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  1. PoolBoy

    Suns sign Barbosa

    Gotta think we trade Knight or Bledsoe now...
  2. PoolBoy

    Who, besides our QB, would it hurt the most to lose during '16 season

    hey everyone, remember me? I'd say either Peterson, Veldheer or Badger would be season ending, but Deone would really hurt losing too
  3. PoolBoy

    ASU Basketball (2012-13)

    I was at the game and the atmosphere was great, crowds are getting better slowly and the student section was packed
  4. PoolBoy

    ASU Basketball (2012-13)

    the lack of depth is truly scary, but Ruslan has been playing very well (for him) lately, hope he can keep it up
  5. PoolBoy

    ASU Basketball (2012-13)

    its actually 53 for UA and 58 for ASU, ASU has almost 5 players that average double figures scoring (Gilling is at 9.9 and Gordon is at 9.4)
  6. PoolBoy

    ASU Basketball (2012-13)

    It's just funny because while your top 3 are most likely better, we have more balanced scoring than UofA by a slim margin.
  7. PoolBoy

    ASU Basketball (2012-13)

    top heavy
  8. PoolBoy

    The lockout is over!!!

    I thought those who went overseas weren't able to come back? or is there diff wording in his contract. Hockey free agency confuses me
  9. PoolBoy

    Doug Marrone to Buffalo Bills

    damn damn damn right when Syracuse was turning the program around...
  10. PoolBoy

    ASU Basketball (2012-13)

    good to finally see people joining me at Wells Fargo. More ASU fans should be coming, this team is really fun to watch and the crowd (that was there) was rockin
  11. PoolBoy

    QBs in the draft

    I'm a huge 'cuse fan. Watched every game Nassib has played. Dude is Philly bred, as stereotypical philly as it gets. Isn't afraid to rocket every throw (similar to cutler early), will fight for yardage (similar to McCown). Great leader, and is clutch late in games. He WILL be a franchise qb in...
  12. PoolBoy

    Bills | Fitzpatrick likely to be released

    id take him and draft a qb in the first or second to compete. Makes sense.
  13. PoolBoy

    ASU v. Navy: The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Thread

    I'll be there! so excited
  14. PoolBoy

    SKelton inactive.

    see ya!!!
  15. PoolBoy

    NFL needs to change

    This is getting ridiculous. Ed Reed hits Victor Cruz with his shoulder in the chest, 15 yards. Chancellor hits Vernon Davis with his shoulder in the chest, 15 yards. this rule NEEDS to be reevaluated for the fans and to give the defense a chance.
  16. PoolBoy

    Dallas releases Fisher, needs PG

    maybe we can dump Marshall on them? haha
  17. PoolBoy

    Will Lindley Throw a TD Pass This Year?

    You guys have no idea what you are talking about, he has thrown a td the Cardinals? Yeah probably not
  18. PoolBoy

    Marshall sent to D-League

    that matters with athletes like Rondo. Marshall hasn't shown ANYTHING
  19. PoolBoy

    List 5 QBs we better not get

    1. Mark Sanchez 2. Matt Barkley 3. Matt Flynn 4. Phillip Rivers 5. Joe Flacco I would not have a problem with Vick or Tebow as long as we draft (Nassib) a qb that it is known to the veteran unless Vick returns to MVP form or Tebow kills it the rookie is waiting and WILL take over. Alex Smith...
  20. PoolBoy

    Diamondbacks Sign Cody Ross

    ....really? It's hard to judge the signing if you look at it as a beginning to another deal...WHICH IT IS. wait to judge
  21. PoolBoy

    A Cutler Meltdown

    Jay Cutler is my least favorite player in the NFL. Looking forward to D-Wash and company putting a good hurtin on him
  22. PoolBoy

    Dodgers give Greinkie 6 years 148 million

    Bourn would scare me getting on base in front of Gonzalez and Kemp. Every other move LA has made has been garbage
  23. PoolBoy

    Marshall sent to D-League

    From Coro's article.... "Marshall shot 31.3 percent from the field and failed to make 40 percent of his shot in any of his nine appearances." wow. terrible
  24. PoolBoy

    OT: Tennessee QB Tyler Bray to enter NFL Draft

    THIS! Bray is AWFUL if you have seen him play!
  25. PoolBoy

    Patrick Peterson: I’ll show I’m the best in the NFL against Megatron

    PP proved it. That was awesome. Huge measuring stick game for him.