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    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the longest winning streak is for the Cardinal franchise. In trying to find out that answer, I found that the Cardinals have the dubious distinction of owning the NFL's longest losing streak of 29 games.
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    The Cardinals

    This team is just too darn slow.
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    Horrendous Officiating at the game

    The title says it all.
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    Unfair advantage.

    I think it is totally unfair the advantage that Cleveland took of us. They gave us Derek Anderson and we gave them Ray Horton. Bad exchange!:D
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    Lovie Smith vs Whiz

    I can't believe that the Bears fired Lovie Smith. Win 10 games with the Cards would ensure a lifetime contract with many of us. If Whiz goes (pls) bring in Lovie.
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    Just think...

    With the replacement refs we were 4-0. With the regular refs we are 0-9 looking very seriously at 0-12. It makes you wonder what in the .... is going on. I have always thought that the refs had it in for us and this really is a head scratcher.
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    "He might be the best ever," says Belicheck
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    Sando's take on Card's D

    Some interesting stuff, particularly the stats at the end.
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    Sam Durley set the all time NCAA records for yards in a game this weekend. He passed for 736 yards. Justkidding about the qbof but it is still a noteworthy accomplishment. Besides I went to that school.
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    Round 1 of cuts

    When are first round of cuts due?
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    Osi asks for trade

    I saw on ESPN where Osi Umengoria asked the Giants to trade him.
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    Head Injuries in the NFL

    I knew head injuries were a problem in the NFL. I did not realize the severity of the problem until I read this article. No wonder the NFL smacked the Saints so severely. Not only did they want to get the team for blatantly ignoring the league order for stopping the bounties and telling...
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    OT: Having trouble

    Is anyone else having a problem with virus and trojan horses on this? My anti-virus has detected problems here daily on this site since Friday. Was wondering if it was me or if others were having a problem.
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    Are there different kinds of franchise that a player can be subjected? If so, what are they and what are the conditions?
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    How much is Calais Campbell worth vs. Mario Williams?

    I was just wondering how much people think CC is worth vs. Mario Williams. With Mario's huge contract, I think CC would have fetched huge money as well if he had hit the open market. I by no means think that the Cards will get a contract extention worked out with him especially if we get lucky...
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    Does anyone remember?

    I was listening to the year end wrap up on the Cardinal website with Urban, Wolfley and the other guy (can't think of his name). They were talking about the Cardinals having a "team" meeting. This was not a players only meeting, but also had the coaches present. Supposedly some individuals...
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    Kind of funny (OT)

    According to Joe Fortenbaugh, "Some company named Pawngo delivered 900 pounds of Butterfingers to Wes Welker."
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    A head scratcher

    I was watching the replays and a commentator made a puzzling comment. He said, "Whis said that he has seen neither qb enough to make an evaluation on." Now when one qb loses six games and the other wins six games. I would think you would have some basis for evaluation.
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    Game Balls

    King and Heap. very productive game for them. John Skelton just keeps winning. OB. nice pass rush when it really counted. Good job. Patrick Peterson for his OT punt return. Left side of the OL. I thought they did a good job overall in pass blocking and what little success we had when running.
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    Would you take this rookie QB?

    3-13 57percent completion 26 td vs 28 int 6.5 y/a with one game winning drive.
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    A stat that amazed me

    An amazing stat that I just saw for the Cardinals. On the season to date, they have had a grand total of only 4 fumbles, and better yet, only have lost 2 fumbles ytd. I find that stat pretty amazing considering our propensity for putting it on the ground last year.
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    3rd Ex-Cardinal qb might start

    The Bears signed Josh McCown and he might be in line to start.
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    2 ex-Cardinals' QB's to start next week

    The surprising fact is that Matt will have company as Tyler Palko is slated to start for the injured Matt Cassel with Kansas City.
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    What should the penalty for Penn St. be?

    I say the university should face the death penalty for its part in the scandal if he is found guilty. What that institution allegedly did makes Southern Methodist pale in comparison. Hang Penn St. That will get the attention of the rest of the universities and colleges. The NCAA is...
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    Well, I have not beat this dead horse in a while. I went back and rewatched the game tonight. Our center is causing problems in pass blocking for the OL. When the team is in shotgun he is tipping the snap count still. Conversely, that is partially why our running game to start with was so...

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