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  1. Iceman

    Anyone Interested in writing sports articles?

    So we (Shaggy and myself) have been in discussion about wanting to put up an article section here on ASFN and wanted to see if there would be any members that might be interested in writing any articles? We believe this is such a benefit for the site with good sports articles. We briefly tried...
  2. Iceman

    Any Interested Article Writers for the Site?

    So we (Shaggy and myself) have been in discussion about wanting to put up an article section here on ASFN and wanted to see if there would be any members that might be interested in writing any articles? We believe this is such a benefit for the site with good sports articles. We briefly tried...
  3. Iceman

    Should we be concerned with this years Suns after loss in finals?

    I know it's early in the season and the Suns have pretty much all the same pieces in place, with a few new additions, but will we see a downgrade in play after a devastating final 4 games of the championship? The West (specifically the Pacific division) is again going to be a tough division...
  4. Iceman

    4 free tickets to Dbacks game (Sunday)

    Won’t be able to use my tickets to the game tomorrow (6/2) vs the Mets at 1:10. They are upper deck but free. Let me know if any of you are interested and I can text them over to you. Good win tonight. Needed it to break up that bad streak
  5. Iceman

    Need to extend Adam Jones ASAP

    Has there been talks at all about getting Adam Jones locked up for at least 3 more years? Don’t want to see him go back to his home town San Diego for a discount. I was pumped when they signed him to the year contract, but now it’s time to get him for long term. He’s been an absolute stud
  6. Iceman

    Dbacks Game 3

    Sure hope the Dbacks can get the next 2 here at home and take it to a game 5 vs Kershaw in LA. I will be there tonight and hopefully see the dominate Grienke that we have seen this year. Go DBacks!!
  7. Iceman

    OT- Prince Fielder plans to retire after this season

    Injuries have taken their toll on him. Especially his neck. He never recovered from it and it has shown with his performance on the field (when he is healthy). Love seeing his swing and his presence on the field. Hopefully he can become closer with his dad now
  8. Iceman

    Did you go to the Korn concert last night Big Red Rage?

    Just wanted to check and see if you went to the Korn concert last night BBR? I know you are into the hard rock group and wanted to see if they still have it? I have some buddies that posted a few clips of the concert and it looked pretty sweet. It was the song "Are u ready?!?!?" (not sure if...
  9. Iceman

    Early FF ideas and drafts..

    I personally think that David Johnson will be in the top 3 of all RB's this year. I say that because he has all the talent, but with the Cards offense, it sets him up for success. Plus, he is a great back for receiving as well.
  10. Iceman

    Anyone watch the MLB All Star game last night?

    I can honestly say I did not even watch 1 second of either the HR Derby or the game. Read about Stanton going off in the Derby and basically the Royals won it for the AL. There was just no interest in it. Plus, no Dbacks starting in it doesn't help either
  11. Iceman

    Thoughts on the new format for the site?

    We wanted to give the update a good few weeks to a month and let you all go through it and get comfortable with using the site. Would love to hear some feedback about what you like, dislike, confused on, see if we can add anything, etc.. Sure seemed like the software upgrade went smoothly and...
  12. Iceman

    Anyone want 2 free tickets to the Mercury game on May 20th or the 25th?

    I have tickets that I got from Fry's Grocery and wanted to see if anyone wanted them? Let me know and I can get them to you.
  13. Iceman

    Who would like to see play against the Warriors?

    Which team would you rather see play the Warriors in the West finals? I hope OKC finishes off SA tonight. Want to see if Durant/Westbrook and company can find a way to beat GS. Plus, still can't stand the Spurs!!
  14. Iceman

    Remember this 20 strikeout performance by the Big Unit

    16 years ago today, RJ k's 20 vs. the Reds.
  15. Iceman

    Conor McGregor tweets that he is retiring?

    Posted on twitter that he is retiring young. Is this true?
  16. Iceman

    Warriors and the record

    I watched the game last night between the Warriors and Spurs and I swear Curry is not human! The shots and moves that guy makes are unreal. He just throws up shots that look like prayers, but they are actual shots (and most go in)! He even made a shot from half court (after the buzzer) and it...
  17. Iceman

    Caitlyn Jenner golfing first time as a woman!

    Not sure if it is fair or not to see him/her play as a woman, being that he still has the strength as a man??
  18. Iceman

    Kap wants to play for the Browns

    Read that he wants to play for Hue Jackson there. Not too often you see someone want to play for the Browns (except for Terry Crews and his son in the movie Draft Day :p).
  19. Iceman

    Sanchez to the Broncos

    Broncos are in desperate mode! :p
  20. Iceman

    Can't believe it's been 26 years today that Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson

    Man, where does the time go???
  21. Iceman

    OT- Michael Jordan continues to get richer and richer

    Saw this article on Jordan about the royalties he gets from Nike. He received $100 million from Nike 2.6 billion dollar revenue off of Jordan's Brand. The projection for his royalty by 2020 will be $200 million! He made a total of $96 million over his 15 year career. Talk about making a name...
  22. Iceman

    Super Bowl 50 Final Score Prediction

    Just wanted to have a little fun with the game, so let's do a score prediction for the game Sunday and the person who gets the closest to the score will get 2 Coyotes tickets to next Friday's game against the Flames (plus a parking pass, but in Y lot :?). So predict the scores of each team...
  23. Iceman

    BMX legend Dave Mirra has passed away at the age of 41

    Couldn't believe this when I saw it. Apparent self inflicted gun shot wound. He was such a legend growing up riding bikes. So sad that something in his life was that bad that he had to take is own life. Has a wife and 2 kids. RIP Dave Wonder if he had CTE issues from falling off the bike...
  24. Iceman

    The new version of NFL Bad Lip Reading

    I love these. I was cracking up. AP, Netwon and Brady are always on these
  25. Iceman

    Anyone going to the Waste Management/Bird's Nest next week?

    Just curious if anyone is going to the WM Open next week? The wife got me greenskeeper tickets to the Pro Am on Wednesday and I also have tickets for Saturday. Plus going to Birds Nest on Wednesday to see Rascal Flatts. That should be a good show.

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