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  1. BigRedRage

    Not Investment Advice

    I recently sold Google in case of massive decreases with the Intent of going back in hard when I feel this is leveling
  2. BigRedRage

    Ian Rapoport reporting Conner's injured ankle is not a serious injury.

    Committee all game, sure. Putting a guy who hasn't played yet in for the 4th.... No thx
  3. BigRedRage

    Ian Rapoport reporting Conner's injured ankle is not a serious injury.

    Williams looked ready to me, with Eno staying the relief back.
  4. BigRedRage

    Christian Kirk?

    happy for him
  5. BigRedRage

    Kyler Murray (Possibly assaulted)

    He probably aimed for a tall mans chest
  6. BigRedRage

    Cardinals at Raiders gameday thread 9-18-22

    I was ready to give up on the season at halftime
  7. BigRedRage

    The Market 2022

    I'm not so much worried about the true bottom, as, that is a lot of luck to land. I intend not to go on a buying spree until things normalize for a while. I am ok with missing some gains vs buying more to take more losses and wait longer to be back in the green.
  8. BigRedRage

    The Market 2022

    her ETFs will likely make a lot of sense to buy in 2023. Innovation in tech is a bloodbath in bear country but once we transition out thinks could be pretty swell
  9. BigRedRage

    Nintendo Switch thread

    Airplane use was by the far the best use of a switch I had when I had one
  10. BigRedRage

    NFL VR is Here!

    ******** - yeah The word strap and the word on if they follow each other, they are censored.
  11. BigRedRage

    NFL VR is Here!

    lollllllllllll make sure you have your wrist s t r a p on
  12. BigRedRage

    The Market 2022

    someone in congress recently did a giant purchase of INTC 4 days before it was signed to grant these companies money from the fed.
  13. BigRedRage

    NFL VR is Here!

    looks like you only play as the QB. Make sure you have the wrist ********! Don't think it looks very interesting personally. Maybe I would try with the intent of asking for the refund before my 2 hours gameplay expires (like most vr games)
  14. BigRedRage

    Valley Real Estate

    If they have it on market for 20k less than I sold it to them for at this point. Def bag holders in this scenario. Plus they have owned it since like february
  15. BigRedRage

    Valley Real Estate

    opendoor still has not sold my old house lol
  16. BigRedRage

    Browns - New Field Logo

    I assumed it was fake
  17. BigRedRage

    The Market 2022

  18. BigRedRage

    15 thoughts - Chiefs game

    not playing in preaseason paid off. The team looked ready to go.
  19. BigRedRage

    Should we give our Cardinals some grace?

    its hard to give any ***** after that game
  20. BigRedRage

    Trey McBride Mic'd up

    I thought this was going to be mic'd up at the game talking about how much we suck
  21. BigRedRage

    OT: Stephen A. Smith Said What?

    he's such a hack

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