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    Is it confirmed (DirecTV)

    When do you start calling? Is it too early now? Seems like since AT&T took over it is getting harder and harder to get even a small discount.
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    A question for Cards fans

    I really think had those epic game we had turned out the other way, I would probably hate the Packers.
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    A question for Cards fans

    I wonder the same thing about the Packers they hate the Cardinals?
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    How Long have you been a Fan of the Cardinals?

    1977. I was 13. They beat the Cowboys on MNF. My brother was a huge Cowboys fan and it it upset him so much I knew the Cards had to be my team. My brother doesn't even follow the NFL anymore, but I've been obsessed with the Cardinals ever since that game.
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    To my family(My wife past away)

    Tony I don't post that much, but this is one of those time I have to. I have seen you dancing on TV and you are the bomb. I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine what you are going through. This story is so sad, especially how sudden. I feel for you , man. Hang in there, you...
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    Shaq's first practice

    I swear that looks like half of Marion's face in that bottom picture. Who is that?
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    Most experts pick Philly and give us a good shot

    Sorry Donald, I didn't realize. But I too have suffered for many years (30) and know how you feel. I will never agree with going to the darkside. My frustration sometimes takes me to someplace in the middle of kool-aid land and the darkside, but I will never go so far as to say we have no...
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    Most experts pick Philly and give us a good shot

    You were right, we had no shot. :rolleyes:
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    Most experts pick Philly and give us a good shot

    A reality check tells me our chances are lower without key players. But to say we have no chance, that is just being a downer.
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    Most experts pick Philly and give us a good shot

    Thank you Donald Downer. Do you have a sister Debbie?
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    Just "9" days until the Cardinals are back in 1st place in NFC West!

    What's the word on the roof this week? Sure would help the 12th man if it were closed.
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    Rolle wins DPOW Honors

    Wow, 5 out of the 24 players in history to do this were Cardinals.
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    Antrel/Cards' get disrespected....AGAIN

    Doesn't Karlos have more than 2 interceptions? Maybe these stats aren't updated with the last game yet?
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    Road Woe's - what's the answer

    I saw probably 40-50 or so of us in Cincy. All the Cards tailgating I think was on the east side of the stadium, and I never made it over to that side. Anyone think there there were more from your perspective?
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    Anyone Going to CIncy?

    My daughter and I will be there. We'll keep an eye out for you guys. I have never seen the Cards win in Cincy, but I have a feeling this year will be different. The worst was I believe 97, where the Cards jumped to a 21-0 lead and really shut the crowd up. But when they came roaring back...
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    Anyone going to the Cincy game?

    Whose going to the game Sunday? I'll be there. I live about 70 miles north.
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    Today is my anniversary!

    Yeah, I should have had a clue of what I was in for when they lost the last 4 games of that season, but once the Cards get their hooks in you, there's nothing you can do. ;)
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    Today is my anniversary!

    On November 14th, 1977, The Cardinals played the Cowboys on Monday Night Football. I was 13 years old. My 15 year old brother was a huge Cowboys fan, but I did not have a favorite team. We watched the Cardinals beat the Cowboys that night, 24-17, after the Cowboys started the season 8-0. I...
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    Week 4 Video Highlights!!!

    Thank you! That was freakin great!!!!
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    Speaking Of Jerseys....

    Autographed white Plummer and last year got new white Boldin.
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    Cards in HD on Directv this weekend?

    But doesn't it seem strange to put it on channel 94 if it is no different than what is going to be shown on channel 212?
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    Cards in HD on Directv this weekend?

    According to the guide, The Cards-Texans game will be on channel 94 in HD in addition to channel 212 (SD NFL Network) 4pm Saturday. The only thing that worries me is the description has an MLB Extra Innings icon in it. :shrug: Sometimes these things change last minute but I am really pumped...
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    Anyone Up For Cincinnati?

    I will be there. Hey Doc, where do you live? I'm about 65 miles away from Cincy also.
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    NBA explanation

    My thoughts exactly. In other words if Jones throws a punch, Duncan gets suspended. Thuggery is rewarded in the NBA.
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    Anyone have a screen capture of Duncan on the floor?

    So if JJ goes after Elson and causes an altercation, Duncan gets suspended, right? So the NBA rewards teams that start altercations. Brilliant.

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