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  1. PoolBoy

    NFL needs to change

    This is getting ridiculous. Ed Reed hits Victor Cruz with his shoulder in the chest, 15 yards. Chancellor hits Vernon Davis with his shoulder in the chest, 15 yards. this rule NEEDS to be reevaluated for the fans and to give the defense a chance.
  2. PoolBoy

    This Sunday VS Detroit

    For those who have season tickets or were planning on going to this game when the schedule came out.
  3. PoolBoy

    Well, Dockett is gone

    DARNELL DOCKETT ‏@ddockett RT @TheRealDontae: @ddockett so I just heard you sold the Birdgang rights. One of your teammates told me.--- I gave it away fam. Done his twitter has been very colorful...
  4. PoolBoy

    Incident between Rhodes and Dockett

    They got in a fight or something? Tires are coming off....
  5. PoolBoy

    @Colorado TV??

    Is the ASU game this Thursday not on TV?!
  6. PoolBoy

    Fan Blackout this Sunday

    First post on here in a while, but if you follow me (@Bodmurder) on twitter, or Darren Urban, OB Schofield, FSN Arizona, etc you may have noticed there's gonna be a blackout in the stands on Sunday. If you are going, wear black and lets go 3-0!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. PoolBoy

    FSN AZ stream

    anyone know a site where I can stream the Dbacks games?
  8. PoolBoy

    Hamza Abdullah calls out birdgang

    via his twitter account @HamzaAbdullah21 #cuthamza he sucks on the field, and then makes excuses about the fans. We were best when we had MEN with ACCOUNTABILITY. you think warner or fitz would have done this? if you have a twitter, lets get it trending #cuthamza
  9. PoolBoy

    Caption It

  10. PoolBoy

    Cards Releasing Hayes

    according to ProFootballTalk twitter
  11. PoolBoy

    Which RB should be the odd man out?

    Something new to argue on (I just need something non-lockout related to read). Assuming a two-headed monster getting the lion's share of the carries, who will be left out/traded?
  12. PoolBoy

    Poolboy and Dbacks agree to 1 year extension

    News: Sports News: The Arizona Diamondbacks have announced they have re-signed lifeguard Poolboy to a 1 year contract. As per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.
  13. PoolBoy

    Cowboys-Cards tickets official

    I bet there are a lot of people coming in/going out of town, so I figured one thread for all those ticket exchanges would be smart. Anyone who needs 2 tickets, I am selling mine, Section 450 Row 7 seats 4 and 5. PM me if interested.
  14. PoolBoy

    Stop The Lockout

    from fitz's twitter.... sign the petition
  15. PoolBoy

    Levi Brown

    had more touchdowns this week than Adrian Peterson, and his team won! who's with me!?!
  16. PoolBoy

    Berman: Carrrdinals????

    so sick of his crap when he does our highlights when we do well. we've won the division 2 straight years and went to the Superbowl in '08, his CARDINALS???? was cute when we first started doing well, i wanna punch him in the mouth. He's a joke, it reminds me of...
  17. PoolBoy

    Call Out: The Real Truth

    A large majority of the posters on this board should feel stupid, and I truly hope you do. I hope this win was not as fun for you as it was for me and some others. Again, if you are offended, I'm probably talking about you, so good. Moving on....thoughts about the game from the upper deck. -Max...
  18. PoolBoy

    Derek Anderson is a better fit than Warner

    :D just kidding guys, we are 2-1. Lighten up, enjoy the ride, and lets beat the crap out of the Chargers on Sunday, cause IM GONNA BE THERE!
  19. PoolBoy

    Mitch on fire, AJ Jefferson makes team

    per his twitter.
  20. PoolBoy

    Max Komar makes team

    on the active 53 according to his twitter.
  21. PoolBoy

    Herman Johnson, Tom Pestock and Cody Brown cut!!!

    KTAR text. WOW
  22. PoolBoy

    Cards trade Reggie Wells to Eagles

    Urban tweet. For undisclosed draft pick
  23. PoolBoy

    My Final 53

    I never do these, but its a slow night for me at ASU with work tomorrow, so here we go. QB (3)- Leinart, Anderson, Skelton RB (4)- Hightower, Wells, StephensHowling, Wright FB (1)- FA or someone cut from another team WR (6)- Fitz, Breaston, Doucet, Williams, Roberts, Komar TE (3)- Patrick...
  24. PoolBoy

    Beanie "I hate the 49ers"

    oooo yea i like it.
  25. PoolBoy

    When are first cuts?

    With 3 games in 11 days, i hope not soon.

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