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  1. Snakester

    I know the zaven Collins thread got locked but here is some info on arrest

    Seeing no DUI makes me happy. Some of the nicer cars you can barely notice 80 mph
  2. Snakester

    OT: Moving from Illinois to Phoenix area. Suggestions??

    I’m with you here. I’m getting ready to retire and get a place as well in Arizona. I’m going to rent a place for the first year so I can really spend some time out there getting to know the area before I buy. I have found some apartments across from the stadium that I’m going to check out. They...
  3. Snakester

    Maybe something or maybe nothing

    My nephew practiced with AB and Cam and told me both were nice guys and worked hard.
  4. Snakester

    Bucs want Larry Fitzgerald

    Larry is a step slower but hasn’t lost his other skills. His numbers are down because he’s not been thrown to near as much. He’s still a thousand yard receiver if given the chance.
  5. Snakester

    Rodney Hudson is a Cardinal

    Not quite. Tom Banks holds that title.
  6. Snakester

    Raiders release Gabe Jackson

    There’s our RG gitter done Keim
  7. Snakester

    Keep Reddick

    I’m all for keeping Reddick. Pass rushers are hard to find and he’s young. He needs to be kept for multiple reasons. 1. He’s in his prime 2. Both Chandler Jones and JJ Watt are at the end of their careers. 3. He’s a very good pass rusher that we drafted and looks like he will have a great...
  8. Snakester

    What Does Watt Mean to the Cards?

    exactly what I was thinking
  9. Snakester

    What Does Watt Mean to the Cards?

    I hope the Cards are able to sign Reddick. The guy finally shows why we drafted him in the first round and he is just coming into his prime years. It's like letting a young Fitz go just when his career is going to take off.
  10. Snakester

    What Does Watt Mean to the Cards?

    Wanted Gabe Jackson in the draft. Would still take him.
  11. Snakester

    Best Players Available for Trade on Cap Strapped Teams

    David DeCastro. Solid RG
  12. Snakester

    Taking a Round 1 Tight End

    I wouldn't draft a TE in the first round either. Like you showed they are not usually worth such a high pick. In this draft we need to pick a future pro bowler preferably one of OL, WR, CB or DL.
  13. Snakester

    Gardeck ACL

    Keep him. He won't cost much.
  14. Snakester

    How about kurt warner as our next head coach?

    I don't know about head coach, but quarterbacks coach hell yes. At the most assistant OC.
  15. Snakester

    In the upcoming Draft, which way would you prefer we play it?

    1 or 2. We have needs everywhere. WR or top o-lineman in first. RB in second or third round. On defense CB and DL in first two rounds. So our first two picks in the draft should be the two best out of WR, CB, DL,OL. In free agency The two best we can find at those positions. If we do it right we...
  16. Snakester

    Goodbye Fitz

    i would love to see Fitz finish breaking all the records before he retires. I think even Fitz has to realize that he will have to take a pay cut. 5 or 6 million I think would be a fair deal for both sides
  17. Snakester

    Drafting Isaiah Simmons played a huge role in costing the Cardinals a playoff spot

    The best thing we can do is get a good DC. Joseph has been terrible.
  18. Snakester

    Fun STL Big Red Article

    Thanks Harry I enjoyed that. The Cardiac Cards were so exciting to watch back then.
  19. Snakester

    The Paul Principle

    I still think we need a DC. Think of how much better this team would be with a top DC. Why do we have to put up 30 points to win.
  20. Snakester

    injuries to DL

    I would like to see us pick up either or both of Dontari Poe and Marcell Dareus. Both are proven run stuffers. We just have too many injuries right now on our D-line.
  21. Snakester

    ILB is a huge need even if Simmons blossoms into a Star

    As long as we are picking 32nd I won’t mind.
  22. Snakester

    Game Review: ARZ 37 SEA 34

    Thanks for the play by play! A very good read and enjoy your personal thoughts.
  23. Snakester

    Kelvin Beachum, under rated signing

    Gotta give Keim credit this year. He's done a good job. Glad to have a good offensive line finally.