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  1. AZ Native

    I am not saying Colt is great (he is not) but..

    this team looks totally different with him as the Quarterback. What do you think?
  2. AZ Native

    Free Tickets to the 11/1 Suns Game

    I have 2 tickets to the Suns game 11/1 against the Timberwolves. Could be 3 tickets if necessary. They are in the upper deck but no charge, but you will have to sit next to me. Let me know and GO SUNS!
  3. AZ Native

    So Shane, give us a report of the games ebbs and flows

    It must of been awful when we were down and out. How were the fans around you when we came back?
  4. AZ Native

    Unable to use any formatting options on posts

    All my options such as bold, italics and smileys are greyed out and I am unable to use them. When I hover over them the name appears but when I click on it, nothing happens. Anyone else have this issue or know how to correct it? Thanks
  5. AZ Native

    The 2023 Schedule is out and...

    The Dodgers are in big trouble. They have to play us 8 out of the first 10 games. :-)
  6. AZ Native


    LOW LOW miles/hours. 42 hours, 690 miles. 2017. Yes, really. One owner, always garaged. Over 2K in upgrades: USA full windshield with Dual flaps for increased Ventilation, 1/4" thick laminated Safety Glass, Black Powder Coated Frame, UTV brand 3" 4 point padded harnesses with harness bar...
  7. AZ Native


    The Suns had a fantastic regular season.
  8. AZ Native

    Cardinals Have a Terrible History Drafting 23rd

    I just read Bob McManaman's column that stated "the Cardinals have had the 23rd selection only four times in their existence and NONE of the four players they drafted in that slot ever played a single game for the franchise". So, is this the year the curse is broken? Will we select the steal...
  9. AZ Native

    Did Anyone Else Watch the Mannings on ESPN2 Tonight.

    I started watching them because they had Fitz on as a guest during the 1st quarter and I enjoyed it and watched them the whole game. I have watched football for over 60 years and don't need someone telling me something I can see for myself or that I already know. It was kind of weird at first...
  10. AZ Native

    We suck, 11 wins, fire everyone

    7-0 who cares. 10-2 forget about it. Those games don’t count. Let’s fire everyone and start over again. We suck. Fire them all.
  11. AZ Native

    Bucs, Brady, Arians score ZERO

    It happens.
  12. AZ Native

    Have you received these incentives to gamble? (on Cardinals)

    Has anyone taken advantage of these new "freebies" to try to get you to place a bet in Arizona since it just became legal? I have never bet on sports before and not sure if this is worth a shot or even how it works. Any help would be appreciated. I placed it here as I thought others may have...
  13. AZ Native

    RIP: Tom T. Hall (1936-2021)

    He was a great story teller. My favorite song of his was Watermelon Wine. My uncle chose to have "I like beer" played at his funeral much to the chagrin of his sisters. It was a hit as the mourners were singing and swaying along with the song. Just as Roy hoped.
  14. AZ Native

    Are getting the same vibe now as in 1993?

    Do you think this town is as crazy about this Sun's team as the Finals team in 93? Just look at my avatar. This Sun's stuff was everywhere. Thousands of cars had the Sun's car flags. The Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette had all those signs everywhere. People were wearing Sun's gear to...
  15. AZ Native

    New Prediction Contest?

    Well, we are 20-47. Most of us made predictions for our season record and apparently most of us are way off. What do you guys think about have a second prediction after 81 games, the halfway point? It might get us a little more involved and could be interesting to see the new predictions...
  16. AZ Native

    What if SF Would have Taken Pitts at #3

    I was thinking about this last week. They have Garoppolo for this year regardless. He has a VERY team friendly deal. He could look like Brady with Kittle and Pitts (who could be better than Gronk and Hernandez). Add in their defense and coaching and they could go all the way! I am glad they...
  17. AZ Native

    I Always Support Of The Cardinals 100% but...

    I don't see any way in Hell we beat the Rams next week. What do you think?
  18. AZ Native

    Fitz and DHop in the News This Week for Real Estate Deals

    VALLEY HOME VALUES It was a big week for luxury home sales in metro Phoenix, with Multimillion-dollar real estate deals made by Arizona Cardinals players Larry Fitzgerald and DeAndre Hopkins in Paradise Valley also were among the top five priciest sales. $18 million - Nauni Desert Property...
  19. AZ Native

    Washington Nationals sign OF Yasmany Tomás to minor league deal...

    Washington’s Nationals have reportedly signed free agent outfielder Yasmany Tomás to a minor league deal with an invitation to Spring Training. The initial report on Twitter earlier this morning by Cuban baseball writer Francys Romero has subsequently been confirmed by a number of reporters on...
  20. AZ Native

    We hate KK but BA is getting trounced 31-0.

    KK has a lot to learn. But he needs seasoning and has a bright future.
  21. AZ Native

    Kyler Murray's Future Here

    Can we afford 40-50 million salary for KM in 2 years? It could be much higher by then. The little man is playing mighty big.
  22. AZ Native

    Where to watch DBacks next year

    I cut the cord this year and watched the DBacks on Arizona Sports on Youtube TV. Now effective 10/1/20 DBacks and Suns coverage it gone. Where else can I watch the DBacks next year other than DIRECTV with their hefty prices?

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