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  1. InspectorClouseau

    ESPN FPI gives Cardinals likely 13-4 record in 2022

    Nice. I projected myself that my lady would not find it funny when I told her she looks like Robocop with his helmet off when she pulls her hair back so tight. Now I am sleeping on the couch.:shrug:
  2. InspectorClouseau

    FMIA: Bills over Packers in Super Bowl LVII, Huge Year for Josh Allen, and More Predictions for 2022 Season

    Almost all of these predictions are horseshit. Yes the Bills are the media darlings for sure, but I just think as others have said the pressure will get to them and they will falter at the final hurdle as it were. Saints should be decent, but Bucs will pull something out of their ass to win the...
  3. InspectorClouseau

    The Official Brighton and Hove Albion Thread

    Just to bump this thread a bit as I am a Brighton fan myself! Great win against Leicester and we are really playing with confidence right now. Potter is such an exceptional manager, and Mac is starting to show the promise we saw in him also.
  4. InspectorClouseau

    New Episode - Kickoff in the Valley where do we go from here?

    Good luck pal, I will listen! Always looking for new perspectives on our favorite team.
  5. InspectorClouseau

    The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Amazon Prime)

    Better than the shitshow that is the Wheel of Time and that's the best I can say about it.
  6. InspectorClouseau

    After Preseason, which players are you most hyped about?

    Cameron Thomas for me. Call me crazy, but I really think this kid will be All-Pro in the future; love his motor and how he reads the game.
  7. InspectorClouseau

    Hello all!

    Cards fan from NC! Looking forward to chatting with fellow fans. Also, am a professional scuba diver so if need any help in that area let me know lol. Will be in Charlotte for the Panthers game so if any on here happen to be there, feel free to send me a PM!

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