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  1. stretchthefield

    Mock draft of the day - 3/28

    Not a lot of help for the O, Lee at linebacker though...
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    Mock draft of the day 3/25

    How would you like it if the draft played out as such:
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    Draft of the day - 3/24

    What do you say?
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    Supplemental draft today

    The supplemental draft is today, anyone see the Cards making a bid? Eligible players Quaylon Ewing-Burton, CB, Boise State Josh Gordon, WR, Utah/Baylor Adam Harris, RB, Syracuse Adrian Haughton, OT, Iowa State Larry Lumpkin, LB, Carson-Newman Montez Robinson, DE, Georgia...
  5. stretchthefield

    Top players available for day 2 of draft, per PFW

    Highest-rated players remaining on draft board April 28, 2007 The following list comprises the most highly ranked players still available to be drafted, regardless of position. We start with a list of the top 150 players, based on the final draft ratings of PFW personnel analyst Nolan...
  6. stretchthefield

    San Diego not done dealing?

    GBN article; Bolts put star vet LB on block… San Diego G.M. A.J. Smith has confirmed that the Chargers have notified the rest of the NFL that veteran LB Donnie Edwards is available for trade. Smith would not confirm what might pry Edwards away, but it is a good bet that the Chargers would be...
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    RB notes from the combine (from CDS)

    NEWS AND NOTES: 2005 NFL COMBINE-INDIANAPOLIS, IN From Feb 24-25 By: Adam Davis-Consensus Draft Services RONNIE BROWN RB AUBURN 600 233 The day ended with Ronnie Brown making the media wait on his arrival. When asked about the great backs out of Auburn like Carnell and Rudi Johnson he said...
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    List of who's available for day two of the draft

    Courtesy of MOUSE on the kffl board. QUARTERBACKS 6. Cody Pickett- Washington 7. John Navarre- Michigan 8. Jeff Smoker- Michigan State 9. Josh Harris- Bowling Green 10. Luke McCown- Louisiana State 11. Robert Kent- Jackson State 12. Eric Rasmussen- San Diego 13. Jared...
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    Mock Draft Fever

    Been checking out all of your mock drafts and put one together of my own. I’m going with a trade down in the first to the 6-11th pick range with a second round pick included in the trade down, also going with a 3rd round comp. pick. 1. DE, Will Smith, Ohio State – Speed (Jason Taylor type...
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    Chargers waive CB-Tay Cody

    Sign him up
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    Day 2, who do we take in 5th-7th rounds

    Still Available; CB's Dennis Weathersby & Shane Walton, Brian Mance, Rhett Nelson. Safeties Terrance Holt, Antwoine Sanders, Cato June, Anthony Floyd, Willie Pile. DT's Nick Eason, Rein Long, Ian Scott, Colin Cole, Jarret Johnson, Matt Walters, James Lee. DE's Tully Banta Cain...
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    Cards blurb from Peter Kings Monday morning QB column

    THE CARDINALS REALLY DEPRESS THIS GUY. From Ed DeLorenzi of Jackson, N.J.: "As a huge Cardinals fan, I feel like a girl who dressed for the prom but finds no one will dance with her because she forgot deodorant! Even Pat Tillman would rather be jumping out of planes getting shot at than to play...
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    Opinions on Adalius Thomas anyone? EdB?

    If Holliday or Okeafor do not accept a contract, I think Thomas may be a good fit. He's improved in each of his first three seasons and has good speed. A negative is we would have to give up our 6th round draft pick. Adalius Thomas (BAL) Given the low tender by the Ravens Player Data...