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  1. jw7

    Who do you want to win today? Carolina or Seattle

    If SEA wins, we play them at home. If CAR wins we get a nice long east coast trip. Haven't made up my mind yet. CAR has a much better record but for some reason I fear them less than SEA.
  2. jw7

    Larry Fitzgerald does not look 32 years old

    He has been playing as well as his early years. He hasn't lost a step and can still catch anything.
  3. jw7

    T.J. McConnell - what happens next?

    Will he be taken with a late NBA draft pick? Play in Europe? Play in the D-league? Become an assistant coach? Get a suit and tie job and leave basketball? What do you think?
  4. jw7

    OT: Jim Kelly is now cancer-free

    Linky This is great news.
  5. jw7

    FWIW Arians is on NFL network tonight at 7pm

    AZ time. It's a coach roundtable. 1/2 hour show.
  6. jw7


    Stop filling the suns board with stupid polls. One a day, maybe, but 30 in a day is insane and ruining the board for the members. Thanks for making me get up early on a Saturday and cleaning up your crap.
  7. jw7

    Come Sept 1 - Who is the #3 QB

    Arians always says he only keeps 3 QBs on the roster. And to make the roster, Logan Thomas has to beat out Ryan Lindley.
  8. jw7

    Stouffer's French Bread Pizza

    Do they still make it? I went to my local Safeway and Fry's and neither place had it. Is it available anywhere in PHX?
  9. jw7

    OT: Josh McCowns nasty dunk in Anquan's charity hoops game
  10. jw7

    Interesting tweet from Urban re: Kickers I haven't heard that before. Am I just clueless? (don't answer that). Always added 17 yards to a field goal try based on field position. Now I have to add 18? When and why did that happen? Yes it is a nit but it is bugging me.
  11. jw7

    The Athena Project

    Brad Thor Novel. Fantastic book. Maybe starring Ronda Rousey? Looks like very early in the stages. No writer, no casting, but I would love to see this on the big screen. The blaze link.
  12. jw7

    What DVD's do you own that you have re-watched more than 5x?

    Just looking at my collection (about 100 or so) I have watched these at least 5 times. - The Shawshank Redemption - Silence of the Lambs - Frequency - The Waterboy - Ruthless People - Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Forrest Gump - Twins - Office space What is on your list?
  13. jw7

    Sound of Music Live! (NBC) 12/5 primetime

    Just saw this. Carrie Underwood to play Maria. Should be interesting to see a live musical on broadcast TV.
  14. jw7

    Yogurt pretzels?

    Anyone know where I can buy these in PHX? I've been looking forever and can't find them. They are listed as "in stock" on Walgeen's website but they are never there. I feel like Tallahassee in Zombiland searching for a Twinkie.
  15. jw7

    Arizona Football 2013

    Cats are now bowl eligible, Tough, tough, schedule ahead. 4 games left. Need to beat Wash St. And hopefully take one or both from UCLA or ASU. (I hate to say it but I think ASU is better than the cats this year). No chance against Oregon. An 8 win season would be great for the cats and...
  16. jw7

    If you have a contributor subscription...

    ...and made a payment around the late June thru July 2013 timeframe, there seems to have been a paypal glitch where we were not notified. This has happened to at least 3 members. If you made a contribution, but are not credited, please PM me and/or jf-08 and we will credit your account with a...
  17. jw7

    Need help for 1st time HDTV buyer

    I am probably the last person here that does not have an HDTV. Here is the issue. I have an OLD DirecTV receiver, so old, they sent me a note that I better replace it or I won't be able to receive them anymore. They offered a free exchange to an upgrade, but I figure if I'm going to do that...
  18. jw7

    ESPN or NFL Network - which is bettter for draft coverage?

    I like 'em both but not sure which one is my main one. I'll probably hit the "flip" button quite a bit.
  19. jw7

    Happy Tax Day Everyone! - (bleh)

    Just curious, how does everyone prepare their tax return? Poll is anonymous, but feel free to comment.
  20. jw7

    It's been years since we did a home speed test...

    Anyone else care to share their results? This is from home on cox cable just now: A little better than the 1-4 Mbps we used to get 4 years ago. Can anyone do better from home?
  21. jw7

    Florida vs. FGBFE or whatever the hell their name is

    Yeah, I know it is FLGCU but this game has a lot of national interest. But two east coast teams having to play west coast time zones (game starts and 10pm Eastern) Oh well, I just think that is funny how that works. At least it is a Friday.
  22. jw7

    Did anyone experience any difficulties connecting today...

    Between around 5:30 and 8pm PST? I see a gap in posts and just want to confirm that it was technical and not just people not posting.
  23. jw7

    Tom Brady signs extension for 3yr $27M

    What??? An elite QB taking less than 1/2 of what he is worth? NFLPA has to be pissed. Linky
  24. jw7

    What's the deal with training camp in Flag?

    Sounds like a negotiation issue between the Cards and NAU. It looks somewhat likely they might have training camp in Glendale. Who wants to go to Glendale when it is 114 outside? Can anyone shed any light on this hot mess?

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