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  1. Heucrazy

    Keim on draft day

  2. Heucrazy

    Budda Baker’s brother murdered Sad day for the Baker family
  3. Heucrazy

    Android vs iOS

    I prefer iOS. And every single person I know who went from iOS to android switched back to iOS as soon as they could.
  4. Heucrazy

    Stadium Seating Question

    My wife and best friend just suprised me with a trip to the Valley for the D'Backs and Cards games September 14-15. I found a block of four tickets in Section 125 for only $79 a piece. That seems to good to be true. Is section 125 obstructed or decent seats? I've never sat in that section...
  5. Heucrazy

    Spartacus: Vengeance

    The new season seems weird to me. Maybe it's just the new actor playing Spartacus throwing me off but the season opener just felt wrong.
  6. Heucrazy

    Davis fired and Luck staying in school.

    I'm wondering with Davis being fired and Luck staying in school, can the poster's who were wailing and gnashing their teeth over the Broncos and Cowboys wins, now in hindsight enjoy those victories?
  7. Heucrazy

    Wild game and fishing.

    I love this time of year. In the past 3 months my Dad, my friend, and I bagged a bighorn sheep, a deer, ducks, geese, chukar, doves, quail, and have been killing the fishing getting abalone, trout, catfish, and two massive yellow tail tunas. The meat has been fantastic and I swear I feel...
  8. Heucrazy

    The Cards are handing the game away.

    The Cards are gift wrapping this game for the Seacocks.
  9. Heucrazy

    No flags on the Saints today

    I'm calling it.
  10. Heucrazy

    Anybody use OmniPage 17?

    And if so how do you get it to actually function with your scanner?
  11. Heucrazy

    Astro empires

    Anybody else play this? I'm in Fenix and Gamma. It takes a lot of patience but it's addicting and you really only need to check it a couple of times a day.
  12. Heucrazy

    Skillet Hands now a Lion. Good Luck BJ.
  13. Heucrazy

    Kurt will take less to give money to Q.
  14. Heucrazy

    What really went down between Q and Haley!!!

  15. Heucrazy

    Boldin in Carolina

    Saw this on the official site. Awesome.
  16. Heucrazy

    "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" on sale now.

    I'll be picking this up today.
  17. Heucrazy

    The Arcade pass is a rip off.

    $1,000 ASFN and it only lasts for a week? And to top it off it's not mentioned that it only lasts for a week before you buy. I want my $1,000 ASFN back as I totally feel scammed right not. And yes I know it's not real money, that's not the point.
  18. Heucrazy

    Cards vs. Cowboys Tickets

    Ok, I want to take my 75 year old and Cowboys fan for 40 years Grandmother to the game this year. And I don't want to pay $200 per ticket for nosebleeds. If anybody is selling their tickets at a decent price please let me know.
  19. Heucrazy

    We need a :shakes head: smiley.

    Make it happen.
  20. Heucrazy

    Brand new Cards fan!

    And yes she will be a Cards fan. None of that Rams fan crap she gets from her mother's side. Anyway she was born last thursday morning and it's been nothing for me but falling more and more in love with her everyday. It took her about 2 seconds to have me wrapped around her finger. My Ava...
  21. Heucrazy

    Troy Hambrick busted for dealing Crack!

    We should have traded him to the Bengals when he had any value.
  22. Heucrazy

    Who is now happy with the way Graves did contracts last year?

    I remember a lot of people being really mad and slamming Graves for the way he did contracts last year instead of spreading out the cap hits. Whose glad now that he did it that way and the Cards actually have cap room? Whose ready to admit that maybe Graves isn't a complete idiot? Who...
  23. Heucrazy

    Which draft camp are you in?

    So since it really seems like the lines are already being drawn I want to see which camp everyone is in.
  24. Heucrazy

    Creepiest movie scenes ever.

    Post your creepiest movie scenes. If you can find them on youtube sweet if not just describe them. This could be fun. Here's two great ones from Christopher Walken.
  25. Heucrazy

    Now the Patriots are getting sued.

    This just keeps getting better and better. :D February 15, 2008, 3:31 pm Former Ram, Others, Sue Patriots Over Alleged Videotaping Posted by Dan Slater Two days after Roger Clemens tesified before Congress about alleged steroid use, allegations of illicit activities in sports stand to...