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  1. Raze

    Landry Shamet traded to suns for Javon Carter and 29th pick

    The odds for most teams picking a player better than Landry at #29 probably are pretty bad. However the Spurs shunned those odds. In the prior 5 drafts the Spurs selected #29 three times. They landed: Dejounte Murray Derrick White Keldon Johnson Not superstars mind you, but solid players...
  2. Raze

    Landry Shamet traded to suns for Javon Carter and 29th pick

    I don't think we're putting too much stock into the #29 pick, just debating if we got the best value from the pick. Which I don't think we did, admittedly by a small margin. Also, there certainly is a little irony to be seen when one discards the #29 pick as useless over a player who was...
  3. Raze

    Landry Shamet traded to suns for Javon Carter and 29th pick

    It isn't unprecedented to have a late round pick contribute to a playoff team. Immanuel Quickley did it last year with the Knicks. Butler, if healthy, is an absolute steal in this draft and can contribute to just about any team. His whole negative is his health status. McBride is already...
  4. Raze

    Landry Shamet traded to suns for Javon Carter and 29th pick

    FWIW, I wrote this up on Landry in 2018 pre draft. So to be clear, I like Landry. But I'm a bit meh on the trade. First of all, I don't see him getting playoff minutes outside of injuries. Think about it; CP/Book, Payne/Book, and CP/Payne were our predominant back court combos. I don't see...
  5. Raze

    NBA Draft 7-29-2021: Suns select?

    I've done very limited scouting this year, but I'd be excited if we land one of either Mcbride, Butler or Dosunmu,. I think they could contribute right away. I'm okay with Mann, Queta, or Ayayi. They have skills that will show up in the NBA. However, no matter what we do... I FULLY trust JJ...
  6. Raze

    Did Giannis's Block on Ayton Flip This Series?

    Order of importance to losing game 4, and thus, the series: 1. The horrific TO Chris Paul had in the last 30 seconds. 2. The other horrific TO Chris Paul had in the last 4 minutes. 3. The 0 points Chris Paul got in the last 8:38 to 0:02. (Only took 1 shot, remember when he was clutch in the...
  7. Raze

    Rumor: Lakers Seeking Sign & Trade for CP3

    I completely agree. The 4th quarter of game 2 is when I saw him rapidly decline (right after clutching his left wrist). In that Quarter he went 2/9 with 3 TOs. From there on out he averaged a VERY unChris Paul-like 3+ TOs per game. He never looked right and for the first time this year...
  8. Raze

    2021 NBA Draft Prospects Thread

    Sharife Cooper Grade A passer. Grade A handles. Grade F shooter. The guy is dynamic in every aspect of the game except shooting. But hey, if Lonzo can fix his shot, ANYONE can.
  9. Raze

    2021 NBA Draft Prospects Thread

    I don't expect anything more from Queta than I see on film. He already shows specific elements to his game that would make him a potentially fluid backup to DA. These are: Plays straight up post D, minimizes fouls. Great rim protector and rebounder Solid alley oop finisher and efficient...
  10. Raze

    2021 NBA Draft Prospects Thread

    Miles also boasts some solid measurements compared to other PG prospects: 1. the largest hand size at 9.00 (top 10 overall) 2. the largest +/- wingspan at +6 (which is probably top 5 among all prospects). Mikael Bridges is also +6. 3. the highest vertical at a respectable 38.5 (top 15...
  11. Raze

    2021 NBA Draft Prospects Thread

    You are spot on about Miles McBride (in the other thread). A bunch of teams are going to regret passing on him if he goes late first. He's not afraid to shoot or attack. And yet he seems to be patient as he waits for holes to open up for smart shots. Lots of jump shots brought down his FG%...
  12. Raze

    Rumor: Lakers Seeking Sign & Trade for CP3

    Three way trade: Phx gets Dame Lillard LAL get Chris Paul on a S&T Portland gets Anthony Davis Throw in the necessary change to balance out the trade.
  13. Raze

