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    Will be updating ASFN forum software.

    Thx. I don’t think that I clicked on “like“ to make them come up (at least not that I’m aware). I thought they were already there when I started reading the post. They have come up or been there on other random readings of posts in threads. I will try your suggestion the next time one comes up...
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    Will be updating ASFN forum software.

    I have been getting smilies on top of the posts as shown in the picture. It covers parts of the posts so that I have a difficult time reading what is posted underneath it. I can't seem to remove it to be able to read what is under it? Any help or suggestions with moving it out of the way?
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    Former Cardinals on Keim

    What do you mean what is it based on? This is the Cardinals forum. It doesn't have to be based on anything. Hahahah!
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    ESPN Quoting an Unnamed Scout

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    You can take Richard Sherman off your FA Wish list

    Probably why he went to the hospital?
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    around mlb 2021

    He get fired?
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    2021 MLB Draft

    Where can we find the dbacks picks? Weren’t they supposed draft 10 or 11 rounds today?
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    2021 MLB Draft

    We need pitching. Well, I guess we need hitting, too?:rolleyes:
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    Will be updating ASFN forum software.

    OK, I randomly get the posted sceenshot. I don't know what causes it. But, I generally have to back all the way out of the forum and go back into it. This happens on my android phone (don't use the computer).
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    1st Current NFL Player Announces He's Gay

    This forum has rules on here which almost everyone on here breaks concerning cursing and inappropriate words. Have you read the rules? I don't know why people have to curse to get their point across. I mean it is in rules in bold. SMH
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    An Asterisk Championship?

    Well, I heard the same thing, But, who's playing in the finals, hmm?
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    Devin Booker, Chris Paul and Patrick Beverley WCF

    What I noticed about that clip was the referee’s reaction. He started towards the two well before the hated clipper actually made contact with cp3. So, did either one of them say or do something or make some type of facial expression or whatever to make him react that way?
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    The NBA is rigged

    It’s not there, yet.
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    The NBA is rigged

    To me, basketball has become so unwatchable, mostly because of the officiating, and the rule changes. When I played (high school ball) the last person to touch the ball was who it was out on. When did they change that rule? Probably the same time they did away with traveling, carrying/palming...
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    Suns @ Clippers Saturday WCF game thread 6-26-2021 - Game 4

    You would “think”, especially with Monte as the coach, that these players were “smart” enough to not retaliate in any way to keep from getting these technicals that we seem to be getting in retaliation mode. But, I don’t think these athletes are as smart as we seem to want to give them credit...
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    PFT on Kliff

    No forgiveness in you?:(
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    The NBA is rigged

    I don’t think there is anything “definite” about any of this.
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    Clippers @ Suns Tuesday WCF game thread 6-22-2021 - Game 2

    i think I would agree with that. I’m there now, and the heat and humidity is terrible. :)
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    OT: Moving from Illinois to Phoenix area. Suggestions??

    Yeah Yeah, but if you drink the water, it runs downhill. Think about that one:D:rolleyes:
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    Zaven Collins arrested

    I was just told that for a reckless driving ticket that there is speed involved plus two other moving violations. 76 in a 35 zone is criminal speed. By itself, it does not constitute reckless driving.
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    Zaven Collins arrested

    Double post
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    Zaven Collins arrested

    Any misdemeanor ticket is an “arrestible” offense. If you don’t think so, just refuse to sign the ticket:rolleyes:. I would think most officers would strongly consider arresting someone who just committed (in the officer’s opinion) an 8 point violation. Another one might be excessive speeding...
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    Zaven Collins arrested

    In Arizona, different laws are classified as misdemeanor or felonies, with different classes of each (different fines and lengths of incarceration, depending). Traffic laws-such as speeding, running a red light, etc- can carry different penalties, including points on your drivers license...
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    OT: Supreme Court says NCAA system is "flat out illegal"

    I’m not sure exactly how it will change things. All the good players will still go to the elite big time schools and get paid, above board now, I guess? How does this affect the less talented players and lesser schools? Do they still give scholarships or do away with them? Will they drop their...