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  1. AZCrazy

    Chandler Jones requested a trade

    Pittsburgh is a sinking ship. Trade Jones and whatever for TJ Watt and let the brothers line up together.
  2. AZCrazy

    Rumor: Lakers Seeking Sign & Trade for CP3

    Do the Leakers have an MVP caliber point guard they want to trade back in return? If not, go chow excrement.
  3. AZCrazy

    Suns @ Bucks Wednesday Finals game thread 7-14-2021 - Game 4

    The Bucks played a near perfect game, and we sucked in every phase last game. It's unlikely for that to happen again to quite those extremes. Outside of Crowder, we couldn't hit a shot. Even our uncanny free throw shooting looked atrocious, like they were playing on oval carnival rims...
  4. AZCrazy

    The Suns are a championship outlier, not a template...

    Talent alone, even on some of these 'superteams' doesn't usually get the title. The me first attitudes of stars-for-hire will get in the way. The selflessness of this team is its defining characteristic. These are all good men. Hasn't been that long since we were rostered up with...
  5. AZCrazy

    Bucks @ Suns Thursday Finals game thread 7-8-2021 - Game 2

    I'm not too down on Ayton. He got beat this game like Crowder did last game, but his guys picked him up and they won big, again. Took the best shot Giannis could throw at them. who played one of the best games in playoff history, and got way more than his share of help from the refs...
  6. AZCrazy

    WR N’Keal Harry has requested a trade out of New England

    Harry doesn't have anyone throwing to him in NE. Maybe Mac Jones will pan out, but I'd bring him here in a heartbeat as a 5th WR.
  7. AZCrazy

    Bucks @ Suns Tuesday Finals game thread 7-6-2021 - Game 1

    One guy had a rough game. Everyone else was nails. It was a huge win. Next game Crowder will be fine. Maybe someone else will have a tough time and his team will pick him up. That game was awesome.
  8. AZCrazy

    SF Giants @ Arizona Diamondbacks series thread July 1-July 4, 2021

    Now if we can win our next 75 in a row, we'll equal our best season record.
  9. AZCrazy

    I know the zaven Collins thread got locked but here is some info on arrest

    That's not the battle you want to fight. Go put your sweatpants on and cook some kale for your 'friends' until its time to drive your Prius to the therapist.
  10. AZCrazy

    PFT on Kliff

    Kliff took over a 3 win horrid team, and went 5-10 his first year and we were actually competitive in many of those games, with a rookie QB to boot. We would have been 10-6 last year if our kicker could hit a 40 yard FG at the end. Kliff isn't perfect and is still growing in the role...
  11. AZCrazy

    If I were other teams, two things would greatly concern me

    Just stay healthy and we can take anyone down.
  12. AZCrazy

    It's time mods...

    He's right, but not sure who you would put on there now. Hopkins? Maybe Kyler? Fitz isn't signed to come back. Neither is Chandler Jones, yet. There is a lot of young talent that eventually will shine for us but they're not banner material yet.
  13. AZCrazy

    Suns @ Nuggets Sunday Playoff game thread 6-13-2021 - Game 4

    67-23 since the start of the bubble
  14. AZCrazy

    Suns @ Nuggets Sunday Playoff game thread 6-13-2021 - Game 4

    First they made Lebron quit the game. Then made Jokic try to get himself ejected in the last two games just to get off the court. Bring on whoever's next.
  15. AZCrazy

    When do we sign Collins and Moore?

    They're slotted contracts now so there shouldn't be a problem. Usually after mini camp but before OTA's. The brass has been working on the contracts of the existing players full time, most likely. The Cards haven't been having any trouble signing their rookies since Mike took over.
  16. AZCrazy

    Chandler Jones removes all Cardinals references from IG

    Removing photos and avoiding voluntary camps are a standard part of mid negotiation posturing. It's textbook, and isn't usually a problem. They'll keep Jones. He and Budda are their best defensive players currently.
  17. AZCrazy

    Suns @ Lakers Thursday Playoff game thread 6-3-2021 - Game 6

    Lebron went full turd as a sportsman in this series. And he insists on people calling him the greatest.
  18. AZCrazy

    Suns @ Lakers Thursday Playoff game thread 6-3-2021 - Game 6

    Just run it off and come on home. Huge series win.
  19. AZCrazy

    Suns @ Lakers Thursday Playoff game thread 6-3-2021 - Game 6

    Why does coach not ever have even one player follow a shot in under the basket to get an O rebound? That's pretty fundamental. The shot goes up and all five guys disappear to the other end.
  20. AZCrazy

    Suns @ Lakers Thursday Playoff game thread 6-3-2021 - Game 6

    There is no team in sports more satisfying to beat for an AZ sports fan than the Lakers. Close it down!
  21. AZCrazy

    Suns @ Lakers Sunday Playoff thread 5-30- 2021 - Game 4

    Tell me about AD when Chris Paul is at full strength. SUNS WIN!! SUNS WIN!
  22. AZCrazy

    The Happy Crow Thread

    The lack of ratings has a few causes. Nobody's gone to a game for more than a year, it diminishes fan interest. People are struggling financially, and frivolous things like sports can be put on the shelf for a long while. The players individually are as good as ever, but the concept of...
  23. AZCrazy

    Interesting story about Fitz and Hump

    Fitz and Humphrires probably didn't have any contact with each other. Different rooms, units, coaches. How is Fitz going to tell Humphries how to do his job? He never did it. He's going to walk out of his meetings, down the hall, kick in the door of the OL room and push the coaches...
  24. AZCrazy

    Thank you Suns

    When was the last time the team was this fun to watch? 2007 ? What a great turnaround. I guess coaching does make a difference. Credit where it's due to Sarver as well. If you jumped on him for screwing up, give him praise when he gets it right. Jones and Williams have gotten this...
  25. AZCrazy

    2021 UDFA Thread

    Oh, he won't do it. But if Logan Thomas can do it, Larry certainly can. But he's still good enough to play, there's just not another open position on the field for him here.