    Bucks @ Suns Saturday Finals game thread 7-17-2021 Game - Game 5

    Here's some tough (unofficial) stats to swallow: Number of games Giannis shot more free throws than the entire Suns team: 4 out of 6. Number of games Giannis shot more free throws than the entire opposing team in his previous 15 playoff games: 0 out of 15. Number of times DA got 5+ fouls...
  14. Raze

    Suns updates and discussion for the 2020-21 season

    Ugh... so much. Hated the abandon "evil" technology, only to have their future generations do the same thing. Starbuck was, I don't know, an angel!?! I mean what the...? The "other" Baltar and the "other" Six were messengers from the future... seriously? The Final Five Cylons was beyond the...
  15. Raze

    Suns updates and discussion for the 2020-21 season

    Yes. Too soon. We're like 9 tenths done with 1 tenth to go. Game of Thrones was great 9 tenths of the way, and then they gave the Throne to Brann... 'Signs' was great and then Mel told Joaquin to "swing away"... Then there's 'Lost'... Battlestar Galactica... Superman, the one where he turns...
  16. Raze

    Booker Question

    Do you think this guy might want to redo his list 2 months later?
  17. Raze

    2020-21 Around the NBA Thread

    That was the greatest 24 second long awkward silence after dude said "Oh what a Mann!"?
  18. Raze

    Jazz or Clipps?

    True, I would bet most people outside of the fan base don't remember. However, inside the fan base we can provide you intricate details... especially in a championship starved Arizona fan base. For example, I'll never forget UofA's 1997 men's basketball championship run where they beat 3 #1's...
  19. Raze

    Deandre Ayton discussion

    I would like to think I'm objective about Ayton, but I certainly admit I have some homer in me. For what it's worth I posted this on February 27th: The hard thing with evaluating Ayton is the numbers don't seem to tell the full story. 8pts and 3rbs certainly sounds miserable. But I wonder...
  20. Raze

    Deandre Ayton discussion

    So I took that as an indirect challenge to rewatch Game 6 and see how Ayton played. I only watched the first quarter, but here are my notes: Played 9:27 minutes Wins tip 2 solid Screen Assists but multiple solid screens. Also looked open twice on both S&R opportunities. 2 Contested Shots...
  21. Raze

    Deandre Ayton discussion

    I suppose DA could have played better, but there's a serious argument to be had that he wasn't put in a place to succeed. I'm as big a fan of Monty as anyone here, but I was disappointed in his lack of adjustments mid game. When they are running those high pressure half court traps a great...
  22. Raze

    Suns @ Lakers Thursday Playoff game thread 6-3-2021 - Game 6

    I somewhat agree. Cam has played well in HIS role. However, the team did not play well when he tried to play Paul's role in game 3. Cam is thriving in the 6th man score first/pass second mentality. If Paul can't go, yes I'd extend Cam's minutes, but in the exact same role as the 6th man...
  23. Raze

    Lakers @ Suns Sunday Playoff game thread 5-23-2021 - Game 1

    I don't view bulletin board material as motivational. All players want to win and therefore are motivated. The problem is focus. Back when I played sports (100 years ago with Naismith), I could get lost in distracting thoughts: stats, nerves, the hot blond in the 2nd row... However, if I...
  24. Raze

    Devin Booker's growth

    Devin has shown growth every year in the NBA. He seems to hone in on one thing each off season and make it into a strength: shooting efficiency, passing, defense, free throw percentage... I mentioned this last year, but I hope Monty and Chris will be in his ear this off season about his...
  25. Raze

    Bally Sports App?

    The app worked for me today, but it's a mess. If you thought FoxSportsGo was bad, which it was, Bally's is twice that bad. Commercials are cutting into each other, commercials are freezing the app, video gets all glitchy, I have no control over pause/play/FF... just a mess. Hopefully it's...