Mcafee show

    Love it. He is right about that. There are no small things in football, everything counts. When Arians was at his best, is when he coached that way. I think it is the way you have to play football. Do everything right, even the small things. Because it is a game of inches. The difference...
  10. RugbyMuffin

    Kiper New Mock Draft

    Are you Surtain?
  11. RugbyMuffin

    Best Players Available for Trade on Cap Strapped Teams

    I think this is a Keimy situation right there. I am going to dream away and say Fletcher Cox because he is one of my favorite players to watch.....well, was. He is still very good but 2 years ago he was dominant....and not by number, but you watch him just rag doll guys.
  12. RugbyMuffin

    Rank these 4 QB’s all-time...

    John Skelton Ryan Lindley John Navarre Max Hall
  13. RugbyMuffin

    Renaldo Hill: Remember Him?

    Defensive Coordinator of the LA Chargers. If you cannot do, teach. LOL. j/k. Good for him.
  14. RugbyMuffin

    Was it a catch?

    Yup. It was a catch.
  15. RugbyMuffin

    Ot rec weed tom!!!

    Of course. Dingy? I have seen some dingy alcohol dispensaries ....bars and liquor stores, but I guess dingy is relative. :D Just joking around with that, of course. Weed has been legal in Colorado and Washington since 2012. Nine years. Both states have benefitted from the situation. To...
  16. RugbyMuffin

    OT: QB Philip Rivers Retires After 17 NFL Seasons

    One of my favorite QB's to watch during my generation of players. Hope he enjoys retirement. He has a great legacy to hang his hat on.
  17. RugbyMuffin

    Ot rec weed tom!!!

    Yup. Until it is federal then I cannot go back to college. LOL. Cool tho for those who can, enjoy responsibly and buy extra chips.
  18. RugbyMuffin

    Larry Fitz sold his Phoenix home

    You are correct, that he did not make 15 mil on that house. When Larry does retire we will talk about his career. He did make 27 million, IIRC, on his rookie contract by hitting every single incentive in his contract, and the Cardinals had to deal with that for years. I know I took a...
  19. RugbyMuffin

    Highest graded Cardinals on offense and defense by PFF

    Love it. I have always like Humphries attitude. That was great.
  20. RugbyMuffin

    On Christian Kirk

    I would love to see Allen Robinson on this team but there is no way they can afford him.
  21. RugbyMuffin

    On Christian Kirk

    Apparently he was with a bunch of people who were deemed more important than a playoff deciding game, all his teammates, all his family members, and anyone else counting on him to stay disciplined for the money he is paid. Just sayin' Another showing of how soft this team is mentally, and...
  22. RugbyMuffin

    On Christian Kirk

    Bad draft pick. Another oft-injured mighty mouse failure by Keim. How many undersized oft-injured athletes have to be drafted before Keim understands this is the NFL where grown men play? The smaller guys that perform and stay off the injury list are few and far between. I am in full...
  23. RugbyMuffin

    On Christian Kirk

    Be right back, updating my resume for a new job. Googling "Stripper Scrubber" as we speak.
  24. RugbyMuffin

    BR: Most likely landing spots for Patrick Peterson.

    Arians likes "his players" and Peterson and Bowles seemed to work well. That would be the reason, but will it happen? Who knows. I agree they really do not need him in TB.

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