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  1. RedRob

    AT&T Stadium now "Kyler World" For those of us who experienced Cowboy fan behavior at Sun Devil Stadium this is especially gratifying.
  2. RedRob

    Houston Anyone?

    Family is thinking a last minute to Houston to see the Cards live is likely. Any advice on tickets, where to stay, possible tailgate, etc. would be appreciated - driving in from Hill Country.
  3. RedRob

    SNL Skit Cards

    Okay so let's soak in the fact that the biggest movie franchise of all time had one of its actors on a long standing show open dialogue about the Arizona Cardinals - MY how things have changed. With that being said I'm surprised others haven't posted this here for all to enjoy...
  4. RedRob

    Get it on record - Playoff predictions, offense/defense, and other

    So I've consumed all things Cardinal that's there to digest online:) With that being said let's have some fun and keep the Cards discussion going. What are your: Playoff predictions for the team? Offensive player - Exceeds expectations Offensive player - Doesn't live up to expectations...
  5. RedRob

    My God How Things Have Changed!

    Appreciation doesn't fully sum up my feelings of having a team like our current Cardinals to cheer for... I've been a fan since the St. Louis days, if I had a dollar for the number of times I trolled some ***** bar that had a satellite feed (this is pre NFL Ticket) asking them to change the...
  6. RedRob

    Stanton and the deep ball

    Nice little article on the Card's site: To me it felt as if Drew launched the long ball more, the article confirms such. I have a funny feeling this season is going to come down to whether we can continue to...
  7. RedRob

    Background Story on Gill - Good Read

    Funny, remember the great OTA interception by PP a few weeks ago. I commented that the ball was I know why. Gill has previously clocked a ridiculous 4.19 40. Nice story from the Cards' site...
  8. RedRob

    Somers' Article - Spot On - Warner vs Palmer Signing
  9. RedRob

    Card Stadium - Inaugural Season Tickets

    I stumbled across this in my desk and thought some of you would enjoy. Every year the Cards send out season tickets in book format with 3-4 tickets per page that you can rip out. The inaugural season I decided to keep the book in tact, considering the ticket checkers only need the bar code I...
  10. RedRob

    Ware Signs, AZ Rep Nice Article on Leinart, Porter Charges Dropped

    Must be April Fool's Day. Especially Paula Boivin's article telling readers to look at Matt with fresh eyes. I'm going to Topeka the Porter situation to find out more:D
  11. RedRob

    Was the "Office" making fun of Matt?

    So my wife and I are watching the "Office" and laughing how we think David Wallace, Michael's boss, looks just like Leinart and lo and behold next scene they're sitting in the hot tob and David (Matt's twin brother) is holding a beer next to his face. Too similar to the infamous hot tub party...
  12. RedRob

    Grimm and the hot dog Love it.
  13. RedRob

    St. Louis - Don't Forget

    My how things have changed, it's easy to not get as excited playing the Rams as let's say playing the 49'ers or Vikings. We're playing against a 1-8 team in a game that does not have as much ramification as other games to come. Then I remind myself...having grown up in Southern Illinois...
  14. RedRob

    Slightly OT: The Browns on MNF

    The vast ineptitude of the Browns last night made me reflect on how far the Cardinals have progressed. I remember the days when we were lucky enough to get a MNF game (once every 3 years) and the description years ago of our team by the analysts was similar to the Browns...organization needs...
  15. RedRob

    DRC Practices! Rolle Doesn't
  16. RedRob

    Talked to Karlos Dansby Yesterday

    I made the long trek down to the Card's headquarters yesterday to pick up a fellow ASFN poster's tickets for him ;) and on the way out to my truck I end up on the sidewalk next to Karlos. I told him I have been a season ticket holder for years and was excited to see him in the Super Bowl, his...
  17. RedRob

    LaBoy Will Try to Play

    Per Somer's blog: I'm extremely hopefull that Travis can suit up and play at leat 75%. Not sure if the rest of you noticed this against the Eagles but our D Line, especially Berry, was flat out spent towards the end of the 3rd quarter and...
  18. RedRob

    Super Bowl Tickets - Let's make sure Cardinal fans get them!

    From what I can gather season ticket holders will be notified via mail Tuesday/Wednesday. Undoubtedly there are going to be more than a few season ticket holders that get drawn and can't make it to the game. If that happens to you I implore you to give folks from this board the first crack at...
  19. RedRob

    Jinxes - What's your opinion?

    I'm not referring to the cat that can flush, rather, whether we fans, we sidesitters and viewers, the emotionally invested and physically bankrupt influencers have an affect on the game. I bring this up as the leader of the darkside himself, Cheesebeef, has proclaimed victory. Of course you...
  20. RedRob

    Haley - Created the 3rd and 1 to Fitz completion on way to Carolina

    Great piece on a momentum shifting play. I love Haley (and Whiz's) aggressive approach:
  21. RedRob

    Pics of the belt awarded to Berry (LaBoy's creation)

    I'm not too much of a fan of the WWF and the like but I have to admit this belt is pretty damn cool:
  22. RedRob

    Lowered Expectations

    Did you ever catch the Mad TV skit in which they had a dating service called, Lowered Expectations? They would have dumpy, frumpy, overweight, dishelved people recording their pitch for a date, and sometimes even has been stars would shoot a video. It was hilarious...
  23. RedRob

    I need the Cards of old today

    For so many years we played the underdog role. And yes every now and then we actually upset a team. I guess it was hard not to do when you're picked to lose 14 out of 16 games. I'm not used to following a decent team that's supposed to win games. It seems we win the obvious ones (the Rams)...
  24. RedRob

    Cards Song from XTRA 910

    We Do This Together
  25. RedRob

    Playoff Tickets Anyone? Face value if you want them

    Mods - I posted this here to give a Cardinal fan a chance to buy playoff tickets versus some out of towner getting them. If not appropriate I apologize, please remove thread. My wife and I have decided to not fork out the dough for our 4 seats (Section 111 - Lower bowl, behind Cards). We...