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  1. HellMaryCards

    2021 NBA Free Agency and Trades

    Yeah Ingram ain't that bad, he is 23, and made the all-star last year. I agree his best years are still to come. A bit injury-prone though.
  2. HellMaryCards

    What are you reading now?

    I need to read Dune. Because the movie is coming out soon. And I don't want to be spoiled. But the thing is thicker than my open palm
  3. HellMaryCards

    Which guys are you looking forward to the most this season?

    Green, could indeed be over the hill, but I like him while he was with the Bengals.
  4. HellMaryCards

    Path of Exile

    I've always wanted to try out this game, but it ain't available in my Steam Region
  5. HellMaryCards

    UEFA super league

    If there is a superleague to happen, its UEFA who should spearhead the initiative, but this won't happen because UEFA is very socialist in their policies.
  6. HellMaryCards

    Suns open Las Vegas Summer League August 8th, 2021

    Smith is improving nicely, I think he'll do good when he gets the minutes this coming season.
  7. HellMaryCards

    Could a Chandler Jones trade to the Browns make sense?

    Who could we get for him? We are suppose to win now.
  8. HellMaryCards

    Messi says he's hungry to win trophies at Paris St Germain

    Barcelona are idiots. And that Neymar, Mbappe, Messi trident will win them the champions league. Mark my words. In fact I'm going to my local bookie, to make that bet right now.
  9. HellMaryCards

    Space Jam: A New Legacy

    I'm gonna watch this. Why not, I liked the first one when I was a kid anyways. I think all of us like the first one when we were all kids.
  10. HellMaryCards

    Most Interesting players in 2021 per the Athletic

    Murray will have a good year this season. Stats say he has been improving
  11. HellMaryCards

    Bigger impact in 2021: AJ Green or Rondale Moore

    If it was 4 years ago our Hopkins-Green WR corps is playoff-calibre. But I think Rondale will have good year. I've read this:
  12. HellMaryCards

    Where do you rank Charles Barkley?

    Where do you rank Charles Barkley in the list of greatest Power Forwards of all time? For example is he better than Tim Duncan?
  13. HellMaryCards

    Hello Everyone

    I'm from Asia, and I like the NFL, unlike other people here. And I like the Cardinals. I like basketball too, and my favorite player was Charles Barkley.