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    Anyone going to the Cincy game?

    Whose going to the game Sunday? I'll be there. I live about 70 miles north.
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    Today is my anniversary!

    On November 14th, 1977, The Cardinals played the Cowboys on Monday Night Football. I was 13 years old. My 15 year old brother was a huge Cowboys fan, but I did not have a favorite team. We watched the Cardinals beat the Cowboys that night, 24-17, after the Cowboys started the season 8-0. I...
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    Cards in HD on Directv this weekend?

    According to the guide, The Cards-Texans game will be on channel 94 in HD in addition to channel 212 (SD NFL Network) 4pm Saturday. The only thing that worries me is the description has an MLB Extra Innings icon in it. :shrug: Sometimes these things change last minute but I am really pumped...
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    Amare's Technicals

    So I think Amare has 14 technicals. I know at 16 he will get a game suspension, but is that just for the regular season? Does he get a clean slate for the playoffs and a new quota, or do they continue to accumulate into the playoffs?
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    If Rackers hadn't missed

    If Rackers hadn't missed that field goal Monday and we had won, do you think the OC change would still have been made? Would ANY changes have been made? I for one am glad we have a different OC now, and I think we will be much better off in the long run with this change. As much as I would...
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    After 18 years, it still happens...

    OK, so I have this wishlist on my tivo to record anything with the word Cardinals and a theme of football. Today I checked to make sure the game tomorrow was set to record, and I see that it is also prepared to record [email protected] on HD channel 725. In the guide description of that game it...
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    Arizona, here I come!

    I'm arriving this Saturday and staying in Sedona. I have tickets for the Steelers game on the 12th. I can't wait! I have a question. Where is the best place to buy Cardinals stuff? I need to buy a Boldin jersey and some shirts and hats. We will be going to Training camp next week. Will...
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    This tidbit from

    THE NEWS Another week means another offensive line issue in Arizona. This week it's left tackle Leonard Davis, who is listed as questionable on the injury report with a knee contusion, according to the Arizona Republic. Davis is the only member of the Cardinals offensive line to start every...
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    Coming to see a game in 2006

    Can anyone tell me how soon I would be able to make arraingements to come out to Arizona next year to see a game in the new stadium? It will probably be for a preseason game in August so the kids won't have to miss school. I will be staying at a time share in Sedona and of course would like to...
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    Fake punts

    Is it just me, or does it seem we have had an innordinant amount of fake punts tried against us? And not just fake, but ones where they lineup like they are not going to punt. That seems to me to be a total lack of respect for our Special Teams. The 2 I saw where our opponents used the...
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    So if we draft Eli or Ben....

    what do we do with McCown? Usually a rookie QB would be behind a veteran for a year or two. If that is Blake or someone else we bring in, Josh would then be 2nd and the rookie third string? Or Josh starts while the rookie waits to take the reigns? Or we throw the rookie into the fire...
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    Stupidest announcer gaff I've ever heard

    OK, we've all heard the occasional screwup by an announcer when they accidently say the wrong city for a team or something of that nature (like Baltimore Colts or LA Raiders). But Chris Myers, during our game yesterday, screwed up worse that I've ever seen, and didn't even correct it! I...
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    Who is to blame for me missing the first 3 minutes?

    I am still fuming over this. The Sunday Ticket channel for the Cards-Panthers game showed the end of the Seahawks-Rams game before switching to our game. WTF is that about?! If I wanted to watch the end of that I would have watched it on THAT GAMES CHANNEL! They not only finished...
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    Cardinals Team Huddle on NFL Network

    The NFL Network schedule says Team Huddle: Arizona Cardinals will air Tuesday at 7PM and 7:30PM Eastern. 7:00 p.m. -- NFL Team Huddle: Arizona Cardinals Team Huddle focuses on each team's two most successful seasons. This week: the NFC West and the...
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    Video card problem

    I am trying to replace my GeForce2 video card with a Chaintech FX71 GeForce FX 5600 Ultra. I am having problems, and thought someone on my favorite message board may be able to help. Since they both use the Detonator driver (I am using the latest; 45.23 I think) I didn't uninstall and...
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    New Sunday Ticket rule?

    This is my sixth year for the Sunday Ticket. I live in Ohio, and I just flipped over to the Tampa Bay and San Fran game. It says it is not available in my area. So I called Directv, and after telling them my situation, they put me on hold for about 5 minutes, then came back and told me if my...
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    Gotta love Mac quotes

    This is from THE NEWS Wide receiver Anquan Boldin was limited with an injury on Sunday, and fellow wideout Nate Poole had troubling locating his contact lens, head coach Dave McGinnis colorfully told the Arizona Republic. Boldin suffered what McGinnis termed as a...

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