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  1. JeffGollin

    Former Cardinals on Keim

    Posting glitch - Pls ignore.
  2. JeffGollin

    Former Cardinals on Keim

    Lots of winks and nod, but very few specifics as to why the Cardinals FO reputation isn't better.
  3. JeffGollin

    Brett Hundley

    I'm not saying the Cardinal FO is right or wrong, but I think the ongoing philosophy of the team is that the money/cap space that would otherwise go toward Teddy Bridgewater-caliber QB depth could better be used to bolster other roster positions.
  4. JeffGollin

    2021 Training Camp Thread

    I don't think most of the overly positive or overly negative postings bear any reality. The unusual COVID environment has cut off the fans' knowledge of the players so that the "doom and gloom" and Kool Aide assessments are little more than mere guesses. We won't know who this...
  5. JeffGollin

    2021 Training Camp Thread

    The closest each newcomer plays up to his reputation on paper, the likelihood increases that the Cards will play well enough to make the playoffs. Of course, injuries, lack of intensity etc. can bite a big hole in that equation.
  6. JeffGollin

    PFT on Kliff

    Was the problem "play-calling?" Or was it "inconsistent execution?" I think our problems converting 3rd downs stemmed mostly from plays poorly carried out.
  7. JeffGollin

    Chandler Jones requested a trade

    Pretty much par for the course: CJ has overdelivered. The team paid big bucks for one sack, This figures to be a loss-loss for both parties. It will take a modicum of creativity and a degree of trust to turn this into a win-win (& I'm not optimistic).
  8. JeffGollin

    ESPN Quoting an Unnamed Scout

    I'll try to clarify: If the coaches and management base decisions today on what they think will happen tomorrow, they'll risk making poor decisions based on what they think might happen instead rof what they know for a fact today. The future is full of unknowns - like injuries, snippiness over...
  9. JeffGollin

    Hopkins Threatens to Retire Over NFL Vaccine Policy

    The biggest threat is getting COVID and dying.
  10. JeffGollin

    ESPN Quoting an Unnamed Scout

    There's something a bit strange about ownership and / or mgt. running their team on the basis of what they think will happen in the future.
  11. JeffGollin

    Cards release C Lamont Gaillard

    I don't think the coaches would pass judgment so early in the TC process. Something more must be going on. It's not as if we had Pro Bowl backup depth. Why thin out a position so early?
  12. JeffGollin

    OT-ish: Cards Looking for a New Beat Writer

    Betcha Walter would prefer to stay in New England.
  13. JeffGollin

    The Rich Get Richer

    The Pandemic, all the fallout and disruptions to our culture is part of the normal way of life today. Climate change is our new normal. Either adhjust or die. As a species, we're all in this together. I wish the very best for the Cardinals and the Bidwills - but no more or less than anyone...
  14. JeffGollin

    Happy New league year 21-22 edition

    So-o..They question an NFLN panel on about "which defensive player or unit will be the biggest surprise factor in its team's turnaround. Dumb, me, I'm secretly hoping it will be the Cardinals and Isiah Simmons. But I know deep down that they'll go in a different direction. But, lo & behold, a...
  15. JeffGollin

    You can take Richard Sherman off your FA Wish list

    Can he cover and tackle? Does he make you uncomfortable rooting for him. El Gasso Tanko? All else is a distraction.
  16. JeffGollin

    Which College Football Team Has The Biggest Online Following? Here’s A List…

    Alabama, Auburn, Clemson and Ohio St figure to be high on the list. But I'm guessing Notre Dame.
  17. JeffGollin

    12 Training Camp Dates open to Public

    Is 1:30 - 2:00 enough time for a practice - session to be productivr? How does the Cardinal training sked details stack up agaist those of other teams?
  18. JeffGollin

    Valid Kicker Question

    Point well taken, but time will tell whether the upgrade was succesful.
  19. JeffGollin

    Cardinals GM: If Larry Fitzgerald is ready to play, ‘we’ll have a spot for him’

    That's for Larry and the Cards to work out. If they can't, then it should be "game over." Note - I have no problem with Larry filling the role of Elder Statesman" from a WR6 vantage point.
  20. JeffGollin

    Valid Kicker Question

    My criticism of the lteam's failure to address specific roster-weaknesses was intended to single out lacks of urgency addressing OL, CB2 etc. and not K or P. Quite possibly, the reason for ignoring OL and CB2 while being more aggressive trying to upgrade K or P may have more to do with mgt...
  21. JeffGollin

    Cardinals GM: If Larry Fitzgerald is ready to play, ‘we’ll have a spot for him’

    I'd like the Cardinal brass to carve out a specific role for Larry centered on ways he can use his unique talents to make the team better than it would otherwise be. Otherwise we might be setting him and the team up for a major wheel-spin and disappointment.
  22. JeffGollin

    Valid Kicker Question

    Looking back over the years - a depressing characteristic of our team has been to shrug its shoulders and ignore roster weaknesses year after year - most notably OL and most recetly CB2. We should be aware by now that a roster-hole, however "no big deal", can destroy a season.
  23. JeffGollin

    PFT on Kliff

    No clamor on my part, because I wasn't aware what was happening until BA already stepped down. Then, after it happened that sinking feeling that we let another good guy get away. I'm not sure where we should point fingers only to say that the Cardinal brass needs to recognize quality when...
  24. JeffGollin

    Bucks @ Suns Thursday Finals game thread 7-8-2021 - Game 2

    K1 got us to 8 & 8, but the case could be made that his flaws prevented us from winning more than 8 games. But not entirely - our defense had some serious handicaps. It lost the lion's share of one-on-one battles and couldn't get off the field on third downs. While improvements by Kyler should...
  25. JeffGollin

    PFT on Kliff

    Funny - I spelled it "Wilkes" despite knowing better. Dude's name seems more "Wilkes" than "Wilks", so I preferred to spell it that way.