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    TE availability

    The Chargers 2nd string TE, Pardham, is better than our TEs. The man from Stetson had three TDs last year as a number 3 TE. We can trade Isabella and receive Pardham and a 6th rounder.
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    Tell BA We Got Another Biscuit.

    O.T. Hey Harry. Donald Parham, a Stetson man, now has received two NFL TDs. He plays for the Chargers.
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    About winning next Thursday

    We're 6-3 but not because of Kliff. We actually shoul de be 9-0. Losses to Detroit, Carolina, and Miami. Embarrassing!
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    About winning next Thursday

    I think it is a righteous question. The man made too many mistakes that the team had to overcome.
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    About winning next Thursday

    If Kliff test positive for covid Momday or Tuesday, do our chances of winning improve?
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    Name one thing Andy Isabella does well.

    Isabella does what he can for a man with small hands. DK doesn't have small hands.
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    A Thought

    We need a head coach that knows how to win football games!!!
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    WK 6 Arizona Cardinals @ Dallas Cowboys Pre Game Thread. 10/12/20-10/18/20

    We'ii probably promote Prince and T J Ward.
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    Competition for QB2

    When he was a fr and soph in college he was a wr besides a qb. He threw for 8 tds and ran for 12 tds in his last year for cfl. Which is pretty good sincee the cfl only plat 10 - 12 games a year. Britcard, Taysom Hill is a QB now and Streveler is our Taysom Hill. Man, Streveler has thick thighs...
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    Alford Out For Season

    Brandon Carr for CB. He has my vote. He hasn't been injured in 12 years.
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    Alford Out For Season

    Yea! The SAME two starters are down. Does starter mean something different now.
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    Cardinals 2020 Predicted Record

    Will be 11 - 5. Will beat both NY teams. Joseph will be better because he'll disguise his calls this year. Something he shouls have always done.
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    Chris has wildcat written all over him. He was a WR at Minnesota 2014 - 15. In 2019 for the CFL, he had 8 passing TDs and 12 rushing TDs. His team also won the grey cup.
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    Is Chris Streveler a QB or RB? That man is built like McCafferty. We should try him as RB. I wonder if he can receive.
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    Nuk getting a new contact and trade rumor

    Loyaltyisacurse is corret. We can't afford him. He carries a 17.7 mil salary. l'oya
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    Saturday Night Football NFL Style

    If so, maybe the thursday night games might become satuday nighy games. I think thursday games would ruin a team's covid routine.
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    The Great Eric Swann

    Before the two Iigles player cut back blocked Swann by the orders of the coach who at one time was the cardinals head coach, you had to triple team him and hopr to stop him.
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    Supplemental Draft

    no i didn't. try reading
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    Supplemental Draft

    After reading Walter's article on the supplemental draft, Keim may be waiting (drooling) for it. With some schools not having any football this year, many quality players are going to be in it. Walter calls it a bonanza. It's not going to be a tidry three players selection draft. There's...
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    I bet he knows how to pick OLs.
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    Jason Garrett would make a great gm. He's level headed. He has to be better than Keim.
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    Is Kingsbury a good coach for Murray?

    If we can get the OC at Baltimore as head coach then show Kingsbury the door. Or promote him to GM, can't be any worse.
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    Did we forget to bring the salt tablets?
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    Again, the definition of stupid ------ Kingsbury. Why did he call a time out. Does he smoke dope?
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    The definition of stupid -- Kingsbury