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  1. SissyBoyFloyd

    OT: They really couldn’t find an actor to play Kurt Warner that knows how to throw a football

    Instead of a whole movie, they should just do a cutaway segment on Family Guy with Chris playing Kurt and Stewie playing his wife, first meeting as he is stocking shelves at Piggly Wiggly Supermarket. Peter can play **** Vermeil coaching Kurt/Chris to the Super Bowl. This would suffice for...
  2. SissyBoyFloyd

    WR N’Keal Harry has requested a trade out of New England

    I would make the trade. We could use him as a big TE type in goal line/red zone situations. I think he would be very good as that kind of situational player.
  3. SissyBoyFloyd

    For Us Older Long Suffering Suns' Fans

    I can remember that bonehead pick by the Suns like it was yesterday. I have never forgot it, it was just such a stupid move. They had done their homework just fine for weeks and were all set up to take Ron Harper who was a real stud. Then, like complete dummies, and with the rest of the...
  4. SissyBoyFloyd

    For Us Older Long Suffering Suns' Fans

    How do you expect you will feel if the Suns, after all these years, finally win the Championship?. I go all the way back to the Connie Hawkins days, still feel the Boston/Phoenix game 5 in the '76 finals is the best game ever played, and have often felt I would never see it happen. So if Hell...
  5. SissyBoyFloyd

    Countdown to 2 million posts in Cards Forum

    atlas attic atoll atria atone attar atman atony atrip atilt atomy atoms To name a few.
  6. SissyBoyFloyd

    What does our WR starting lineup look like?

    Trying to be objective, how do our starting Receivers stack up vs other teams' top starters, especially in our own division? WR1 WR2 WR3 Slot TE RB Also, I am most concerned about our RBs and Running Game? I just don't have a lot of faith in any team that can't run the ball, especially...
  7. SissyBoyFloyd

    Countdown to 2 million posts in Cards Forum

    Grammar Police say to never end a sentence with a preposition. The "at" is not needed. And I have no clue where we are. However the stats to the right say we are over 4 million posts.
  8. SissyBoyFloyd

    I'm Way Overdue Creating a Poll

    So here goes. Express Yourself!
  9. SissyBoyFloyd

    Which guys are you looking forward to the most this season?

    I don't like that I feel this way, but I am excited to see lots of players on other teams in both conferences this coming season. Not sure why, but not too many players on the Cards am I that enamored with. Sort of like loving your car, but don't care so much thinking about the individual...
  10. SissyBoyFloyd

    1st Current NFL Player Announces He's Gay

    My only thoughts on the subject are that I wish very one of the gay and bi pro players would stop hiding in the closet. They are making it harder for others who come out and who want to come out. If they all would just get together and come out together, I feel the problem and fear would go...
  11. SissyBoyFloyd

    PFT on Kliff

    We are in a division which will always be tough. And so many teams are getting better and harder to beat each year. As long as we stay at .500 or above there is hope that we can have a breakout year in the near future. KK should and will keep learning how to win in the NFL, so unless we just...
  12. SissyBoyFloyd

    I know the zaven Collins thread got locked but here is some info on arrest

    I think we are probably just a couple years away from cars regulating themselves to some degree based on them being able to read and know the posted speed limits and adjusting the speed the car can go. Maybe speeding tickets will soon be a thing of the past, and/or the blame will be on the...
  13. SissyBoyFloyd

    Zaven Collins arrested

    In an alternate reality I, and I would bet that a lot of you, did things when young that resulted in other's death. We were lucky to get away with it in this universe/reality. I still shudder at the thought of things I did as a teen/young adult that should have resulted in god knows what all...
  14. SissyBoyFloyd

    Zaven Collins arrested

    Just wait until the players get hip to the electric cars that go 0-60 in 3 seconds or less. I keep wondering why and how these car companies are making . that can now go 165 mph and are competing to see whose can go 0-60 the quickest. Where do they think buyers are going to drive these cars...
  15. SissyBoyFloyd

    DeAndre Hopkins would re-do Contact to trade for Julio Jones

    Seein' me and Julio Down by the schoolyard
  16. SissyBoyFloyd

    Fantasy Sports and Sports Gambling Finally Legal Az

    I suppose all that is left after we have legalized smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling, and state executions is to legalize prostitution, gay marriage, and lower the age of sexual consent to 13. Then, I believe AZ will have all the bases covered. The complete flaunting of immorality in the face...
  17. SissyBoyFloyd

    State Of The Team

    Don't forget that wonderful designed play he introduced that beat the Bills in the last seconds.
  18. SissyBoyFloyd

    Greetings from Austria

    I was beat to it. Was going to demonstrate how pathetically bad Americans are at geography by saying: "Welcome, I used to live down under for a couple years." But CardCubFan beat me to the joke, and with something even better. At least I hope it was a joke. Welcome and Nice to have you...
  19. SissyBoyFloyd

    Cards allocated TE Bernhard Seikovits in International Dev Program

    What's next? Does Keim has his eye on any particular peewee players?
  20. SissyBoyFloyd

    NFL Alternate Universe Draft for Cardinals - 2010-2021

    Yes, that would have been a great alternate reality for all of us, Russ.
  21. SissyBoyFloyd

    Draft Grade

    I can't justify anything above a C when being objective. R1 - just seems like there may have been better players available going by who so many of the pundits were excited about, plus apparent we had much bigger positional needs. Pundits aren't what's important though, history will decide the...
  22. SissyBoyFloyd

    Describe your most Memorable 1st Time NFL Experience

    Could be a first time experience for you, or any 1st time NFL happening that you experienced first hand, or if not NFL, then some other well known or world wide occurrence of historical significance that you were present at. I snuck into the 1st AFL/NFL Championship Game when I was a teenager...
  23. SissyBoyFloyd

    NFL Alternate Universe Draft for Cardinals - 2010-2021

    I don't remember the whole situation that long ago. But did we sign Warner thinking he was a long term solution at QB considering his experience in NY? If we questioned that scenario, why weren't we looking for a young QB in that draft? And so, why would we pass on Rogers, who I sort of...
  24. SissyBoyFloyd

    NFL Alternate Universe Draft for Cardinals - 2010-2021

    What could have been in this Universe in retrospect, from players who were actually available to us, with (our actual pick) in parenthesis. 2010 - R1.27 - Devin McCourty, CB (Dan Williams, DT) 2011 - R1.5 - Julio Jones, WR (Patrick Peterson, CB) 2012 - R1.13 - Michael Brockers, DT...
  25. SissyBoyFloyd

    Do We have much FA $$ left to fill our positions of need?

    I am assuming we don't have much. But if I am wrong there are some big names in areas of need I believe are still available, like: DL Jurrell Casey (Broncos) Geno Atkins (Bengals) Corey Peters (Cardinals) Tyrone Crawford (Cowboys) Danny Shelton (Lions) CBs Richard Sherman (49ers) Bashaud...