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    The sign of real problems

    Another qb from that era was a qb from Missouri who's name escapes me. Wasn't he another high draft choice that flopped? Stouffer never put on the uniform if I remember right.
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    The sign of real problems

    I hate to speak poorly of the dead, but this problem started a long time ago. A lot of our personnel problems seem to have started with George Boone. I know he has been gone 20 years, but the team has not really changed from his personnel decisions.
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    Rondale "Bust" Moore

    Short QB and a Short receiver is a problem when looking to connect downfield.
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    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the longest winning streak is for the Cardinal franchise. In trying to find out that answer, I found that the Cardinals have the dubious distinction of owning the NFL's longest losing streak of 29 games.
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    The Conner Effect

    This guy reminds me of Jim Otis from the old days.
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    Preseason week 1 Cowboys @ Cardinals Pregame thread 8-9 thru 8-13, 2021

    I loved this game. This season is a success for no other reason than we be the Cowboys.
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    The Cardinals

    This team is just too darn slow.
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    Isabella debut

    or at least since Jetstream Green.
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    15 thoughts - Saints game

    The game got out of hand when the Cards took the first time out in the second half.
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    15 thoughts - Saints game

    The game got out of hand when the Cards took the first time out in the second half.
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    Restoring my Faith

    Three in a row. Better break'em up before they think they are the dynasty in town. (sarcasm off) Nice job Birds!
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    Cardinals defense

    And last year we were complaining about the offense.
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    Falcons at Cardinals gameday thread 10-13-19

    Break em up!!! Can't stand the fact we won 2 in a row! (sarcasm off)
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    R.I.P. Bill Bidwill (1931-2019)

    Over the years, I have enjoyed many, many hours of entertainment provided by the Bidwill family. Bill, thank you for all of the good times and not so good times, but I relished being a Cardinal fan never the less. God speed!
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    How many players do we need?

    Jack up Fitz and drive in a new team.
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    When's the last time we had a franchise Tight End?

    Jackie Smith, JV Cain, and Doug Marsh are about the only ones I can recall.
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    ARI @ BAL – Heroes and Goats

    The Murray and Shipley thing reminded me of when Jake was the QB and he rifled a pass right into the back of an offensive lineman's helmet. I think that was the center also. Made me laugh so hard....
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    What Obscure Player Jersey Would You Get?

    Who else? Larry Stalling linebacker for the Cards for 14 years. Imagine playing for this organization for 14 years under BB. Better yet an 18th round draft pick by the Cards.
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    Quick Reactions - Preseason Game 2

    Reminds me of the head bob from a few years ago.
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    PFF QB Annual Rosen

    I would settle for Fran Tarkington good.
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    Nice article by Darren Urban about our offense.

    I knew we were in trouble during the Charger game. I think that was still preseason.
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    On Keim draft ever

    Sure could happen. Trump likes him.
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    Cards 15min Presser Last Night - My Observations

    And how do we know if contract negotiations go poorly, that KM won't jump back to baseball. Afterall, I think he was a first round draft pick by someone.
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    38 years as a fan and....

    after this, what makes you think we won't be #1 again next year?