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    Rumor: Patrick Peterson to be traded or not or maybe

    You heard it hear first. About to be announced.
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    Kerwynn Williams

    I had to post. I just had to. I have been reading a ton of threads on whether Cooper is responsible for a better run game (I think he helps a lot). But one thing I haven't seen a lot of? Kerwynn Williams praise. This kid is a beast. I am Ellington's #1 fan but he should be getting a little...
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    Why we shouldnt draft Newton

    I think Newton will be fantastic in the NFL. Hall of Famer? Not sure he will play long enough as he runs over people. Trying that against a Ray Lewis type could mean death. But if he avoids that he can be a superbowl QB. So why avoid him? Whis will destroy him ala Jake Plummer. Same...
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    My Dream Offseason

    Letting Go: Russ Grimm - Goes to Carolina as HC Bill Davis - Fired Anderson - Released Jason Wright Early Doucet Ben Patrick (All current TE's actually) Alan Faneca Hightower Coaching additions Marvin Lewis DC Gary Kubiak OC Free AgentsLyle Sendlein C re-signed Deuce Lutui G...
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    SWD' S Opinion: Davis will be DC next year

    2 of the last 3 games were wins. Defense is scoring. An article in the republic about the defense scoring quotes Whiz as saying if the defense keeps playing this good and the offense can pick it up the cardinals will be a very good team. So enjoy more Davis!
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    Are you prepared for the embarassment?

    Oh xmas should be so special. Family over (in my case Iggles fans), sharing eggnog and ham and marshmellow topped sweet potatoes. Hopefully I can enjoy the company and the food in between the announcers talking about how awful the NFC West is, how Warner was the cardinals savior, how it is...
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    Anyone notice (ie Dockett)

    Anyone see twice during the game he came off after reagrivating the stinger in his shoulder (if thats all it is hopefully) and came back in? I have had that before, I am sure on a much smaller scale and definately not while banging into 300 pounders all day, and it is extremely painful. I...
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    Why are these wins important?

    I dont want to make this a play for draft pick vs winning thread. But why are winning these games important. We have had awful years where we rattle off 4 wins in a row at the end of a 6-10 season. It did nothing to impact the team or the next season except prolong a bad coach in the past...
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    Check out my luck

    OK so since the cards were going to be awful I figured I would get back into the NHL. Havent watched it since the 92/93 season which was a phenominal year for my team, the Islanders. Anyway I look online and see the Isles are 4-1-2 and looking great. Blocked shots, on fire PP etc etc. So I...
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    All Josh McCowns Fault

    Remmeber that bomb that beat the Vikings that 85% of the posters here were celebrating? You know the one that got us our 4th or 5th win that year in week 17 and cost us the #1 pick? That pick ultimately would have been Philip Rivers. But I guess we can all still bask in that glory of a...
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    Lockout Draft Question

    So if there is a lockout is there still a draft? So if the whole year was lost would we have two drafts between now and the next season? Would we have the #1 in both drafts?
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    The Elephants pushed out of the room

    No real mention of this but did anyone else notice (im sure you have and there was som earticles about this) that we have three NT's in the game, and not just on the goaline yet they were getting pushed back 5 yards easily and being run over?
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    Whiz said we were in it at the end

    He said he didnt pull DA because he thought we were still in it at the end. The guy has lost his complete mind.......
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    NFC West Bash Fest

    Why didnt they just flex this game out instead of hearing how awful we all are in the NFC WEst. We know it jerks!
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    Tuesdays Headlines

    Predict the Tuesdays headlines about eh Monday night game. "Singletery turns the titanic around!" 52-3 victory shows niners potential.
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    We will have the #2 pick

    1. Carolina 2. Arizona We won't win another game. What do we do if we have the #2?
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    Cardinals @ Kansas City Predict the Score

    Im going with 52-10 Chiefs.
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    Haley and Cassell are licking their chops

    Oh man Haley is gonna love next week. I usually start Rodgers on my fantasy team and Cassel is my backup. Guess who is starting this week lol
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    Whiz really bashing the D

    IMO not the road to take. His offense is a big part of the defenses collapses. Yet he bashes the defensive mistakes and mentions not the fact we didnt get 1 SINGLE yard in the 3rd quarter.
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    DRC quote says it all

    I am paraphrasing but he said he told Toler "We need to play our game not the one they are telling us to"
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    LMAO @ Press Conference

    Whiz blames field position. FIELD POSITION!!! LMAO I gues by the way the Vikes were getting 20 yards a play from 10 min on he didnt get a chance to see how far they were moving so fast lol
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    How do these coaches stay employed?

    3 passes for DA in OT with vikes bringing the house? No sceens, hot routes, runs nothing? OC MUST be fired. Vikes had what 110 yards in their last 7 plays? DC must be fired? Grimm? A pretender. Before you Whiz homers get your panties in a bunch Haley and Warner got us as far as we did...
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    Jarred Allen breakout game

    I see 3 or 4 sacks from Allen. The vikes have almost no sacks the last few weeks. Nothing cures that like a Levi Brown matchup.
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    OT: Redskins working out JaMarcus Russel

    Do you think they are looking at him to replace mcNabb or Haynesworth? He has gotta be 350 pounds right now.
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    More cowbell and more hyphen!

    I want more hyphen. Guy is the best athlete we have! Find ways to get him in the offense more. I know you guys dont think he is a full time RB but I do. A faster Sprolles. How about wildcat featuring hyphen! :D

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