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    We traded Marion for....

    With Shaq gone for Wallace, who was bought out, what do we have to show for trading Shawn Marion? Isn't Sarver essentially paying ten million for nobody?
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    Who Is The Suns MVP now?

    How valuable is Amare to the SUNS? I think it is just unfortunate we finally get a decent center and we don't make the playoffs. Why? AMARE is missing games and we are losing. Coincidence? I don't think so. Build around Amare.
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    Porter, Shaq, Nash, or Amare

    Predict what will happen.
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    80's Lakers vs Suns

    Nash.......Magic =====Hall of Fame Point Guards Hill..........Cooper ====Defenders who can score some JRich.......Worthy ====Scorers and athletic finishers on break Amare......AC Green ==Not so much. Scorer vs Defender/Rebounder Shaq.......Kareem ====Hall of Fame Centers Amundson....Rambis...
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    Nice to be young again

    Looks to me like we improved everything and traded none of the core players. I liked Skinner and Guricek but Lopez and Barnes are probably better. Where did we improve and what did we lose? .........IN......................................OUT Terry...
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    50 Ways to Shoot Yo' Free Throw

    50 Ways to Shoot Yo' Free Throw "The problem is all inside your head, Kobe said to me" "Shooting freethrows is easy if you take it logically." "I'd like to help you in your struggle there for free." "There must be 50 ways to shoot a free throw." "50 ways to shoot yo' free throw." "Just throw...
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    Team USA News and Video

    2:16 min. highlights win over Australia There is also a 19:56 min. postgame press conference with Coach K.
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    Suns Dancers Picks or Pics

    Pick your Suns Dancers for 08-09. Take this poll. Please pick exactly 16 girls and you can use this link as a simple organizer. Read the 7th post in this thread for help. This is some fantasy team picking I can relate to.:cheers: Kayla...
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    The Nose Strikes

    Although Sasha annoys me, Ginobili is in a special clumbsy retards class all by himself. Just watch the way he anticipates.........and strikes, missing the ball by 3 feet from two feet away.
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    Suns new coach

    Suns need this guy to coach.
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    This picture needs captions

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    Nash vs Pistol

    Some similarities with the passing and dribbling but Nash is totally a team player and Pistol was way ahead of his time. ..............annoying first song ..........Cool story. I'm going...
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    Who is Suns negotiator?

    Let's say Amare', like D'antoni', doesn't want to hear about working on his d'efense anymore, and says he wants to talk to other teams even though he is in the middle of a multi-year contract He finds a team willing to pay him more than the Suns, so Suns say fine, good, go play for them. Suns...
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    D'antoni accepts Knicks offer

    I saw this on espn ticker looks like Mike "No D"antoni accepted.
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    Predictions, Adjustments Of Strategy For Game 2

    Suns win because Amare doesn't foul out Shaq is a bigger factor Dantoni plays Giricek more than 12 minutes if Hill is still limited. Spurs realize their only chance is to get Stat and Shaq in foul trouble so I expect them to become bigger flopping foul beggars than they already are.
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    D'antoni is writing a book

    Due to the success of the book 7 Seconds or Less, D'antoni must be writing a new book for this year called 7 Players or Less. No wonder he won't play Skinner. The title doesnt fit. It will be a short story though because playing only 7 guys won't get us very deep in the playoffs. Good luck...
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    Getting ready for the playoffs

    Everyone has their own ideas, what you would do if you were coaching the Suns to get ready for the playoffs. This year it is so even that, all rounds are going to be tough. The winner in the west will be the one who can still win despite adversity. All teams will attack the weaknesses of the...
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    How the Suns are set up to fail

    If you wanted the Suns to fail you couldn't set them up for it any better than D'Antoni does: 1. Play your best guys til they are exhausted, all year. 2. Dont practice too much, so the guys that don't play in the games aren't ready if and when someone gets hurt. *as an added built in bonus...
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    Refs blunders highlight

    I think it would be hilarious to the players and fans if someone put together an NBA referees highlight bloopers reel. There is enough material to choose from. Last night Grant Hill's shot being blocked and then called out of bounds off him. Then when he questions the ref a little--- Here's a...
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    Are the Suns being mismanaged?

    Anyone else had enough of the management b.s. I dont know what their purpose is. Are we waiting for another player to want to come to us like Grant Hill. Is that the only way we will improve? What the heck hell is going on Sarver ,Kerr, D'Antoni ..anyone.. Bueller??