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    MINX (HBO Max)

    This just started a couple weeks ago… comedy about starting the first male nude magazine. Great cast, Jake Johnson is the co-lead and note perfect in it. Has a really good GLOW vibe if you liked that show. Highly recommend so far.
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    Okay Bird Gang... who's making the trek to the coast to catch this sucker live in person and what kind of seats you got? Me, @Ouchie-Z-Clown and @daves are all sitting together with friends and little ones. Got 8 tix together to represent the red at the 50 yard line. And we're tailgaiting with...
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    I’ll start:
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    Moving Forward

    I think there's three things this team needs to do: 1. Slip Kyler either half a valium or a shot of tequila before every big game. Comes out too geeked up. Makes mistakes then presses a little the rest of the game. When in control, the kid is a maestro out there, but gotta have a level head...
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    This is as haunting as any limited series as I can ever remember. It’s all about how Purdue Pharmaceuticals began the oxy epidemic, told from every angle... the Sackler family at the head of Purdue, the DEA, doctors, patients, sales reps. All-star cast. Michael Keaton has never been better...
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    Midnight Mass - Netflix

    Is anyone else watching this? Mike Flanagan’s new horror(ish) limited series on Netflix. It is all kinds of moody, weird, fracked up. A deep dive into religion, devotion, grief. If you liked Haunting Of Hill House or Gerald’s Game or the parts of the Shining sequel that were good (basically...
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    1st Current NFL Player Announces He's Gay

    This is a historic moment for the NFL and for the LGTBQ community. Congrats to Carl Nassib for having the belief in himself and courage against whatever comes next to come out and break down barriers that will hopefully allow others to do the same across pro-American sports...
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    It’s A Sin

    Just started watching this on HBOMAX. Pretty gripping tale about a group of friends, who are all members of the LGTBQ community, and how they’re effected as the AIDS epidemic starting to circulate through London starting in the early 80’s. From one of the EPs of Doctor Who and also creator of...
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    Fitz Update?

    So...we’ve kind of heard not very much about Larry‘s Covid. Still no word if he’s cleared protocol, right? Wonder if he actually has symptoms. Really didn’t seem like the team had any expectation for him to be back yesterday. Just curious what his situation is.
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    A Tectonic Shift In Movie Biz...

    WB just announced that it’s ENTIRE 2021 Movie slate will now drop on HBOMAX on the same day and release date all of their movies will debut in theaters. Zero upcharge per movie. This isn’t like Mulan. You have the service, the movies come with it...
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    Good Movie News 4 The Holidays

    Wonder Woman 2 will be streaming on HBOMAX on Christmas Day. also, Tenet will be available to rent by Xmas, Coming 2 America will be available free on Amazon Prime and Pixar’s new Soul (which is supposed to be great) will be free for Disney Plus subscribers. Between a big time superhero movie...
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    Best Cast In Movie History

    Okay, so the cameo thread just sparked another thread idea. What is your favorite/best cast in movie history? I’ll start with True Romance. Just ridiculous. Christian Slater in his best role, Patricia Arquette, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, Michael...
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    Best Cameo In Movie History

    Okay folks... another thread got me thinking about this. Who makes your favorite cameo in movie history? This can be a variety of different things. Could be like Bruce Willis showing up at the end of Split, which was a wild cameo that recontextualized the entire movie. Bill Murray...
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    The Best Johns/Jacks In Action Movies - NEED ASFN HELP!!!!

    Okay folks... so, I've got a little side project I've been slaving over and researching and i just realized I have completely ignore a great tool to help me... ALL OF YOU! I'm creating a master list of the best (and worst) Johns and Jacks from action movies throughout history: Everyone from...
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    F9: The Fast Saga

    Dom's... brother? lame. And sorry to all the folks who made this, Jon Cena just doesn't replace THE ROCK. I'm sure this'll be fun, but if they don't go to space in Furious 10, I'm out!
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    The Irishman

    Saw this yesterday and man... it is pretty damn great. That said, anyone expecting it to be like GOODFELLAS needs to recalibrate their expectations. It's not near the electric pace of that movie and while it's about the mob, it's just a much, much different tone and there's no better example of...
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    Your Favorite Movie Theater Experiences

    Okay folks, wrote a little about this in another thread, but thought it might be fun to dedicate an entire thread to each of our favorite specific movie going experiences... what was the movie, what made the experience special to you? Here's my top 4: 4. EDDIE MURPHY RAW (1987) - age 11 This...
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    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

    Gets a big fat old... MEH. There's some really good scenes and solid performances, but overall, it's my least favorite film of his. And he went to the well one too many times to try and surprise and shock. I won't say how, but suffice to say, i wasn't surprised when something big happened. If...
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    Cheesebeef Says "We're going to dumb it down for Keim"

    Simple Things: 1. Don't get hammered a drive. 2. Never hire an OC who literally just got fired halfway through his previous season. 3. When your kicker sucked last year and is older than God... find a new one. 4. Don't draft a Safety and DE to play linebacker. 5. When you're WR corps sucks...
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    Worst Movie Line Thread

    Credit goes to @AzStevenCal for inspiring this idea. Okay, folks... what are some of your favorite WORST movie lines ever? I'll start with a gem from Eraser that takes place right after Arnie shoots an alligator about to attack him: "You're luggage!" Who's next?
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    Wonder Woman 1984

    Already on record for absolutely LOVING Wonder Woman. They nailed everything about it, including a hero's death for Chris Pine's love interest. But this gives me bad juju for a sequel: If they bring him back...
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    PISSED - Cheesebeef's First Sale

    This is kinda neato press
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    Death Of Stalin

    From the genius mind of the man who does political satire better than anyone... possibly ever... the writer/director of In The Loop/creator of Veep. An absolutely BRUTAL satire of the chaos ensuing Stalin's death... that has political over-tones to not only the Trump administration, but really...
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    This movie is awful.
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    What Do You Hate Most About The Cardinals Right Now?

    There's so many little things i can point to... an awful O-line, a decision to let two big play-makers go without replacing them at all... deciding that what this team need was an influx of AGE instead of talent... but none of those bother me as much as this: This year's and last year's...