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  1. Phill11

    The Suns Offseaon in 1 Trade

    ATL Trades: Josh Smith ATL Gets: Vince Carter (Expiring Contract), Robin Lopez, Jared Dudley (If needed Suns add 13th/20th pick) Why the do it? Simply put Atlanta wants to trade Jsmooth. Lopez lost most of his value, however could get their front line depth. Jared Dudley is a strong 6th man...
  2. Phill11


    Bored with trade Machine. So here's a crazy trade idea... Gets Melo out of Denver, Nash out of Phoenix and NY deep into the playoffs. This could be D'Antoni's dream team... PHX Gets: Curry, Anderson, Mozgov, Telfair, Mason, rights...
  3. Phill11

    MIN/PHX Trade

    With Utah only offering picks, I have to think Phoenix is in the running for Al Jefferson. First off, here's the deal: Phoenix Gets: Al Jefferson Rights to Ricky Rubio Minnesota Gets: Jason Richardson Earl Clark Taylor Griffin 2011 1st Round Pick Why Phoenix Does it: Why not...
  4. Phill11

    Halloween Themed Bounce House

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know of a family business that we've been starting up. We've got a perfect Halloween themed bounce house available for parties! All of the information is here: If any ASFNer's want it I can...
  5. Phill11

    ESPN says Amare is staying..

    Headline just says: Suns Holding Onto Stoudemire Anyone with the Insider care to sum it up? So, that gives us the following guys under contract, or we just drafted them: Nash/Dragic Richardson/Barbosa/Pavlovic Clark/Dudley/Tucker Amare/Amundson/Wallace/Griffin Lopez Assuming we cut...
  6. Phill11

    Big News for DBacks Fans

    Saw this in the Box Score today. I was busy glued watching the draft and am disapointed I missed this. "DIAMONDBACK LEFTFIELDER ERIC BYRNES LEFT THE GAME AFTER THE SECOND INNING WITH A FRACTURED LEFT HAND SUSTAINED WHEN HE WAS HIT BY A PITCH." Supposedly out 4-8 weeks. I don't know if...
  7. Phill11

    Shaq to Cleveland talks starting up?

    Anyone see those trade deadline talks starting up again now that Cleveland is out and the "Role players" around LeBron just let him down? Cleveland's got to be getting desperate to get some pieces to put around LeBron to keep him and I'm wondering if Shaq would be that piece. Any chance...
  8. Phill11

    Turns Out Craig Counsell Was Actually Best Baseball Player Of Steroid Era :biglaugh:
  9. Phill11

    Manny to Dodgers: Anyone worried?

    We didn't make a huge splash. The Dodgers did by trading for Manny in a 3 way trade. Is anyone worried? I'm not. We've struggled lately and if we can string together a good win streak we might begin to run away with the division.
  10. Phill11

    DBacks to bring back Clark?

    Just saw this: With Upton going on the DL, Byrnes out for the season, something needs to happen. We need to make a move if we want to go deep in the playoffs, let alone win the division. I say bring both...
  11. Phill11


    I'm bored and using RealGM. What a bad combo. Anyways, here's a trade I came up with that works. PHX Trades: Steve Nash (To POR) Raja Bell (To POR) Leandro Barbosa (To NJ) Boris Diaw (To NJ) Grant Hill (To NJ) PHX Gets: Raef Lafrentz (From POR) Sergio Rodriguez (From POR) Richard...
  12. Phill11

    Bored, so I blew it up (CLE/PHX)

    I'm sitting here bored, watching the draft. I don't want to see the team blown up, but I figured I'd see what I could do. Here's a trade I just did on TradeChecker and it worked. CLE Gets: Steve Nash Shaq O'Neal Boris Diaw PHX's 2009 2nd Round Pick (Our's or GS's) PHX Gets: Wally...
  13. Phill11

    Need 3 Tickets to Sundays DBacks game

    Anyone have any extras they would be interested in selling? Looking for 3 tickets (The cheaper, the better). Just let me know where they are and what your asking. Thanks EDIT: I NEED TICKETS FOR SATURDAYS GAME, NOT SUNDAY. SORRY!
  14. Phill11

    Tempe Music Festival (Fergie)

    Anyone go? My girlfriend really wanted to but we decided it was to expensive. I wanted to go see Nonpoint on Friday but didn't feel like paying for that either (even though I'm now kicking myself for not buying them). But anyways, Friday we watched Puddle of Mudd from the bridge and they...
  15. Phill11

    Two DBacks Tickets vs. Colorado (Sept. 1st)

    I have two tickets for the Sep. 1 game against the Rockies. The seats are in section 105, row 27, seats 14 and 15. I have an ASU season pass and the Devils first home game is that day. So I am intrested in selling or trading these tickets for another game. If intrested please let me know...
  16. Phill11

    Roadrunners tickets?

    Anyone have any? I'd perfer the section where you get free food and drink, but hell I just want to see a Roadrunners game. Looking for 2+, not a huge budget! Thanks guys
  17. Phill11

    Crazy Talk: Edge's trade value

    Well it's just an idea. Of course there is no way it would happen. But what if the Cardinals traded Edge for O-Line help. It seems Arrington could definatley fill in for him. I've always thought JJ was a solid runner, he just needed to hit the holes (That he didn't get) harder and quit...
  18. Phill11

    Many things for sale! (PICS INCLUDED)

    Well guys, I have a couple of things for sale. Figure might as well offer 'em up to ASFN too. Main thing for sale is my truck. I hate to sell it but with me driving from Peoria to Tempe almost every day it's killing me. Also up for sale is an iBoom(Play iPods), Printer/Copier/Scanner/Etc...
  19. Phill11

    Hellofa Birthday Present

    Boy oh boy. I hit the jackpot today. My girlfriend actually stood in line for me and got me tickets to my first Cards game in the new stadium. It's a great BDay present and I'm really looking forward to seeing the new stadium. We got tix for the Broncos game (Preseason). Looking forward...
  20. Phill11

    Sign and Trade for Gooden? Intresting. Maybe a possible KT-like guy who can eventually replace him. Averages 10 PPG, 8 RPG. Only 25 Years old (Born in '81)
  21. Phill11

    WSH takes advantage of CIN

    Holy cow. I can't believe this trade. Going to Cincinatti: RP Gary Majewski RP Bill Bray SS Royce Clayton IF Brendan Harris P Darryl Thompson Going to Washington: OF Austin Kearns SS Felipe Lopez RP Ryan Wagner WSH Gets an...
  22. Phill11

    Anyone have a paintball gun for sale?

    Hey guys, I've been looking for a paintball gun for the past couple of weeks. If anyone has one please let me know. My price range is around $200. (Just has to be gun for now. Tanks, hopper, etc. don't have to be included). I'm looking for an ion specifically. Just let me know if you...
  23. Phill11

    My stuff on eBay, WITH PICTURES!

    :thumbup: Here you go guys! I can arrange for local pickup too if anyone wins any of my stuff. For those of you looking within 20 minutes of when I post this: I'm still listing stuff! So be patient. :thumbup:
  24. Phill11

    AZ interested in Nomar as an OFer? Intresting. Like I said in another thread, if Nomar can come cheap I'd sign him to a 2-3 year contract. Have him play SS this year, so Drew can develop more than move him to OF/2B when Drew's ready. If I remember correctly...
  25. Phill11

    LA Fitness

    Has anyone been in there? Boy, it's nice. Just got my membership and have spent 6 hours in there in 2 days. :thumbup: I go to the one by 81st and Union Hills, next to Wal-Mart. Just opened too, so the equipment is great.

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