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  1. daves

    2021 Schedule

    How is it unfair to any team? Do you think the NFC representative in the Super Bowl will have a disadvantage vs. the AFC representative, having played an additional game on the road during the regular season?! ...dave
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    Cardinals GM: If Larry Fitzgerald is ready to play, ‘we’ll have a spot for him’

    DeAndre Hopkins Looking For His Own Nirvana ...dave
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    Note to Peterson

    He pointed up at the stands after an interception?! What a LOSER!! ...dave
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    Former Cardinals on Keim

    Seems as though it's the nature of the business that in some cases you want a player back, but then the opportunity presents itself to upgrade and the GM has to go back on what he may have told a player. Or alternatively, the GM might think he's going to be able to upgrade at a position but...
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    15 thoughts - training camp

    Blah blah... when you say "We’ll be lucky to win 8 games. Take the under" you may or may not be right, but by definition you're definitely being a Debbie Downer. ...dbs
  6. daves

    15 thoughts - training camp

    Yes, you literally are. ...dbs
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    2021 NFL COVID Related. No Personal or Political Attacks!

    Large study finds COVID-19 is linked to a substantial drop in intelligence
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    Hopkins Threatens to Retire Over NFL Vaccine Policy

    Wow, sorry to hear what you've been through, but here's some potentially good news: Why Vaccines May Be Helping Some With Long COVID ...dave
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    Who has the most pressure this season

    Dude you literally asked how it's a good exchange, check Ouchie posited some measures that would make it clearly an upgrade, which are not depicted in the chart. You didn't ask "how does this chart prove that it was an upgrade", but even if you had, the chart does show that it was an upgrade...
  10. daves

    Who has the most pressure this season

    Do you have trouble comprehending charts, or are you just trying to stir the ***? The chart clearly shows that Butler was average in PD, while Peterson was 5% below average, by whatever measure. Dunno why you would act as though they were equivalent on that measure when the chart clearly shows...
  11. daves

    PP Feels Appreciated in Minnesota

    Not only that, but plenty of times the other team gives a player less, but his pride kept him from being able to take the original team's offer, and then he and his agent spin it.... ...dbs
  12. daves

    PP Feels Appreciated in Minnesota

    Jefferson? Please provide references. Arians? OK Mitch! "Apparently" Chandler Jones? We'll see! ...dbs
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    OTAs ??

    Wow... that's a lot of words below but the fact remains that the part of your previous post that i quoted, "even as a relatively skilled worker, you're lucky to get two weeks of vacation with a few holidays off", is not true. ALL government employees and the "average" private sector employee...
  14. daves

    OTAs ??

    Huh?! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average private sector employee with just one year of service does get 2 weeks of paid vacation, not counting sick days or the 10 federal holidays. After 5 years it's about 2.5 weeks, and after 10 it's around 3 weeks. ...dbs
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    Rookie Mini Camp

    Dang, ya beat me to it! :biglaugh: ...dave
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    Rookie Mini Camp

  17. daves

    2021 Schedule

    Well now, welcome to 2011. That's when that article was first posted. If you really believe NFL oddsmakers today give home teams a 3-point advantage automatically, you're living in the past. Overall home...
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    2021 Schedule

    Welcome to 2013! That's the last time home teams outscored away teams by 3 points per game in the regular season (3.2 to be exact), and even then the average betting line favored home teams by 2.8. In 2014, the average point differential was -2.5, which matched the average betting line. In...
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    Jordan Hicks given permission by team to seek trade

    Have the Cardinals announced that Collins will start and won't have to compete in camp? I mean, sure, the writing's on the wall, but Hicks could've chosen to fight for his spot & force the rookie to earn his time. Instead he asked for a trade. :shrug: ...dave
  20. daves

    Kingsbury's Air Raid

    Yeah, i should've qualified my post to note that i wasn't just responding to you, but to the general tenor of the board lately. You don't have to look far around here to learn that the Cards have the worst GM, a terrible HC with a scheme that will never work in the NFL and an inability to...
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    Kingsbury's Air Raid

    It's incredible that an idiot coach who can't design plays or adapt to defenses, with a lousy O-line, 2nd year QB who spends all his time gaming, one good WR, mediocre RBs, journeyman TEs, and a horrible kicker managed to produce the #13-ranked offense (#6 by yards). Might as well give up hope...
  22. daves

    State Of The Team

    Really? I mean, obviously the Rams thought so to give up so much to get Stafford, but... Stafford has a career 89.9 passer rating (96.3 last year), while Goff has a career 91.5 rating (90.0 last year). McVay obviously thinks Stafford is a better fit for his system, and i've always liked...
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    2021 Draft Day 3 Thread

    Lotta excitement about this pick, clearly! 10 minutes later and ESPN hasn't mentioned it & not a single comment here.:biglaugh: ...dave
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    Legal Tampering period thread and Free agency.

    I certainly didn't think they were great, or even above average, but just to put things in perspective... according to PFF, the Cardinals' O-line was 12th best in the league. ...dbs
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    OT DeShaun Watson

    Hotline calls are one thing... of the 1/3 that are meritless, i'd wager that most don't end up in lawsuits or criminal cases. And even if EVERY ONE of the complaints against Watson has a 1/3 chance of being false, the chances of ALL 22 being false are (1/3) ^ 22 = 0.00000000003.2. (Of course...