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    Monty and Paul don’t like each other

    If that dunk happened on Luka, he would have demanded a stretcher to take him to the locker room and later emerged with a neck brace.
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    Suns Off-season Thread

    Can we receive mult players in return in a sign and trade scenario?
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    The West Next Year = WW3

    I think it depends on where the player wants to go and then putting the pieces together to make it work.
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    The West Next Year = WW3

    I think Lavine is a free agent. I'm sure they can do a sign and trade.
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    The 2022 NBA Play-In Tournament + Playoffs Thread

    Wiggins is the warriors 3rd or 4th best player, he makes over $30m per season. Does anyone see saver paying the suns 3rd or 4th best player that much? Guess we'll find out with DA
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    The 2022 NBA Play-In Tournament + Playoffs Thread

    It sucks but the Mavs haven't shot anywhere near as well against the warriors as they did against us. And unfortunately, we don't have anyone who is at Steph Curry's level
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    The West Next Year = WW3

    The Mavs are going to be better. They have an owner willing to spend over the cap and have plenty of guys who could be moved or packaged to make the salary work.I saw an article that Zach Lavine could be going to Dallas. I like Lavine more than brunson and definitely more than dinwiddie
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    The 2022 NBA Play-In Tournament + Playoffs Thread

    Can't believe Draymond made that three
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    Suns Off-season Thread

    I think you got to listen to offers on Ayton. I do like him and I think he has improved every season. I think they end up just paying him, but I have to admit that I do worry about making him a max player. The different between him and the elite centers is the ability to dribble, drive and...
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    Why did Suns Collapse in Playoffs?

    Speak it into existence
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    Suns Off-season Thread

    Who is this guy? Does he have any credibility?
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    Mavericks @ Suns Sunday Playoff game thread, R2, 5-15-2022 - Game 7

    I get where you're coming from but almost every time something ends, it doesn't end well.
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    Chase Edmonds claims “culture issues” with Cardinals???

    I'm surprised at how many long term Cardinals fans continue to give the cards ownership the benefit of the doubt.
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    Any fear of a 2021 1st round repeat?

    Could we just trade for lockett?
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    The Ayton Plan

    I'll be pretty annoyed if we trade ayton for gobert.
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    Preferred 1st Round Opponent 2021 Playoffs

    I'm anxious that we are going to be overconfident
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    Severance (AppleTV+)

    I need to watch season two tomorrow
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    Severance (AppleTV+)

    This show is awesome. Apple is the best streamer
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    Pam & Tommy (Hulu)

    Watched 1.5 episodes...I think the acting is way over the top. I am not sure if I am going to keep watching.
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    Trade for Sean Payton

    Where is his summer home?
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    Since I Promised My Round 1 Preferred Selection

    I love Jameson Williams. I've seen mocks have him in the teens and I think that is way too late for him. If he's in the teens, I would trade up for him.
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    Did Anyone Else Watch the Mannings on ESPN2 Tonight.

    I prefer them to levy, Riddick and griese
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    That’s Why You Fire Kliff

    Why is this the worst case scenario? Also, does the board think Michael Bidwill didn't select Kliff Kingsbury as the coach of the team? Does everyone think Keim handpicked Kliff and sold him to ownership?
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    That’s Why You Fire Kliff

    Did this happen?