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    2021 Training Camp Thread

    The signing of Dortch may be very significant. I read this that Moore looks so good they don’t want the injury risk of using him on kick returns. If I’m correct this is great news. Too often last year field position was compromised by the lack of a return game. Dortch is not a major upgrade but...
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    ESPN Quoting an Unnamed Scout

    Just something to pass the time until we can get serious. I’m not sure if he’s a bell cow but I expect him to have a productive year. He was a good signing at that price.
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    Former Cardinals on Keim

    I’m not here to defend all aspects of the Keim tenure, but Peterson, especially in the last few years, has come off more like a spoiled child. We’ll see if Minn. is right that his skills have not deteriorated. My impression is he’s still good, but not great. He whines to the officials and tries...
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    ESPN Quoting an Unnamed Scout

    “He's very talented. Some of issues are outside of him -- I don't think [the Cardinals'] style of play is conducive to winning big games late in the season," an AFC scout said. "Even though the NFL is more open with more passing, really good teams still put an emphasis on defense and running the...
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    OT-ish: Cards Looking for a New Beat Writer

    When the old version of this site was tied to Rivals I was paid to write for it. It was a ton of work, especially in season. I’d write a preview of each game. Then a recap post game. Mid-week you’d need to constantly find topics of interest to hold your audience. I did an elaborate draft...
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    The Rich Get Richer

    Sadly that’s how our economic system works. If people will pay it, people will charge it. I think there is room for a low cost business model. It’s been tried but never with enough capital to succeed. They would have a small salary caps and offer lower price tickets and services. There should...
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    The Rich Get Richer

    Didn’t miss the point. If COVID didn’t exist this wouldn’t be a thread. Hypotheticals aside, modern football teams are diverse companies with multiple revenue streams. My point was don’t let whining of some teams fool you. The vast majority of NFL teams made money. Not nearly as much as 2019...
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    The Rich Get Richer

    It’s important to understand the investment funds that produced the $98 mil profit came from previous NFL earnings. Creating this fund is no different from increasing the seating in a stadium to gain revenue. The previous profit is left on the teams books for tax advantages. Without the football...
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    The Rich Get Richer

    Before anyone feels too sorry for the NFL because of COVID, they might want to take note of this from The Athletic, “The NFL’s national revenues, comprised primarily of TV and sponsorships, rose $422.4 million to nearly $10 billion in 2020, at a time the league and the rest of the world were...
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    OT-ish: Cards Looking for a New Beat Writer

    Thanks posters. I appreciate the emails but I’m retired. I’ve turned down 2 writing jobs within the last year and noting would be tempting enough to make me power up my keyboard. Posts on here are the most I can offer. I do appreciate your thoughts that my stuff is worth reading.
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    Valid Kicker Question

    USA Today questioned this week who would handle kickoffs for the Cards. This first came up when the Cards signed Prater, who had been so weak at this aspect, the Lions did not use him in this role. Some teams use their punter, but this is not a skill Lee possesses. The Cards will have Tyler...
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    OT: They really couldn’t find an actor to play Kurt Warner that knows how to throw a football

    The guy may not be able to throw a football effectively but I heard he’s great at stacking cans of vegetables on a shelf.
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    PFT on Kliff

    Changes coaches may set a franchise back but if KK doesn’t become the guy to take them forward there is no option.
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    Bryon "don't call me the third wheel" Murphy

    Good #3, but I’ve seen nothing to convince me he’d be a good 2.
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    How Will Teams Handle the Shortened Preseason?

    The only significant rule change is there will be no overtime in preseason. Other than that it’s simply one less game. Historically the 4th game has featured few players expected to start. Usually that type of player is typically only playing if recovering from injury. Occasionally a new QB who...
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    Zaven Collins arrested

    No denying his actions were stupid. That said his relatively quick release with no additional charges filed (public records should have shown) would seem to indicate we know the full extent of the foolishness. I think it’s unlikely he gets any thing other than a severe warning for his behavior...
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    Zaven Collins arrested

    I know from personal experience that it is harder to do background checks on prospects from second line schools. There is a lower media profile and if issues arise it’s often easier for the school to keep them under wraps. I too want to wait until more details are in but clearly this is not the...
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    Has COVID Robbed the NFL of its Marketing Touch?

    The NFL has for years mastered the ability to dominate headlines even in the off-season. This year has been different. No combine, limited mini-camps and limited player workouts have left NFL fans with little original material to discuss. Whether this will impact long term popularity is unclear...
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    5 Things Needed to Win 11 Games

    I received an interesting email yesterday that asked, “What would have to happen for the Cards to win 11 games?” After a little thought here’s my top of the mind response. AJ Green returns to being an impact receiver Cards get lucky and have few season ending injuries Murray improves his...
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    The Cards Seem Confused About the Passing Game

    I used that number a few times myself. It’s tough to think we’re now using odd numbers. It’s a little early to project. I expect a TE & maybe a CB that could impact the number. Also injuries are always a concern. However, to avoid be accused of ducking the question, if the season started...
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    The Cards Seem Confused About the Passing Game

    I was just reading an article on the Cards’ site about how after Murray’s leg injury he averaged only 6.5 yds per pass attempt. I don’t have the time to go play by play but I’m quite sure that a more normal number would have been obtained if the Cards had stopped throwing so many passes behind...
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    Mini camp day 1, 06/08/21

    I think there’s a rules issue there, but if no one noticed it would be easier to pick up blitzes.
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    Julio to the Titans

    Miami had no line. Tannehill was always running for his life. The Cards will need to muster a rush that makes him feel like he’s back there. He played very controlled last year. The Cards can’t afford to allow that in this game. They need to get to him early & often.
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    Cards sign CB Darqueze Dennard

    I don’t know if this group is better than last year’s. I know it’s mediocre.