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    Note to Peterson

    He’s a bit butt hurt JJ got paid. Remember, they we drafted in the same class.
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    Chandler Jones requested a trade

    I am basing it on his style of play and relatively healthy career up to last year.
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    Chandler Jones requested a trade

    What could they trade Chandler for? I’d be shocked if they’d get a 2nd since the new team would also have to cut him a huge slice of the pie. If he has a contract year (which he is fully capable of doing) and bounces in FA, we will have an opportunity for a 3rd rd compensatory. I don’t like the...
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    2021 NFL COVID Related. No Personal or Political Attacks!

    At the beginning of this year, I worked the ICU in the Bronx 72hrs a week for 6 weeks. All but 3 or 4 of my 50+ patients were COVID-19. Upon arriving I was asked if I wanted to get the vaccine and I said I would (if I was going into the lions den, why decline to take a sword and shield?). That...
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    Suns @ Bucks Tuesday Finals game thread 7-20-2021 - Game 6

    Ayton is getting owned
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    Ram rb Cam Akers blown achilles

    The side bar question: how did this happen, where, and will he be covered? I had a guy who plays in the league come into a clinic I was running a few months ago, who injured his ankle doing some recreational things, and asked me to treat him off the books (because I’ve always had a little...
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    OT-ish: Cards Looking for a New Beat Writer

    Watch Walter get this job.... he’s been called by name/ had his articles cited on 98.7...
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    Suns @ Bucks Wednesday Finals game thread 7-14-2021 - Game 4

    “It’s not about how hard you can hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving.”
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    Happy for the Valley and for you guys

    I pretty much quit in 1995 too. I watched a little bit of 1998-1999, but the strike tainted it for me. I hate to feel like a bandwagoner (I don’t think I am), but this team has really rejuvenated my interest. It really has nothing to do with them “finally winning one,” but rather the character...
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    Are getting the same vibe now as in 1993?

    Ya, prior to Chuck coming, the Suns were a hot item. After his arrival, everything exploded. I’m not just talking about the fan base, but the entire Valley. The finals of 93 put the Phoenix area on the map nationally. We used to take baseline all the way out to power road and it was desert the...
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    Suns @ Clippers Wednesday WCF game thread 6-30-2021 - Game 6

    “**** your momma...” show me a statute, rule, policy, or other regulation that says your weapons free to assault someone....
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    Suns @ Clippers Wednesday WCF game thread 6-30-2021 - Game 6

    “I see your true colors shining through....” beverley should be ejected.
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    Suns @ Clippers Wednesday WCF game thread 6-30-2021 - Game 6

    We have ourselves a gunfight.
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    Which guys are you looking forward to the most this season?

    Our 2 inside linebackers. And I was always on offense guy.
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    PFT on Kliff

    I have no faith in Kliff. It was a joke of a hire when it was announced, and I think it will continue to be such. Its really a shame, because we have a roster that can make the playoffs. I hope he proves me wrong, but I think we wasted a rookie contract.
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    Bryon "don't call me the third wheel" Murphy

    Well to be fair, he did say he expected a big year from Hasson Reddick.
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    How Will Teams Handle the Shortened Preseason?

    I would have rather seen them expand the playoff bracket.
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    Zaven Collins arrested

    its actually my nickname from my ball playing days. It was bestowed on me by Mikel Moreno.
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    Zaven Collins arrested

    I forget the exact numbers (because it’s a all on a scale based on the posted speed limit), but I believe 25 over in a 35-45 is criminal; he doubled the posted speed limit. It all comes down to officer discretion (I’ve was popped doing 90 in a 65 on my way to LV, which I was told “I can write...
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    Budda Baker has COVId

    make surfing the web easier too.
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    Budda Baker has COVId

    True Story.
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    Budda Baker has COVId

    My brother in law (Army intel officer) mysteriously developed a bradycardiac arrhythmia and ambulatory hypotensive BP that hovers around 90 systolic after his 1st shot. He is currently wearing a monitor 24/7. Doc advised him to forgo the 2nd vax. The vaccines do not have the research behind them...
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    Cardinals GM: If Larry Fitzgerald is ready to play, ‘we’ll have a spot for him’

    I feel it’s just the opposite; I think if he was done he would have already said so. Im inclined to believe he comes back for 2021.
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    Cardinals GM: If Larry Fitzgerald is ready to play, ‘we’ll have a spot for him’

    I think we are going to hear something about Fitz and what he wants to do with his football career after the Suns season is over. I strongly believe he has more to do with that team and their success than just owning a share and catching a game.
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    5 Things Needed to Win 11 Games

    Here's a glaring need: Kyler hitting receivers in the middle of the field more. There were a lot of open guys he was missing over the middle.