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    Poll: Should Book play in game 6?

    Should Dbook play in game 6? Based on what he said ‘im back’ , it seems like he wants to. My vote would be for him to play limited to 22-25 minutes. I say that because I think Mavs series going to wrap up tomorrow and Suns need at least a little rest. I dont want to see a game 7 either as...
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    Adjustments for game 5 should be?

    Adjustments for game 5, yours? 1. Move Bridges onto Ingram - If jay isnt playing good D then hes useless other than for veteran presence. Slide shamet onto CJ. Plus, crowder is meant to be the four and get some rebounds and hes too far from the basket on Ingram all night. 2. Pick and roll...
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    Is JJ Watt done? I cant seem to find a conclusive report anywhere. Im sure its posted somewhere in here but wasnt able to find it either. I see reports saying hes getting surgery but also separate reports saying theyre considering re-habing. Seems a little underreported…
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    Hate to do this but...Nets

    The elephant in the room here that i hate to bring up, is the Nets. I hate to look ahead too but its hard not to in reality. do you think Suns have shot against Nets? I think the Suns biggest advantage would be home court (long flight) and probably the fact that the entire country outside of a...
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    CP injury updates?

    Anybody hear anything on CP? Seems like everything is pretty tight lipped but obviously last night was real concerning. I was reading about stingers out of curiosity and it seems like it is really just a tingling sensation which seems different than what he might be dealing with. Any updates?
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    Homecourt advantage?

    What are Suns allowing in the arena now? I think last i heard was about 6,000 fans. Are any of the other arenas allowing more? Just trying to understand how many seats we could expect to be filled come playoff time...
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    2nd place or matchup with Lakers?

    Current standings with Suns in first: Lakers seem pretty locked into that 5 seed as its unlikely they catch Denver. Only possibility is Mavs catch them (game behind). Suns would likely play winner of Lakers/Nuggs match up (Lakers). I imagine the only reason...
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    Remaining schedule

    Suns remaining schedule brutal. Had hopes of catching Jazz but I think we should be more focused on not letting Clipps catch them. Suns toughest remaining games: nets, knicks, celts, 6ers, clipps, jazz, lakers, portland. Jazz toughest games remaining: nuggets and Suns lol The good news is...
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    Where to watch Suns for cable cutters

    I know we have discussed this in here before but probably needs to be re-hashed if anyone has any news or changes. Found this sheisty message from FS1 which is now ‘Bally’: not sure how much i believe the above link. Here are the options ive got, if any others...
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    Starting to question this guy. Last night puts Cam on Zion virtually the entire game in which Zion was a +36!! If i go up and down the roster, there is about 4 guys id consider putting on Zion before Cam. Not only is Cam a terrible defender but he has zero chance of keeping Zion out of the...
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    Im sure this is somewhere else buried in a thread but it deserves its own. Book looks absolutely terrible this year. The turnovers are the worst part. His shooting that they trust in important minutes has been awful. I dont believe the whole sentiment that its a new offense either. At the end of...
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    Suns chances at play in

    Somebody help me out a bit here: the Suns are 2 games back of san antonio and 1 game back of Pelicans and Portland in the loss column. I looked and the Suns lost the season series to portland and san antonio but won series against pelicans. Season series is the tie breaker. What i also noticed...
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    Josh Jackson update

    I guess he is in the G league with Grizz who the Suns play tomorrow. They decided yesterday not to pickup his 8.9m player option so he will be a FA after this season. i dont think this guy will ever have a role in the league mostly for three reasons: 1. His basketball IQ is 0/100 2. He thinks...
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    OT: Jimmy G

    This week he had a practice where he threw 5 straight interceptions. Tonight he goes 1/6 with an INT and 0.0 QBR. Apparently Broncos got hands on every ball and dropped a pick 6. I know its the cool thing to say that preseason doesnt matter, but that kind of performance is basically what any of...
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    Anyone know how to watch game tonight?

    I have Youtube TV and i just noticed the game isnt televised on there tonight for some reason. Is it on regular cable? Anyone know anywhere to watch the game online tonight or something?
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    Draft day moves summation

    Gave away: #6 #32 Bucks 1st next year TJ Warren: 3 years $35m remaining Received: Aaron Baynes (expiring $5m) Dario saric (expiring 3.4m then restricted FA) #11 #24 So basically after next year it looks like this: Gave away: 6, 32, Bucks pick, TJ Received: 11, 24, control over Saric as...
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    I cant help but rant a little here in the direction of Dragan. Look, I understand hes young, raw, and needs development. BUT, the NBA is not going to wait for this guy. The frustrating part is I cannot think of one thing he had clearly improved upon in three years. Can you? If my full time job...
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    End of bench

    Who do you think Suns should keep and who should be let go from end of bench? Keep: Troy daniels - underrated, really seems to be trying hard on defense. He could help a lot of teams like OKC. Okobo/Melton - keep one and let one go. From the little weve seen it seems meltons D better but Okobo...
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    Thing that scares me the most

    Every time i get optimistic about things, notably the last 4 games stretch, i remind myself how bad this front office is. If you look back over the last 8-10 years, the ONLY moves I can think of that were good moves were drafting TJ, drafting Dbook, and trading for Oubre. The upsetting part is...
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    Igors substitutions against warriors

    Havent been this pissed watching a Suns game in years. Tyler Johnson couldnt dribble the ball, pass the ball, shoot the ball, or play a lick of defense. Every time he came in the game he was responsible for bad offense and terrible switching and defense. What frustrated me is not him, he just...
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    Kelly Oubre

    He has played extremely well, his +/- is very good and is the biggest producer off of the bench. The one thing I really like about him is he seems to bring it every night which is important for the bench. The bench has played well as of late and I think its mostly due to his energy and Holmes. I...
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    Mikal Bridges plus minus

    I was curious today and found on fox sports stats the plus minus leaders in the nba. It was interesting that somehow Saric and Covington were the highest in the league . I then noticed the highest Suns player was Bridges and Book second. Seeing Saric and Covington proves how valuable 3D guys...
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    Dbook this season

    Book has quitely worked very hard on his all around floor game. 1. Noticably more patient on offense. He seems to exert so much less energy and just try and setup teammates. 2. His assist numbers are way up this year, as are his turnovers however. I blame his turnovers a lot on trying to throw...
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    Kokoskovs offense

    Kokoskov’s offense is a real head scratcher to me. Its basically a series of hand offs and picks 2 feet behind the three point line, literally every time down the floor. Not only does it never confuse a defense but it has Ayton setting these picks way too far out. If he doesnt get an alley oop...
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    Amari Cooper available

    always makes me weary when a team shops a good player as they know more than anyone, however it worked out incredibly for Chandler Jones. Not sure if Amari has declined at all but I believe hes still young. Kirk and Cooper would be a solid duo. Raiders reportedly looking for first rounder. I...