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    Mavericks @ Suns Sunday Playoff game thread, R2, 5-15-2022 - Game 7

    At least if they had taken Haliburton over Jaylen Smith the future would still be bright
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    I dont know how they get blown out in game 6, have 3 days off, and make no adjustments… Oh nvm, he put torrey craig in the game (lucka wasnt even in the game)
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    This Team is About To Be Broken Up!

    Unfortunately theres no changes that can be made that would be meaningful enough
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    Suns @ Mavericks Sunday Playoff game thread, R2, 5-8-2022 - Game 4

    1. Dbook dont box out 2. Whole team cant stop sagging on defense and leaving shooters open 2. CP forgot how to play basketball 3. Two Cams invisible and weak Some of the worst basketball ive ever seen
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    Who Do You Want the Cardinals to Take in Round Two?

    Can we draft hassan reddick
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    The Trade

    Doesnt change that have to pay him soon, and Dhop. One of the biggest values of a rook is cheap money for a few years with hopeful production. You need cheap production in a salary cap league, especially with the cash theyre going to give Kyler
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    Dallas @ Suns Game 1 (R2) Monday 5-2-2022, 7 PM

    I respect Mavs but think Suns have all the answers. Crowder was useless on D vs Pels cuz cant slide his feet but will be a great defender for Lucka to body up. Mikal can take little Brunson outta the game. They play good D have shooters but no inside game. I see Suns have the rebounding edge...
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    Poll: Should Book play in game 6?

    Ive never had a hammy injury playing bball my whole life (surprising given i have zero flexibility) but i do know that you have to keep it warm while on the bench which creates another risk if theres a minutes restriction and hes coming in and out. May make sense to just play first and fourth...
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    Poll: Should Book play in game 6?

    Should Dbook play in game 6? Based on what he said ‘im back’ , it seems like he wants to. My vote would be for him to play limited to 22-25 minutes. I say that because I think Mavs series going to wrap up tomorrow and Suns need at least a little rest. I dont want to see a game 7 either as...
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    Per Suns: Devin Booker has a Mild hamstring strain. No time table on return at this time

    Wow apparently Dbook tellin Pels bench ‘im back’. Lets go
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    Pelicans @ Suns Tuesday Playoff game thread 4-26-2022 - Game 5

    Correct, one of the best single game performances ive seen but it will never get the notariety
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    Adjustments for game 5 should be?

    I like that too, im not just not sure if javelles ability to rotate on defense. I think Suns can force them to go small instead of having to insert another big
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    Adjustments for game 5 should be?

    Adjustments for game 5, yours? 1. Move Bridges onto Ingram - If jay isnt playing good D then hes useless other than for veteran presence. Slide shamet onto CJ. Plus, crowder is meant to be the four and get some rebounds and hes too far from the basket on Ingram all night. 2. Pick and roll...
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    Per Suns: Devin Booker has a Mild hamstring strain. No time table on return at this time

    I doubt he plays game 5. If they lose then hes playing game 6, if it makes it to 7 then hes playing game 7. I think thats clear, if nothing else hes a decoy set shooter on a minutes restriction
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    players who don't want to shoot puzzle me

    Not sure why were talking about the 13th man who should never see any playoff PT, but - i do agree CP has passed up shots at his spots (i think hes hurt), cam payne has had breathing room in spots where hes cleared for launch, Mikal seems oddly uninterested in dribbling and looking for a shot at all
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    one of this season's biggest mysteries is Aaron Holiday

    Ehh I mean its tough to just move off of Payne because his confidence would be shot and his larger body of work is great. Holiday, stats-wise, has never been nearly the fire starter cam payne has been…i think were just looking for a scapegoat
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    Suns @ Pelicans Sunday Playoff game thread 4-24-2022 - Game 4

    1. Move crowder off of brandon ingram. Put mikal on him, shamat on CJ 2. CP isnt even takinf the opportunities even when he gets to his spots 3. Ayton needs to get the ball every time down the floor and go around jonas and take him out of the game 4. Both Cams and Mikal need to be agressive and...
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    Suns @ Pelicans Sunday Playoff game thread 4-24-2022 - Game 4

    This team is unrecognizable. Only dudes that came to play: ayton, javelle, landry
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    G Will Hernandez visiting - now SIGNED

    I like the fit with kugler, eventually keim needs to get some young guys in here after so many blown drafts
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    G Will Hernandez visiting - now SIGNED

    Might be optimistic here but Cards played wide sets with 5 out leaving him on an island all season. Plus, kyler never steps up in pocket…im good
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    G Will Hernandez visiting - now SIGNED

    I like it next to rodney hudson. Kugler was his coach when he was good, and local guy. Cards needed more run ability to the right last year. Bring him in
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    Need a Wr…

    Id rather see them use the $$$ elsewhere. If the offense cant operate with Dhop, ertz, rondale then kyler prob not the guy…
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    Chris Paul out 6-8 weeks, fractured thumb

    Sure woulda been nice to have tyrese haliburton…

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