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  1. gamebird98

    Just placed my bet on the Rams...

    So, I just placed my hedge bet on the Rams...God I hope I lose this bet!!!!!!
  2. gamebird98

    Kurt Warner on WFAN....

    Carton and Roberts had Kurt on WFAN today....he said that he would have come back if the cardinals had reached out to him. ...Interesting.
  3. gamebird98

    Online streaming?

    Use to use "crackstream" to stream Cards games....doesnt seem to be working. Any other options that are working for people?
  4. gamebird98

    NFL Network.....

    2019 Cardinals vs Ravens on now ...started 4pm Eastern
  5. gamebird98

    ONE BAD MAN!!!!

  6. gamebird98

    What this team NEEDS.....

    A cell phone break!
  7. gamebird98

    Cardinals vs Lions

    Cards getting no respect already. Early line has gone from pick-em to 2.5 point dawg. Be interesting to see it on opening week after pre-season.
  8. gamebird98

    Any truth to this rumor?

    Talk here on local sports radio station (NY)is that Frank Caliendo called Keim before the draft ....left a message on his answer machine while impersonating John Gruden....pertaining to a draft day trade and that Keim fell for it hook,line and sinker. They said that Keim actually called the...
  9. gamebird98


  10. gamebird98

    Hypothetical question....

    I know I'm gonna take a beating for bringing this up....but, that's what people do here..... WHAT IF......Rosen is still here in preseason, and out preforms Murray? Discuss.......
  11. gamebird98

    Air Raid ....

    I haven't really followed this Offensive style much.......what impact does it have on our running game and is a stud TE a necessity?
  12. gamebird98

    On Thursday, April 25......

    This board is going to be more entertaining than CNN on election night 2016.....get your popcorn!
  13. gamebird98

    Tampa will offer BA job...
  14. gamebird98

    Bruce Arians interested in Buccaneers job
  15. gamebird98

    DRC done...

  16. gamebird98

    Morning show....

    Maybe it's me, but I find it unlistenable. I tuned in on Monday for the first time , thought, well, maybe they are just having an off day....same thing yesterday...and finally today I had to turn it off. I find Ron Wolfley just unbearable. Is there another option for Arizona Sports Radio?
  17. gamebird98

    Back by popular demand....

    and there is nothing else good going on here...CHEERLEADER of the week
  18. gamebird98

    Season Tickets question

    I have a couple questions on obtaining season tickets for the Cards home games. To start of, I still live in New York so I am looking to the future. My wife and I are planning on moving to Arizona in four years to retire and would like to get season tickets. I know the general answer...
  19. gamebird98

    Rick Cunningham

    I know this is an odd question, but would anyone know where Rick Cunningham is now or what he is doing? Back when I was able to go to all of the Northeast Cardinals games, Rick and I kinda became friends. After he left the Cardinals and went to the Vikings I lost touch with him. I had made him a...
  20. gamebird98

    Eric swann...

    found some video on Eric Swann. I have more somewhere, just need to find and convert. Sorry about the quality....converted from a very old VHS tape.
  21. gamebird98

    OT Cam Newton :thumbup:
  22. gamebird98

    Fantasy Football

    Is anyone thinking of setting up a Fantasy Football league thru ESPN page?....for fun
  23. gamebird98

    the Patriots are signing QB Ryan Lindley

    Field Yates ‏@FieldYates 7m7 minutes ago Source: the Patriots are signing QB Ryan Lindley.
  24. gamebird98

    Carson Palmer question....

    How many years do you think he has left? I know injuries come into play.....but if he doesn't get hurt again...what ya thinkin? lm sure he believes he can play forever....but lets be real. A trade for Rivers?.....2 years younger.
  25. gamebird98

    Warner as a Quarterbacks coach?

    Perhaps having Kurt on the staff to help our Quarterbacks may be helpful? Thoughts? Seems he may have been helpful with Kap.

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