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    Biedrins hoped to play with Nash

    No. 7 (Curry), Andris Biedrins, Brandan Wright and Marco Bellineli ... toudemire/ ... nline.html Nash/Curry JRich/Dragic/Childress/Bellineli Hill/Dudley/Clark Turkoglu/Frye/Warrick Biedrins/Lopez/Lawal/Wright...
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    Roster size

    Too bad Kenyon Martin is injured. If he makes it back before the season I would really like our trainers to polish him up. Plus he is an expiring contract that will get us a double double, great defense, and doesnt command the ball. JRich, Clark for Martin, Affalo Nash/Dragic/Reynolds...
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    Bulls Ready To Build Another Dynasty

    Rose Wade Lebron Any FA PF in the league/Gibson Noah Then Amare to NY to admit he cant play defense and run with D'antoni while Joe Johnson plays point guard in a new picknroll game.
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    Dwayne Jones

    On the other hand, it is pretty cool to be able to claim "We are going to start Jarron Collins, and STILL beat you"!
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    2010 Playoffs: Round 1, Game 3 - Suns At Trail Blazers Game Thread NBA to assess Suns Amar'e Stoudemire with Flagrant Foul 1 for elbow to LaMarcus Aldridge
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    Clippers At Suns Game Thread

    Amare defended well in the first quarter then was just always always always a step behind. He blatant missed a handful of defensive assignments. Lots of brain farts. Its so hard to watch his offense-defense disconnect. Craig Smith made him his bitch tonight. It was sad. Who the @#$% is Craig...
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    Official Stay the Course Thread

    Hello 6 month old thread. Not too bad of a prediction eh??
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    Pistons @ Suns

    isnt it crazy to watch gentry actually adapt the team rather than keep pounding away and expecting a different result like someone else used to?
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    OT: Lakers Take , take , take...

    Cant be serious... How is channing frye NOT on top of the FA steals right now... And Jared Dudley? Is the grass ALWAYS going to be greener?
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    I’ll tell you, that guy is a coach’s dream.

    Someone who channels my thoughts exactly! +1! Funny how Gentry was just praising him yesterday, and tonight he puts up this insane performance. Now Gentry's gotta step it up a notch, and his nose is going to start to smell even more :)
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    I’ll tell you, that guy is a coach’s dream.

    I love dudley .com?
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    Not Enough Firepower!

    This thread made me laugh in a not-good way... More offense? Dudley embarrassing?
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    Suns at Heat Game Thread

    You're right it was pretty much the entire 4th quarter :-p
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    Channing Frye

    JRich and Hill are great rebounders for the position, and since Amare cant box out AND rebound, this is the next best option. I am 100% content with that as long as it works :-p
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    Timberwolves @ Suns Game Thread

    Worst post ever.
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    Warriors at Suns Game Thread Home Opener

    I'm sorry, if nash got abused by davis, how did he get 20 assists? And what statement would you use to describe what nash did TO davis???
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    For you young guys

    such huge hands. it was like he was playing with a softball.
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    Now THATS low.....

    I puked a little in my mouth.
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    Warriors at Suns Game Thread Home Opener

    Anyone see the Nash/Frye 3 bombing orgy in the 4th quarter as a big "FU" to the Golden State franchise? I LOVED it. Who keeps their starters in with a 20pt lead with 5 minutes left in the game and launches 3s all day? It was a straight up dick move to get 20 assists and to show them you don't...
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    Amare Stoudemire's defense!

    Amare is on his heels so much no wonder he cant stay in front of his man. Watch his footwork, it will blow your mind. Horrible stances, amateur steal attempts, flat footed and on his heels = recipe for failure It's like a Jekyll/Hyde thing from offense to defense.
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    OKC-PHX Recap

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    Another "Fire Sale" Pick Coming Back to Haunt Us?

    I had no doubt he was going to be a legit nba player but the drama about his knee longevity was the dealbreaker imo. Spurs were smart, pay him and let him play like hell til they blow up.
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    Another "Fire Sale" Pick Coming Back to Haunt Us?

    If you want to worry about a draft pick biting us in the ass look who San Antonio grabbed with the 2nd round pick we gave them last year in the Dragic move. (hint dejuan blair)
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    Preaseason Game 2 Suns vs Warriors

    Clark does look like a beast out there. He is about as tall as Amare but with a bigger frame. He just needs a lot of polish.